Torn Apart

I was taken away from my parents at birth. Because here, in Drasko, that's the law.

I was hidden for most of my life, not allowed any human contact other than my parents.

But we are both having the same strange dreams. Some say it's just our imagination. But is it really?

*Cover credit goes to mybestfriendisapenguin_xX*
*Gabriela's part of the story is told by Raven and Gwen's by Somegirl*


7. Experiments



Gwen’s in trouble. I can tell. The dreams have become a tad bit sharper, probably because wherever she is, she’s closer. And I can hear voices, sometimes.

But they’ve been really confusing, too. Everything looks like I’m viewing it from behind a window and the sound is distracting. I don’t know what’s going on with her- she can’t have been caught, because they would’ve come and taken me to the Research Facility or killed us by now if they had her.

I came so close to telling them, so close to letting the catch Gwen. I’ve started having nightmares, with scientists and government officials poking me and watching me and sticking needles into me. They’re even blending into the dreams about Gwen, which just makes everything more confusing.

If they catch us, even suspect us, it’s my fault.

Normal is the key. I have to act normal- if I panic, it’ll make everything a thousand times worse. So I just go about my classes as normally as I can. Sitting there, learning about mechanics and electricity, knowing that Gwen has to stay in that tiny closet she calls a room, all day, with nothing to do. Sometimes I feel that prickle and I can tell she’s here, watching me. I never really see her, though, just a vague outline. Gwen’s losing strength, getting weaker.

I feel a sharp pain in my arm. “Ouch!” I cry, sitting up straighter in my desk. I rub the spot furiously, but there’s nothing there.

“Problem, Lenson?” Ms Sherrill, the teacher, asks boredly. Her eyes sweep over me sharply.

“No, I’m fine. I don’t know what that was.”

“Then go stand on that side of the room. Till-” Benjamin stood- “Join her. Kennedy, Rale, you’re on this side,” she starts, and then continues to give everyone a partner and a section of the room. “This is a new challenge for you, to see how well you’re doing on the behavioral programming section of things.”

“The professional programmers are currently working on developing Grandmother updates. You will create a design and write down what features it will have. Begin.”

Benjamin turns to me. “Perhaps we should work on developing the hands further. They do not function very well.”

“And they hurt,” I say grimly, thinking of the pincher grip. “I was thinking voice modification. The computer accent is strange. Maybe there should be a way to edit the voice, even?” He nods, and we start to work.

Half and hour later, we’re done. Our project includes Benjamin’s drawing of a new voice box and my redesigned, slightly more functional, and padded Grandmother hand. “Good,” Ms Sherrill says curtly, before turning to the whole class. “Tomorrow your group will combine with another and put all your changes together. I, along with an actual Grandmother designer, will be judging then. The best will win a prize.”

As we leave, I wonder what it will be. Maybe some kind of special class or instruction? That’d be really cool. “Gabriela?” Benjamin’s voice interrupts.


“I was wondering if you would help me choose who to team up with. Ms Sherrill told us to pick someone.”

The rest of the class is out the door, except for one team. Kennedy- a short girl with blonde hair- and Rale, the Jina look-alike. “Them,” I blurt, pointing to them. “They’re smart.”

He nods in agreement. “Shall we go talk to them?” I don’t respond, just lead the way over.

“Hi,” I say. “We were wondering if you would partner with us tomorrow?” Jina’s look-alike stares at me. I wonder if she knows that I’m not seeing her, I’m seeing my lost friend.

“Sure!” Kennedy answers preppily. “I’m Angelina Kennedy. Call me Angie! This is Haden Rale. You guys are..?”

“Benjamin Till,” Benjamin responds, extending his hand. Angelina takes it and wrings it excitedly. Haden gives him a look that says very clearly she just wants him to go away.

“My name is Gabriela Lenson.” The short girl’s expression flickers, but only for a second- gone so quickly I’m not sure it was there at all.

I try to stifle a yawn, but Angie see it. “You should go rest. You don’t want to fall asleep during the presentation tomorrow!”

Maybe I should try to get some rest, since I haven’t been sleeping well at night, with the Gwen dreams. I probably won’t fall asleep, but I should lie down.

I hurry back to my room and curl up on top of my bed, which is really comfy, and instantly I’m asleep.

“Surprised… yet… up… need...” The world fades in and out and I can hear random words. She’s closer, if I can hear speech. Normally, I can’t.

“Aggressive… feisty... wait…”


What? I wake with a start, as though I’ve been thrown into a wall. Gwen is in trouble. I have to do something.

But I don’t know what. I’m alone, in a strange place where I know nobody. I have no friends. I’ve been taken from my parents, and now my only sister’s been torn away too.


    The world has been fuzzy for as long as I can remember. I go in and out of consciousness, hearing only a few words that say, “the sedatives keep wearing out faster- we need a bigger dose.” And then the world goes back to being blank. All I think about is what I said to my mother before running away from her forever. It bugs me and all I want to do is go home, and have a normal family with both me and my sister together instead of apart.

 I awake in the hazy room again, and I muster up enough strength to turn my head. Paper crinkles underneath me, and I see monitors all around, hooked up to me. “Doctor, it is unheard of someone gaining consciousness this fast. If this keeps up we won’t be able to experiment on her for much longer.” I hear a grown man’s voice.

“Then we will have to move her to the observation camp,” the world goes dark again and I hear another voice.

“That will give us at least half an hour before she wakes up.”  

I’m in a hall that I’ve never been in before. The world is so fuzzy I can barely see.  I stumble down the hall, pain in my head. The things they’ve been doing to me has made me weak. Finally I’m able to push through the first door I can find. It’s Gabriela’s classroom, and even though I’m weak I can make out her blurry figure sitting in her seat.  I feel a pain in my arm and I let out a yelp and a whimper, and so does Gabriela.  I smile a little knowing our connections is still strong, but end up wincing in pain. My sister knows I am here, and that’s all I care about.

    A thump sprawls me around, on the floor, and I let out a small groan. It takes a couple of minutes until I finally muster enough strength to sit up and look around. I’m in the back of an armored car- they must be taking me somewhere. The door stops, and I make a quick decision to pretend to be asleep. I hear a couple of people open their car doors and walk around to the back. “ I’m surprised the sedatives haven’t worn off yet,” a women says. A man jumps in the back and grabs me right where they poke the needles. He carries me like a small child, and I can’t help letting out a groan of pain. “She must be waking up, we need to hurry,” the man holding me runs through double doors and yells again.

“We need a secured room, number 7354 is waking up early, and she’s aggressive.” Did they just call me aggressive? I may be weak, but I’m getting stronger as the sedatives wear off. I squirm as the man tries to carry me, and I kick my legs just to make him mad. “Quiet down kid, or I’ll have to hurt you.”

“You’re not allowed to hurt me, and I know you won’t even try,” I say, and even though my voice is weak I try to sound confident.

“You're a feisty one kid, and I can’t wait to see you die,” his voice sends shivers down my spine and I try to stay calm as I struggle against him. He doesn’t drop me until I hear a door open and I’m tossed onto a bed, and the door slammed shut and locked behind me.

    The room is small and crowded, with one window. It is bigger than my “room” at home. Panicking, I run, slamming myself at the door until black spots appear in front of my eyes. I sit down on the small cot and listen to myself breath until they go away. Standing up, I notice security cameras all around the room, and try not to freak out. I feel trapped, anger is surging through me. I try to calm down by walking over to the window and looking outside to figure out where I am. All I see is run-down houses, with brown-grassed backyards. It is a hideous sight, and I close my eyes so I don’t have to face the truth. I am trapped in an imprisonment camp, and I have a small chance of getting out alive. Dizziness washes over me and I lean on the wall to steady myself. Realizing it’s no use, I fall on my bed and pass out.



(Really quick note here: this Movella is on a hold for the rest of summer, we're having wifi issues. So we're not done updating, it'll just be another month-ish until the next update. Thanks and sorry! ~Raven)

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