Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


6. Chapter 6

Im pretty sure that we are nowhere near her its a boardibg house for kids who have no home or parents." Thor explained.

Stormy put her head into her hands and groaned. "That my idiotic brother is the boarding house she owns!"

"Thats the one?"asked Thor.

"THATS THE ONLY ONE!" Stormy yelled at her brother.

"Again who is Aunt Meredith?" Eric asked again.

"Aunt Meredith is also a vampire but when she was born something happened and when she started to grow up the more she needed blood, and the more her brain got messed up, also she ages every three hundred years when the normal is 2 mother and father lived there when me and Thor were maybe 2 years old. But one night she came into our room saying 'Their the problem,kill them, kill them.' Mother and father had no idea where she got the wood especially wood that had our names carved into it. Right when Meredith was about to stake us, father jumped. If it wasn't for father we would be dead. Me and Thor woke up when we heard Meredith screaming. So mother made father lock her in the old outhouse outback. We never used it accept only for punishment because you had to cross the yard and the outhouse is made completly out of wood. Wood is very lethel to vampires and tge reason it was so far outback was that you had to cross the yard and if you happened to be a vamp and you came out in the shinning sun with no protection then you are dead 2 mins flat. So the next day and day after that Meredith stayed in there until mother and fathet found them a new place to live and to get packed up. So on the day that we were ready to leave father let her out then madeca dash for the car. Of course it was night time so she could to her home safely. Aunt Meredith never knew when we left and probably doesn't even remebet us." Stormy explained to Eric the whole story while he listened attentavily.

"Wait didn't she a have ring?" Eric asked.

"No father took it and left it in her house." Stormy explained. It was after dark when Eric's parents finally got home they called while they were on their way to ask Eric if they would stay for dinner and to meet the people he would be living with. Eric of course said yes it would be the last dinner that he would have with his parents to where he would eat normal food. Dinner went great except when his parents asked Stormy and Thor why they weren't eating Stormy said that they weren't very hungry that they would probably wait till they got home when their parents would have dinner ready for them because they were vegetarians. On the way home to pack Stormy and Thor went over their plan. "So I take Eric to the guest bedroom to change him then I go and pack my stuff in my room and load it. You do the same thing but we leave all the other stuff here just the stuff in our bedrooms? Got it." Stormy said.

When they got to the house Stormy took Eric to the guest room and explianed to him what will happen during the change. "So first we will exchange blood. But im going to tell you if you resist it will hurt like hell. But if you don't resist it will like you laid by your dream girl. Then you will go to "sleep" for hours to complete the change. But when you wake up you'll be alittle confused for maybe 20 to 30 minutes or you might not even...remeber us or m-me. Trust me alot can happen at that much time. Right now you're going to have to choose between human or animal blood, whatever you choose that will be what you live off of for the rest of your living days."

"Can't I try a little bit of animal and human blood?" Eric asked.

"No you can't, once a human is changed by a vampire,as soon as they wake up whatever kind of blood they drink wether it be human or animal they will be hooked on that forever no takies backsies. Eric that's why your choice is so important." Stormy explained.

"What about you I don't think you were born animal drinker."Eric said.

"Your right I wasn't born like that but I did have a choice. Wheb me and Thor were younger we used to drink from mother to get the nutrients we need to live. But we got to that age where we could decide for ourselves. Thor choose human blood to please mother and father. I choose animal blood because i was disgusted at drinking a human beings blood." Stormy said an shuddered inwardly.

Stormy sat back too see what this peice of information would take to Eric and how it would affect him. Stormy was hoping that he would chose animal blood. But would be semi-okay if he chooses human blood. He would atleast have Thor to help him. "What will it be?"She asked.

"Human blood, Stormy I want to he able to protect you once I become a vampire. Not the other way around." Eric explaned. "Look im really sorry, I know I disappointed you." Eric leaned over and kissed her

Stormy smiled and said "Iam disappointed but I understand you let your big ego get in the way of your choice. I understand,now let's get started. Eric layed on the bed and him and Stormy exchanged blood. After Stormy made sure that Eric was okay she went to go pack. "Hey, you ok?" it was Thor.

"He wanted human blood so can you do me a favor when it get's closer to time. Please Thor?" Stormy pleaded.

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