Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


7. Chapter 7

Stormy made her way down the hallway very quietly, with her brother right behind her. On the way there they heard a sort of half scream half grunt. Not sure if it is Eric they open the door ready for a fight only to find nothing in the room except a broken window and a sleeping Eric. Very quitly Thor and Stormy went to the window to see it hs been broken from the outside. "We need to get out of here. Go ahead put the ring on Eric we got 2 hours before he wakes up and I hven't finished packing. Why don't you watch him till I get done acking and loading and feeding. Then I'll watch him while you finish everything left that you nee to do and get him some food. After he feeds we will head out before things get to bloody around here." Stormy told Thor.

"Wait what if he wakes up before then?" Thor asked.

"Not if we hurry up." Stormy said then turned to go finish packing. After Stormy finished she went to go feed before releasing Thor to go feed, pack, and get Eric's food source. A few minutes later after 6 deer and 7 rabbit's, Stormy was on her way home to release Thor from watch duty. In the hallways she checked the old grandfather clock that came from Italy in 1856, it read 8:35. So we have 35 minutes left seems Thor better hurry up, Stormy thought. "Hey Thor you have 35 minutes to go your thing and bring Eric some food ba...what the hell are you doing in my house!?" Stormy asked. The person turned around but he wasn't Thor. He was tall wore a black cowboy hat and a long gray trench coat with black dress shows.

"Who are you? How did you get in my house?" Stormy was freaking out. Where is Thor, Stormy thought. She looked around and saw Thor unconscious in a corner.

"I've come to kill the boy." The stranger said in a deep gravelly voice.

"Over your poorly dressed undead body you are!" Stormy yelled and pounced on the stranger with her teeth bared. She knocked the stranger and her to the floor where they wrestled. The stranger hit her and she felt her blood go in her mouth. She took a plunge to his throat missing when he threw her into the wall. Stormy hit the ground hearing a crack. She rebounded and landed on her feet she looked for the stranger but only to see that he left out of the window. She ran to the window to see him running into the woods. "Thor come on get up. Please don't be dead, please get up. Please." Stormy ran to Thor shaking him awake but without any luck she ran to Eric checking to make sure he was still alive. Listening to his breathing she confirmed he was still alive and was almost done with the change. She ran back to Thor shaking him again but still with no luck she gave up. She got up and got her diary and went to sit by Thor and started to cry.

* * *

Dear Diary,

Tor is dead, he's dead now it's just me and Eric. I'm not even sure Eric is going to make it through the change. I packed and loaded my stuff and then went hunting and came back and he was on the ground and there was some weird guy standing over Eric and I had to fight him. I just cant believe that Thor is gone we have been through so much already I can't believe I lost my twin hold on....

* * *

Stormy saw a movement through the corner of her. Thor sat up and looked at Stormy, "What happened and when did you get? Why are you crying?" Thor asked.

"Well, I got here and I saw you on the ground and some creep trying to kill Eric." Stormy explained.

"Well that might be why your head is bleeding. From the looks of the room you hit the wall and hurt your head. "Thor said in a matter of fact tone.

"For your information he threw me into the wall. "Stormy said.

"Well why didn't you try to bite and kill him?" Thor asked.

"Boy I tried that's when he threw me into the wall idiot." Stormy said in a smart eleck tone.

"Oh, my bad maybe I should reteach you how to fight." Thor said smirking.

"Uhuh, that is your bad and I know how to fight! But your not finished with everything so you better hurry up." Stormy said walking away after she picked up her diary muttering, "How am I ever your twin sister, idiot."

"Heard that." Thor yelled. His only reply was Stormy laughing as loud as she could. After she finished putting all of Thor's things while he went to hunt she came back into the room where Eric was at thrashing in the bed. "He's about to wake up isn't he? That's why he is thrashing around like that. "Thor said.

Stormy came and sat on the bed. "Yep it's been 5 hours at the most and Im guessing that's his dinner." She said looking to the corner, she started to get sick looking at the people in the corner asleep.

Eric sat up looking around confused, "Hey guys can I get some food please. Stormy walked out of the room not wanting to see the love her life drinking from humans. She walked into her room and saw something sitting in the middle of her floor, it said:

Dear Stormy,

You let that boy complete the change and I will hunt you down personally and kill every last one of you . Oh yes and that stunt you pulled with me will cost YOU big time.


Stephan Demetre

Who is Stephan Demetre and why does he want to kill me,Stormy thought. She ran to Thor, when she walked into the room she got hit with by the strong smell of blood. Ignoring that she walked Thor and gave him the note, "I found this on my floor." She had not realized till she stopped talking that she was stuttering. She looked around and found Eric drinking and quickly looked away. As Thor read the note the more worried looking he got. When Eric finished she went and got him a towel to wipe his face while Thor went and disposed of the bodies. Stormy went and sat down beside Eric and said, "Hey, how are you doing? Do you remember me?"

Stormy was nervous and worried that he wouldn't remember her. She was worried that the stranger, Stephan had rigged his memory into forgetting her. "Who are you? I don't know you?" Eric said. She ran out of the room when Thor was walking in, she sat on the porch outside crying.

Thor came out and sat beside her, "What happened in there Stormy?" He asked

"Well I went to get Eric a towel and when I came back I gave him the towel and....asked if he remembered me and he asked who I was." She started crying harder Eric walked out and Thor stood up hit him and walked inside.

Eric sat down by Stormy and said," Stormy when I said I didn't know who you were I was kidding ,I still love you I can't even forget or think about forgetting you." Eric explained. Stormy punched him as hard as she could. "Yea I deserved that." Eric said and laughed.

"Eric when a person wakes up from a change like that the person who made the change has to make sure that everything went right I waited to long because alot of things were going at the time. So that little stunt you pulled worried me alot, jerk." Stormy said.

"I'm sorry I promise not do something like that again." Eric gave Stormy a kiss on the cheek.

"Where's your ring? Didn't Thor put it on you?" Stormy asked. Eric held it out in his hands.

Stormy took the ring and Eric's hand and said, "Watch this it's really cool." She put the ring on his finger and the ring sensed the new owner was indeed a vampire it started to shrink and fit the size of Eric's hand.

"Wow that was really cool." Eric said and laughed.

"Told you." Stormy said in return, then she got up and walked inside and into the guest room. She cleaned up the room and went downstairs to where the boys were and her and Thor took one last look around to make sure they didn't forget anything that was important to them. Then they all gathered to the front porch thought about their time good memories and bad memories at the house. "You know this was my favorite place to live. Well, forgetting that mother and father are dead. But the good part was that I meet the love of my life." Stormy smiled and Eric grabbed her hand and kissed her.

Eric smiled and whispered," Will be together forever?" Stormy smiled even bigger and nodded her head yes. They walked hand in hand to Thor waiting in the moving truck they rented.

2 hours later they were stuck in a traffic jam during the early sunrise "The suspense, the horror! I'm tired of waiting I'm ready to get moving again. I remember why I hated cars everyone want's to have one and you get stuck in something like this and have to wait 2 centuries just to get 5 miles down the road." Stormy complained.

"Ok so like do we have to sleep everyday or can we miss a few days" asked Eric.

Thor replied saying, "It's optional you decide if you sleep, but if you miss more days than your body can handle. Eventually your body will use up more blood and you will get worn out and hungry."

"So if a vampire misses a few days of sleep the human blood in my body will be burned faster?" Eric asked.

"Yes Eric but considering the 10 hobos you ate your able to miss a few days and still be fine." Stormy said wanting the conversation to end. Finally we are moving again I don't if I could take much more of this human blood nonsense, Stormy thought. A moment later they were all singing to Maroon 5's Misery at the top of their lungs. They were near an old abandon short cut in the road being watched by a masked person in black, but not knowing it yet. Then all of a sudden Stormy started to get a migraine. "Pull over Thor I need to breathe!" Stormy yelled.

"Stormy what's wrong with you?" Thor asked. When he pulled off the road Stormy jumped out of the truck.

"Stormy what's wrong?" Eric asked looking worried. But her reply didn't come because she fainted.

Where am I, how did I get here and why am I here?, Stormy wondered.

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