*Sequel to Freshman*

After six months and three days of being with her dream guy, Alison watches him drive off to college. Her mom gets worried and sends her off to summer camp, where she bumps into someone she hasn't talked to for months.


3. Chapter 2

Greetings Loved Ones!!

Before I start my extra long chapter I just wanted to say….

HI!! Can you please please please…. yeh i don't want anything because I have all I need :-)

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*Alison's POV*


"What? Seeing me is THAT bad." I try to smile, but he brings back to many memories, memories of when I just started seeing Harry and everything was perfect. "No, I just haven't see you in awhile." I stutter out, "Well that doesn't explain the 'Shit' thing, but I forgive you." When he grins it sends shivers down my spine, no stop Alison, you are in love with Harry! 

So by now I think you probably know who I am talking to… Louis. 

"Uh, thanks I guess." This time when I smile, it actually works!


"No problem, so tell me what happened, what made your parents send you here?" He smiles, like knowing my secrets is his life goal. "Depression… They are wrong though. Its just breakup blues." I look down at my shoelace, its untied. "Oh. Harry? That son of a bitch!" He basically screams, which makes me laugh. Did I just laugh? I haven't laughed in like forever! "Yeah him, but he had a reason, he was going off to college and long distance would be to hard for to both of us." Louis shakes his head, "If he wanted to make it work he would find a way." I guess Louis' right. "I guess its good that we broke up.." I say, surprising myself with those words.


"Because if you didn't you wouldn't be here with me right now. This my love is called fate." 


*Louis' POV*

-"This my love is called fate." I say, looking at the one person who might make everything better. She laughs, sending shivers through my body. "I think that fate would be really annoying, that one friend who is always trying to set you up." She says, her face lighting up at this idea. "Yeah, the one who always wants to hangout even when you are sick." I laugh, and she laughs together our voices make a beautiful sound, I wonder what sound would look like, probably have amazing hair and a rocking rack. I mean whattt… Moving on. "Totally." She says through tinkling laughs. Then I see the bus, ugly and yellow, reminding me how school sucked ass. "Ugh, look its another one of those hideous school buses." Alison says, making a disgusted face. "I didn't want to have to get in another one of those again, but here I am." I say, making an equally disgusted face. 

"Wanna sit together?" She ask. And right at that moment I feel like I'm five again, crushing on a small girl in ponytails, liking that way she poofs out her skirt, not wanting her for sex but wanting her for crayons and to have someone to whisper with during nap time. 

And for the first time ever I smile, at nothing. I just smile for the sake of smiling. I probably look like an idiot, but I don't care. Im happy.

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