*Sequel to Freshman*

After six months and three days of being with her dream guy, Alison watches him drive off to college. Her mom gets worried and sends her off to summer camp, where she bumps into someone she hasn't talked to for months.


4. Chapter 3

Hellllo Loved Ones,

I would like to dedicate this chapter to Sierra Noelle Ann because she loves my book :-) hehe I mean who doesn't?

ANYWAY this chapter may be short or it could be longgg… I don't know yet





I look over at Alison, smiling to myself. She notices me staring and blushes, "Like what you see?" I blush and nod. "I mean, uhh I think you're pretty. I mean uh oh god." Her eyes widen, "thanks, but I just broke up with Harry." She scoots over to the end of the seat. "Yeah, I know I wasn't trying anything." Sometimes she just pisses me off. "Ok good,  cause i'm still not over him I don't know if I ever will be." No, she just really pisses me off. "That's ok, its not like I love you or anything." I shake my head and look out the window, this was going to be a long bus ride. "Do you?" Alison asks after a while. "Do I what?" she bites her lip, looking anxious she continues. "Do you love me?" I look at her confused, why is she asking me this? "Why?" I ask. "Your avoiding that question." She points out, I sigh. "I don't know, I mean it seems like whenever I finally make myself available to you, you find someone else. Someone better." Now its her turn to sigh, she looks down at her hands. "What if for the first time I think I am ready for someone to love me like you did? But I don't know if I am ready right this moment." I nod, ok no I love her, I could never hate her. "I can wait." 

*Alison's POV*

"I can wait." I smile at Louis, I don't know what I want. I am in love with Harry, and I don't know if I could ever stop loving him but Louis, I mean he's dangerous and beautiful and everything I could ever want and part of me loves him. "Good, because your gonna have to." I scoot next to him. 

"Ok kids! Five minutes till we reach camp!" The bus driver yells. "Oh god… Five minutes till hell begins."


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