Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


4. Chapter 4

"Why, you live here now. Why go?" That was not the reaction that's Stormy expected.

"Stormy I like you, no I love you. I would do anything to go out with you. Why didn't you tell me this? Don't Ya'll trust me enough with you little secret!" With each word Eric's voice kept getting louder and louder till he was yelling making Stormy cry even more. "No stormy don't cry, don't cry I'm sorry I shouldn't have yelled like that. Come here."

The next minute Stormy was in Eric's arms. After awhile of of silence and Stormy's cries she stepped out of Eric's embrace. "Look Eric I love you to but, don't you see I could kill you with a snap of my fingers. I'm faster and stronger than you and when we was watching 30 Days of Night at the end where it showed that girl ripping off that person's head it was me I was that girl and the reason I look like I did, even though it's been a long time because we age every 200 years."

"I don't care, maybe I could become like you and Thor." Eric suggested.

"Become like us are you stupid it's not just the snap of a finger and you're a vampire. Me and Thor we were born like this if I change you then you stop forever, there's no going back, no reverse, no nothing. You just stop, you watch your family die, your friends die. You're stuck with me, with us there's no going back. Not until you're tired of us then turn to go on your own way. Hunting every night, which I need to do, trying not to die or get killed like our reckless parents did. Don't you see if I change you, I'm taking your life away. I'm not going to be the person who takes away your life, who kills you." Stormy didn't realize she was crying even harder than before.

"But I want you to I won't blame you, I will be happy that you did." Eric tried to explain in a soft voice but Stormy wouldn't take it she gave in to quickly.

"Alright but not without Thor's thoughts on this." Please say no Thor please, Stormy practically begged Thor to say no.

"Alright let's do this thing when and where?" Thor asked with a smile on his face.

I'M GOING TO KILL YOU BROTHER, Stormy thought to her brother.


"We have the next 2 weeks off how long does the process take?" Eric asked.

"A day at the most to change." Stormy said in return to Eric. Right then as if Fate was working itself out Eric got a call from his parents saying that they were moving to another state because his dad's mother is sick and needs to be tended to. Eric convinced his parents to let him stay if he finds a place to live Thor said he could live there. Tomorrow they going over to start packing.

Dear Diary,

The most amazing thing happened Eric found out we are vampires it's a long story but anyway he wants to be one to and he is moving in with us I'm especially excited so now me and Eric can finally be together with no secrets between us I am so relieved but Thor is thrilled. After Eric left he kissed me goodbye but back to what I was saying Thor was practically bouncing off the walls we've got a big day of moving tomorrow so I think I'm going to go hunting then to bed.

After Stormy put down her diary she went to go out hunting Thor was out hunting himself. Without locking the door behind her Stormy was gone into the woods. Stormy knew where the best place to go hunting and she was headed there, but she stopped in mid-run because she got a painful feeling in her head a feeling that she's never gotten before. Maybe it will stop once I've feed enough, stormy thought. But after her 5th deer the pain got worse. It got so bad that she was on the ground screaming holding her head.

The next minute she was being lifted by a strange man, Stormy knew she had to fight but the person, no person's was carrying her away holding her arms, legs, and head still. Stormy had her eyes closed so she couldn't use her powers. The next minute Stormy was being put on a bed, her bed the pain was still in her head but she heard voices, "Does she have a headache?" Eric asked. She knew it was him because Stormy was used to the sound of his voice all those days at the lunch table and movie nights with him.

"No she doesn't have a headache, we don't get sick or headaches, we don't eat, or use the bathroom. Anyway Eric, by the she is screaming she is in bad pain." Thor Explained.

Soon the pain lessened and Stormy felt something else entering her body. "Get out, get out, get out or you will all die!" The voice came out of Stormy's mouth but it wasn't her voice. Just as quickly as the stranger came it left. Stormy sat up and the glassy eyed look was gone, it was her normal brown eyed look.

"What happened just then Stormy?" demanded Thor.

"I don't know Thor I just got a pain in my head so I feed and the pain got worse I started to scream because I couldn't take the pain, I couldn't open my eyes, or use my powers I had no idea it was you two that came and got me." That was when she noticed that Eric hadn't left yet and she started to cry. Eric came to sit on the bed with her and he just let Stormy cry on his shoulder for a little while.

"I'll go get you a deer." Thor said in a flat voice.

"I'm sorry Thor I really am and be careful. I love you brother." Stormy said and she meant every word she loves her brother but she misses their parents. Thor only wanted to give us privacy so that's why he left, thought Stormy. She hoped that he would be careful and come back okay.

"So are you really okay? Does your head hurt still?" Eric asked uncertian.

"I'm fine trust me it's probably because I hadn't feed in so long the effects just started to happen. Thor said he was going to get me a deer." Stormy tried to reassure Eric. "What are you doing here anyway I thought you was at home?"

"I was but then Thor called and said that you were missing. He said that you were gone hunting but that you should have been back by now. So I came over to help find you but not 10 minutes into the hunt we heard you screaming." Eric explained. Stormy nodded her head but before she could say anything Thor came back with a buck. " One no two questions why do you drink animals blood unlike your brother? Why are your eyes brown and not red like you're brother?" Eric asked.

"Read this it should explain everything." Stormy said then tossed Eric her parents vampire do's and don'ts and feeding.

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