*Sequel to Freshman*

After six months and three days of being with her dream guy, Alison watches him drive off to college. Her mom gets worried and sends her off to summer camp, where she bumps into someone she hasn't talked to for months.


5. Chapter 4

*Alison's POV*


"It won't be that bad will it?" Alison asks, I can tell she's getting nervous. "I don't know." I answer truthfully. The bus comes to a stop, and some kids stand up, looking around. Outside I can see a lake shimmering in the distance and closer a big building and a couple smallers ones farther away. Alison stands up. Smoothing out her hair, I stand up and try to keep as little distance I can from her. People start moving forwards and we are pushed from behind, these people really want to get going. We finally make it out of the bus and into the claustrophobic air, I look around. The first things I see is the big building and the lake, I can't see the smaller house things from here, but know they must be behind the bigger one. "Ok! Listen up!" We all look towards the voice. "Get in a line and we will put you into cabin groups with your councilor." The man who is speaking, is really tall, and has a brown fluffy beard. He says a bunch of random name that don't register in my brain, then I hear "Alison, Jamie, Riley, Gwen, and Kira!" I move towards the front and we all shake hands and introduce ourselves, our councilors name is something like Jackie, or Hackie I don't know and none of us seem to care, she's uptight and doesn't really like to talk. She leads us back to our cabin and then leaves, saying that she would be back in a few hours to take us to dinner and that we should get set up. I decide to take one of the beds that weren't up in the air. "Uhh, what do you guys wanna do?" Riley says after we are all set up and ready. "Did whats her name say we could leave?" Kira asks, "I don't know but what does it matter, this is boring." Jamie responds. "Lets go to the lake!" Gwen and I say at the same time. We all change into different clothes, I decide on white shorts and a sleeveless blue top that I tuck into my shorts, and white vans. Jamie puts on a sunflower crop top, and black high-waisted shorts and black flats, Riley puts on a white summer dress and black converse. Gwen puts on black jeans a white tank top with an camouflage jacket over it and dark green high-tops and Kira puts on a black skirt and a white floral tank top. We head out to the lake, laughing all the way. We finally reach it and sit with our feet in the water. I creep behind Gwen and push him forwards and she splashes into the shallow water, I then push the rest of them in laughing my head off, they all glare at me then take me down with them. We all laugh, while splashing each other. "What are you girl doing?" 

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