Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


9. Chapter 9

"And might who this be?" Meredith asked smiling.

"Eric mam, uhhhh my name is Eric ima..."Eric tried to explain before she cut him off.

"I know you're a new born, but anyway welcome to my home. Please make yourselves at home the kids are my dinner no snacking or I'll kill you myself. Your rooms are upstairs, supper begins a 7 sharp do not be late. Come with me I'll show you to your rooms. Kids do come out games are over go wash up." she said in a

in her no nonsense tone of voice and started walking inside. As she lead the trio upstairs Stormy started remembering all of the times she had at the house and how nothing of the house has changed it was the same as when she left, even though back then it felt like home to her now she feels like a stranger to it. “Thor my dear sweet nephew this will be your room.” After Thor went into that Meredith led Stormy and Eric down the hall Stormy this will be your room and Eric across the hall from her is yours.” After Meredith left Stormy smiled and kissed Eric and then went into her room. It was exactly the same as the last time she was there. The floors were brown hardwood, walls were purple with black polka dots, there was black sheets and a purple comforter in the old crib, and a small chandelier hung to lighten the room.

Eric and Thor came into the room and said, ”Shall we get started moving our stuff in?”

Stormy and Thor nodded their head yes and they got to work, a few hours later they decided to take a break and go “eat”. Stormy’s was putting all of her dresses remembering each thing she wore them to, ”The ball in1679,the dinner party in 1732, my first date in 1798, umm i think for my grandparents funeral in 1845, my first hunting trip, what was this red one for, hmmmm oh yeah my birthday bash in 2001.”Stormy was saying to herself.

“Wow, you really have lived a long time.” Eric was standing in her doorway listening to what she was saying.

“Yup. Shouldn’t you be asleep?” Stormy asked.

“I was about to but i decided to come get a kiss from my beautiful princess.” He said in return.

“Awww isn’t someone kissing up.” Stormy said laughing. She crossed the rest of they way to Eric and started kissing him. He put his hand at the bottom hem of her shirt and started playing with. Stormy deepened the kiss when they were interrupted by a noise downstairs. She broke apart from Eric and started creeping down the stairs that led into the kitchen and stopped halfway to where she could see whoever was down there but them not see her. When she finally settled in she heard a child whimper and 2 voices that belonged to Meredith and someone she didn’t know.

“You’ve done your part in this whole game Meredith you get to live you’ve taken in those three little brats now it’s my turn.” The stranger said and at that last part he raised his head and Stormy did a silent gasp at who it was.

“As you wish Master Stephan.” Meredith was saying.

THOR ERIC GET DOWN HERE AND BE QUIT ABOUT IT ,Stormy sent a silent message. A second later they were beside her listening.

WHAT’S UP STORM?, Thor sent back to her.


They each looked at each other and started listening again. “ I don’t think the boys will be a problem, just kill the girl. Considering that a few centuries ago you had the chance to and screwed that up. Be glad you have he chance to redeem yourself this time.” Stephan spat at Meredith.

“I’m sorry my brother me before I could finish the job, Master. Ah, but wouldn't them need to be dead they are twins? Uhh Master.” Meredith asked her voice shaking.

“I do believe your right Meredith I shall kill them both, then just for fun that little abomination they keep as a pet and then you. Oh and after all of that i shall hmm burn down this house. ”Stephan bid their Meredith goodnight after a few more words were exchanged and left out the back door. The three got up and went to Stormy’s room so she could get the note that Stephan left her back at the house in Alabama, they started going over it and started discussing what might happen next. after a few minutes they heard footsteps a door open and then close then the steps coming to Stormy’s room. Stormy quickly hid the note and sat on the floor beside the guys and started playing a card game they quickly started.

“I thought I heard you 3 up and moving.” Meredith said.

“Um, yes Auntie I couldn’t sleep I’m still not used to being back here so I woke up the boys and we started playing this card game. I'm sorry if we umm woke you up.” Stormy made up a quick lie that Meredith seemed to have bought.

“Oh no that’s alright I’ve been up for awhile anyway. It’s late I'm going to go back to bed. Come give Auntie a hug.” She said and Thor went to give her a hug The Eric and last Stormy did. When Stormy leaned into the hug Meredith whispered in her ear. “I know that you 3 were there when I had my conversation with Stephan. If you run or anything I will kill you, Thor, and your little friend. I'm going to finish what I started centuries ago.”

Stormy patted her back and whispered, ”Bring it you old washed up bitch.” She stepped away and sat down beside Eric and continued playing.

“Good night.” Meredith said louder so everyone could here and turned to go downstairs. Stormy got up and slammed the door.

When she sat back down she made a very shocking announcement. “Alright I know I said I would never do this but I'm breaking all the rules, I'm stopping drinking from human blood who’s gonna teach me how to hunt human?” Eric and Thor looked at her like she had slapped them as hard as she could.

Thor and Eric looked at each other and looked at her, after 5 minutes of that Eric said, “What are you talking about Storm?”

“The bitch threatened me. She said and I quote, 'I know that you 3 were there when I had my conversation with Stephan. If you run or anything I will kill you, Thor, and your little friend. I'm going to finish what I started centuries ago.’ end quote. So I said bring it you old washed up bitch. If I add too at the end of her sentence she would sound like the wicked witch of the west. UGH, I hate it here Thor only you could pick us a place to live with someone would jump at the chance to kill us.” Stormy whined.

“UM, I believe it was the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.” Thor said.

“Really you’re going to try and argue with me about this. Thor really!” She said in disbelief.

“Umm I’m going to interrupt and say that it was from Wizard of Oz.” Eric cut in. Stormy sent him a glare and he shut up immediately.

“We need to get out of here and go somewhere else, before we become a gourmet dinner for someone.” Stormy said.

“Ok, I agree with you Storm we do need to get out of here but we have to plan it at just the right moment.” Thor agreed and Stormy added a Thank you under her breath.

As they started thinking Stormy and Eric came up with separate ideas, at the same time they yelled, ”I got it!” Thor looked in between both of them and shook his head. “Me first, how about when Aunt Meredith leaves we can load our stuff up in the truck. But we have to make sure that she hasn’t the slightest idea when we do it.” Eric suggested as they all nodded their head in agreement.

“Well I’ve had enough excitement tonight I'm going to bed,” Thor said and getting up and leaving.

“I am to but I have to talk to Thor about something goodnight love.” Eric got up kissed Stormy’s forehead and went to Thor’s room. Stormy got off the floor and sat on her bed pulling out her diary and started writing.

* * *

Dear diary,

I know it has been awhile but as soon as I got to the boarding place things have been more than hectic around here, I just wish we could leave here right now and never return, plus I found out that Stephan and Meredith are working together on trying to kill me and Thor, it's crazy I just can't take much more of this. Eric is finally a vampire so I'm excited about that. I'm kind of thinking about switching to human blood to get stronger. Boy I bet mother would be so excited to here me say that, speaking of where has she been lately not a word has come from her. Anyway, I'm going to bed who knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Goodnight.

* * *

Stormy put the pen and diary down on her bedside table next to her bed and looks up when she thinks she heard a noise at her window. Stormy got up off the bed and walked to a wooden chair that was sitting by her door she picked the chair up and broke off the leg to it and threw the chair down. She quietly walked to the window and looked out into the night, she used her free hand to open the window but nothing came at her. She poked her head out and felt the stuffy hot air but saw nothing, she pulled her head back in the room closed and locked the window back. She threw the makeshift stake on her bed and walked out of her room to Thor’s room, she was about to reach for the door knob when she was pulled backward. She kicked her leg and caught the intruder off guard and pulled him into a headlock. He grabs her legs and pulls her down on the floor in the process Stormy grabs a vase and smashes it on his head, thinking he is out cold she gets up and starts to walk away.

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