Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


12. Chapter 12

"Well ok then, anyway it's the power to control all 4 element: Fire,Earth,Water, and Wind."Thor finally got out.

"Well if mother possessed all 4 elements Thor as you say then why didn't she tell us instead of keeping it a secret?" Stormy asked. Thor shrugged his shoulders at her and she rolled her eyes.

"Well my all knowing idiotic brother even if I did control any if all of the elements how long would it take me to get a hold of them?'' Stormy said while getting up and moving behind Thor and whacked him on the head.

"Thanks Storm I hope one day to repay the favor." Thor narrowed his eyes into slits rubbing the back of his head while Eric and Stormy was falling all over each other laughing. After their laughter had calmed down they were sitting and enjoyed the peace and quit. Stormy had leaned on Eric and was about to fall asleep when they heard a rustling in the woods and then a growl of a very large animal.

LET'S GET OUT OF HERE,Stormy sent to the boys telepathically, looking at Stormy they both agreed and slowly started to get up and moving towards the road. When they got to the dirt road they took off running and stopped when they got down the road a few miles to take a breather. Getting their breathing back to a normal pace they started walking back to the main road that lead to the boarding house. Thor stopped making Stormy crash into him and was about to say somethng when Eric held up his hand to keep her quit.

Getting up she finally turned her attention to the man that was walking down the road towards them. Stormy and Thor got into a fighting stance and the man stopped about 5 feet away from them. "I knew you were vampires but jeez I had no idea you could run that fast." The man exclaimed fanning himself. Stormy straightened up to look around and make sure noone was there to see or hear them seeing it safe she nodded to Thor who was looking at her to continue on.

"Who are you?" Thor demanded.

"Why im your Godfather, your parents never told you?" he asked.

Thor straightened before saying, "No because their dead." The man took off his gray fedora and bowed his head in respect. He had black hair,grayish eys,he was tan, short, and had a scar on his neck. He wore a green thrench coat that was buttoned all the way up,and black dress shoes.

"Iam very sorry to hear that, I heard you 2 or shall I say 3 were back in town. I thought I would come and pop in fora visit. My name of course is Redamer Trenor." he walked up to the group and gave Stormy a hug while shaking the guys hands. Getting to Eric's hand shake he said,"My have you both have grown and aged but never lost those handsome and beautiful looks from when I last saw you 2." All of a sudden Redamer dropped his hands from Eric and moved away from him. "My we have a cross breed here!" he said sounding surprised while Stormy moved to Eric checking if he was ok.

"What do mean cross breed?"Thor demanded.

"A cross breed is mix between 2 diffrent breeds, or in this young man's case vampire and full blooded werewolf,or was full blooded before you tainted it." Redamer explained.

Stormy looked at Redamer and said,"It can't be I would of detected it."

Redamer shook his head. "That's because he hasn't awaken the wolf blood yet." Stormy looked at him in disbelief, Eric then hugged her and Redamer got the look of disgust on his neatly shaven face.

"Then what are you?"Thor asked.

"I, like your....compannion am a full breed or blooded werewolf. Your parents and I went to the same school together."he answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"How can that be?"Thor wondered to himself.

"There was a school for mythical creatures back before you were born,but the humans found out and then destroyed it. Luckily they evacuated us in time." Redamer exlained. Stormy took Eric's hand when Redamer looked over at them. "How can you stand to be near that thing."

"She's not a thing and I love her so that's how."Eric said slipping his arm around her waist and kissing her head.

"Wait how does the wolf blood get activated." Thor asked..

"It's simple, he has to die." Redamer said.

"Well that won't happen anytime soon, he's a vampire." Stormy said.

"Actually he can get a stake throught the heart, go out in the sun with no ring, get be-headed, burned alive."Thor said. Stormy gave him a shut the hell up look and hugged Eric.

"The story of your heritage Eric is your family sailed from France to America when they were attacked on their home estate." Redamer pulled a picture from his coat of the couple standing in front of a grand white house."I was on that same boat that the Valentino's were on. When we finally got to America we were welcomed with such love and compassion that we could'nt leave. But we knew that if they found out we were....monsters..... as they put it they would kill us immediantly. So we keep it a secret for as long as we can, so much has happened in that time. We fought in wars, had families, went through poverty , we got to live and be happy and peaceful. But that soon ended, I won't go into detail about that, but Eric when you die the wolf blood will activate."

"Thanks, I guess we'll just have to experiment when the wolf is activated now won't we." Eric said grinning.

"Well I need to go about my day thing to do, oh and tell Meredith I said hello. I bid you all a good day." Redamer left and made his way into the woods disappearing leaving the 3 standing there confused.

When they made their way back to the boarding house they saw the kids all in the livingroom watching Spongebob Squaepants. They walked into the kitchen and sat down, a little girl ran into the kitchen to the fridge and got a coke out. "Bring me another sprite to.'' a girl yelled from the livingroom.

"Ok Emmaline.'' the girl in the kitchen yelled back before running back into the livingroom leaving the group alone again.

"Well there's nothing intresting going on here, so i'm going to shower adios dumb and dumber." she said while walking upstairs.

After her shower she came downstairs wondering where the boys and gone off to. She had checked in the kitchen and came up empty, she starte making her way towards the stairs to check in their rooms again when she heard laughter in the livingroom. She walked in the room where the tv was blaring and saw the boys sitting on the floor. She was about to scold them when Aunt Meredith walked into the foyer with a scared looking girl in front of her.

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