Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


5. Chapter 5

Eric spent the night at the old Victorian house and he stayed up all night to read Stormy's book. The next morning Stormy woke up and went to the livingroom to see Thor and Eric sitting on the couch side by side. Then that was when she blanked out. " Hello Stormy how have you and ypur brother been? I've missed both so much. I hope you got that message I sent to you and your brother, who was that boy with you two? Is he a vampire to?" aher mother asked.

"I thought you were dead, no don't answer that I don't want to know. Yes we got the message and about the boy we are turning him into a vampire he's my boyfriend and one more thing mother I love you and father I miss you both so much. Stormy said.

"Look you both need to leave your both in danger." said her mother then she was gone. It was complete darkness the next minute she heard the frantic screams if her brother and Eric. When she opened her eyes she saw the ceiling then her brother and Eric leaning over her to get a look at her face. Stormy started to sit up but Thor pushed her down.

"You blanked out. Why?"Thor asked.

"It was mom she took over my body, she made me pass out. She said we should leave that we are in danger. Thor what do we do? Do we need to stay or do we leave?" Stormy had to ask she was afriad that something would happen to her new family.

"We'll leave but i think that we should change Eric now." Thor explained.

"But that process will take atleast a day." Stormy said.

"Well Stormy why don't you change me. Thor why don't you find another house i mean would'nt we have leave anyway." Eric suggested.

* * *

Dear Diary,

We are leaving soon after we find a new home but I'm changing Eric into a vampire and Thor is finding us a new house to live in we are in danger of living here last night mother took over my body it was a painful process for me and today mother made me pass out she warned us again to leave so thats why we are on our way to pack up Eric's things and bring them back to the house so that we can pack up our own things and leave I'm going to ybe grateful, very grateful to get out of here I don't want my body being taken over again or to black out again and see my dead mother we are here so I'll write more later.

* * *

When they walked to the front porch Eric walked into the house leavibg Stormy and Thor on the porch. "Why aren't you coming in?" Eric asked.

"Because we need to be asked in Eric that's the thing about us. That's the nice part about us." Stormy explained.

"Who said ya'll are nice?" Eric said in a teasing voice. "Please come in." Stormy and Thor walked into the house and Eric took Stormy's hand.

"Where are your parents?" Thor asked when they were upstairs in Eric's bedroom.

"They went out to go home shopping. Well, that's what they said anyway." Eric explained.

"Wow so this is your room?" Stormy said in an amazed tone. The walls were dark blue abd the carpet was black,clothes cds and video games strowed everywhere, book case,and a conjoining bathroom.

"Yep, ya'll like?" Eric asked,Thor and Stormy nodded in agreement.

"Alright let's get to work." Thor said as he rubbed his hands together as if he was ready to run a marathon. After 3 hours of packing and moving they finally all sat down on Eric's bed ftor a break.

"So what next?" Eric asked.

"Me and Stormy move the heavy stuff." Thor exlained.

"Woah, I'm not letting Stormy move anything heavy!" Eric said.

"Please, remeber im stronger than you and Eric I could move that dresser by myself I'll be fine." Stormy said in a challenging tone.

"Oh yeah little sister bring it on." Thor said.

"You are so on Thor." Stormy replied. So for the next hour Eric watched the brother sister rivarly go on till everything was out of Eric's room and into the moving truck. "Alright, everything is ready and I so beat you brother." Stormy said teasingly.

"Just because I couldn't move the bed cause I had the mirror in my arms doesn't mean you beat me." Thor tried to defend himself but t didn't work.

"Ya ok. We ready to go?" Stormy asked.

"Oh that reminds me I found us a place to live." Thor said.

"Where?" Stormy was anxious to know.

"In at Priest Lake, Idaho." Thor told the news with proudness.

"You what!? I can't believe you! that's where Aunt Meredith lives, you know the crazy Aunt!" exclained Stormy.

"Whose Aunt Meredith?" Eric asked.

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