Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


2. Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

I'm not going to keep up with the date and time it's just time anyway well for me it is. I have many years to come and a really good memory so I'll remember anyway again my mother of all people was bugging me about drinking human blood I told her I'm not feeding on human blood not like you I'm not going to kill and then I walked away I couldn't bear to look at her another minute. When I came back to my seat that boy was staring at me I could use my powers which are to read minds, turn invisible, move at a speed and stronger than any other human or animal, but I made a promise to myself not to use my powers while we were here unless it's for an emergency. I can only do those things cause I drink animal blood my mother, father, and brother can do so much more like turn into any kind of animal they want to. Why don't I want to do something cool like that it's because I don't drink human blood hold on...

When Stormy looked up her mother was coming toward her, "I'm not through talking to you Stormy." She was saying.

"Well I'm through with you and your childish games I'm not like you, or father, or Thor just accept that already." Stormy was saying that in her cold hearted voice. The only person in this section of the plane was looking at them and it was the boy. I don't care let him look if he's so interested in this freak show I call my life, Stormy thought. Right as she thought it her mother slapped her so hard that Stormy was falling and the next minute she saw the ceiling instead of her mothers look of hatred towards her daughter and without any offer to help Stormy up she walked away leaving Stormy on the floor.

Stormy's face was burning where her mother hit her. But she ignored that wishing she could get back at her mother but letting it go instead. "Need help up?" offered the boy, "I'm Eric by the way."

"You really shouldn't talk to strangers you know, um I'm Stormy but I guess you kinda figured that out when my mother walked in." Stormy thought she was being rude so she said, "And no thanks on the offer though, I'm fine."

"You sure? She slapped you pretty hard, if that would have happened to me my breath would have been knocked out of me." At the end of the sentence he chuckled.

While Stormy was getting up off of the floor Thor came in, "What happened to you? What did mother do to you this time?" Thor demanded.

"The usual I got in a fight with mother and she slapped me a little harder than usual that's all." Stormy explained.

"Was it about the same thing?" Questioned Thor.

"Isn't it always." Stormy said in return. That's when the pilot told everyone to sit down. Stormy started writing in her diary to finish it and to avoid talking to Eric again. Wait, was that his name yes I think so, yes it was, Stormy thought.

I'm back it was my mother again she said that she wasn't through with me I told her I was and she slapped me and walked away the boy from across the aisle talked to me he said his name was Eric I was kind of surprised he said anything to me after what happened but he did anyway I got to go we're at the airport tell you everything later.

After they got off the plane in Birmingham, Alabama Stormy never saw Eric again. I'm kind of relieved but kind of sad I never felt that way about someone before especially a human after all, Stormy told herself. Stormy and Thor walked half a step behind her mother and father. Even Thor knew to keep quit so the only sounds that was made on the way home was the rental cars radio and her mother and father's conversation, and the occasional rattle of their carryon bags. Finally they arrived at the old Victorian house, it was surrounded by woods. It's the perfect place for me to go hunting, thought Stormy.

Stormy went up to her mother and said, "Thank you for surrounding us with woods it's the perfect place for me to hunt." Her mother looked at her and smiled then she was gone and left Stormy standing there alone. It will be tomorrow before the movers get here guess I will go hunt, thought Stormy. Her mother, father, and brother are sticking to their plan, I'm going to make my own plan. I'm going to go hunting for deer if there are any maybe there are bears or wolves or mountain lions, she thought.

Two hours later Stormy returned home feeling stronger than she had in a long time. Stormy had gone inside to meet her family but was only greeted by her brother. "What's up where's mother and father Thor?" Stormy was worried Thor never separated from their mother and father unless something was seriously wrong. Thor was crying and he never cries. Something is seriously wrong , thought Stormy. "Thor what's wrong tell me, please?"

Stormy was begging now, she was afraid that her parents were dead, afraid that she and Thor were the only 2 left in her family, afraid that they would have to survive this world alone. She was afraid that whatever happened was not good. I didn't even get to tell mother or father that I love them or goodbye, they left before I could, thought Stormy. That was when Thor took her in his arms and they sat down and cried. That was when Stormy knew it was true her parents was dead and she and Thor were own their own for the rest of their lives.

Dear Diary,

Something terrible has happened I still can't believe It mother and father are dead. Thor said they tripped and fell then a hunter was there and stabbed them with arrows, wooden arrows their dead Thor was in the trees and mother and father was on the ground how could they have been so reckless it's not like them to have tripped they were probably listening for humans to feed on. They were so foolish now they are gone. I'm going to bed I told Thor I would sleep with him tonight I have one question going through my mind do the humans know that vampires are in their town now? That worries me but I'll think bout that tomorrow, goodnight.

Stormy put the book away and layed next to Thor not worrying about tonight or tomorrow. the one thing that Stormy was worried about was the stranger, Eric, the one she meet one the plane then she was fast asleep. The next morning Stormy was woken up by a knocking at the door. It was the movers, after they moved in everything and Thor Influenced them that their parents were gone for the day. Stormy and Thor got the house set up and headed off for school. Thor went over the rules with Stormy the same rules that her parents went over with her. It's supposed to be cold but the cold doesn't bother me . I'll still bring in a jacket with me just incase people get suspicious, Stormy thought. As soon as they arrived at school ten minutes after the bell rang they went to the office to get their schedules and headed off to class. Stormy and Thor both had P.E., Lunch, and History, Science together. Stormy had Math, Foreign Language, and English by herself. When Stormy walked in late to her first class, Foreign Language. She gave the teacher her note and sat down at the back of the class trying to be unnoticed but it didn't work.

"Your name is Stormy Woolin?" the teacher asked.

"Um, no it Stormy Wolin not Woolin." Stormy had to correct him she just did not want to be put in the spotlight and at that moment he was putting her on the spotlight.

"You know the drill people stand up and say your name to the girl." One by one each student stood up and said their name. But Stormy stopped listening after she heard the words Eric Valentino. After the first two hours she had guys asking her out and girls wanting to be her friend, she denied them all. Stormy denied them all because she was afraid that she would have to leave soon. That guy Eric from the plane ride is the same guy in the classroom she tried not to believe it but it was true.

Foreign language class and math was over with next she had English class with her brother. The same thing happened to him, he also turned everyone down he to was afraid that they would have to leave soon. At lunch they both at the same table together at the back of the lunchroom. Stormy decided to use her powers after the 'accident' so she heard it when Eric came up. "Hi again, um I didn't see you on two when I got off the plane the other day, mind of I join you? My friends are kind of mad at me for leaving them for a week." He added a soft chuckle at the end of that but Thor didn't seem to notice.

"Sure." Thor said.

"Yes come join us." Stormy said.

"So how's your mom doing?" Eric asked.

"Dead." Was Stormy's only reply. Then without thinking about what she was doing Stormy got up and left not caring about how hurt Thor was. I need to get out of there, Stormy thought. She heard footsteps behind her then.

"Stormy wait, I didn't mean to upset you I shouldn't have even brought it up. Stop, WAIT!" Eric demanded her to stop.

Stormy turned around and said, "What! What do you want!!!" The next thing she knew was that he was pulling her into a hug, his hug.

On the last class which was History Stormy, Thor, and Eric were all in that class together. So today we are talking about the Revolutionary War." Bore, been there done that and even have the dress to prove it, Stormy thought. So Stormy thought she would check out Thor's thought's but got stopped short with a GET OUT OF MY HEAD STORMY.


ME TO, Thor thought back to her.

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