Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


15. Chapter 15

"Alright let's get going we will be there in some hours maybe more or less I don't know plus the rest stops we will have to make. Alright human up." Thor said helping Rosemund up on his back. Stormy looked at Eric and mouthed,''I've never seen Thor act this way until Rosemund showed up.''Eric shrugged his shoulders and started walking after Thor.

"Thor are we going to run or are we going to walk to California?"Stormy asked getting impatient with her brother.

"Um run I guess.'' Thor said then started to run. Stormy and Eric ran and picked up speed until everything around them was just a blur of green. An hour or two later they stop in Yakima, Washington to let Roseman rest and look around.

"Wow the president lives here, that's amazing. Hey you think we could like have a personal meeting with him?" Stormy asked getting her hopes up by the second.

"Wow Storm I'm amazed you didn't know where he lives and even if you could go no you can't he's a pretty important and busy man we would be worried the you might suck his brains out." Eric told Stormy trying and succeeding to sound with a smart eleck.

"Thank you captain smart ass." Stormy reply back to Eric then turning to look at the clouds sky.

"Um,Storm Captain Obvious not captain sma-" Thor tried to explain but Stormy cut him off.

"I KNOW WHAT I SAID,''Stormy yelled then muttered,''wise guys.'' She got up and walk to where Rosemund was sitting. Stormy sat down and looked to where she was staring at and found that she was staring at Thor."You like him don't you?"Stormy asked.

Rosemund bit her lip,"Yes like a lot, there has never been a guy that I liked until I meet your brother,and I like him a lot and I'm not sure what to say, should I even tell him or should I just stay quiet about it? You know your brother best have been around him over that I have.''Rosemund asked sounding worried on what to do.

"Tell him if you want but he might not get attached we move around a lot so we both have had to learn not to get too attached. But he might get attached to you I can tell he definitely likes you, so you should tell him. You are right about me living around him longer than you, vampires age ever 200 years." Stormy told and her eyes got as big as the moon.

"Really, wow but what about Eric can he age to?" Rosemund asked looking over at where the boys were throwing things at eachother, Stormy followed Rosemunds gaze and smiled.

"No he is frozen at that age forever but i decided to stop growing to I think when we get to California."Stormy said.

" Maybe i dont know do whatever you want to do. So did you change Eric into a vampire?"Rosemund asked. Stormy muttered mhm and nodded her head. "Who changed you and Thor?"

"We were born this way we never changed." Stormy said and added a little laugh at what she said.

"Can can you have kids?" since Eric's body isn't like alive?"

"Honestly I don't know my parents did but they were both born vampires. Maybe I'll ask mother when she decides to knock me out and have another meeting.''Stormy said and shivered at the thought of that happening again.

"Your mother did what to you?" Rosemund asked sounding alarmed. Stormy shook her head and got up going over to wherew the boys are sitting and at the girls that have passed them. Stormy sat between Eric and Thor.

"Is this how you both are going act when we to get California? Because if so I have to rethink our relationship." Stormy accused in a half kidding half serious voice.

"Oh don't even say that you and Rosa is going to be just as bad or even worse with the guys in California." Thor accused and then started laughing ask a question so he was lying down on the ground. Eric last store for dick in it and put his arm around me and gave her a big ,fat,slobbery kiss on the cheek.

"EWWWW!"Stormy yelled and wiped the slobber off her face and rubbed it on There shirt and laughed."Alright let's get off our lazy bums and get going."

"Let's get off out lazy bums, what the heck Stormy?"asked Thor imitating Stormy voice and gave her a weird look.

"I don't talk like that Thor!"Stormy said back then ran behind Thor and Rosemund. Stormy looked at Rosemund and asked, SO HOW DO YOU LIKE RUNNING WITH VAMPIRES ROSE?

I LOVE IT, Rosemund replied back with a smile on her face and laughing as they wind twirled and danced around them.

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