Natural Fear

Stormy is a vampire and her life was perfect she had her brother and parents and she continued moving around and being happy aside from the usual fights with her mother about her choice of blood she drinks. One move to Alabama changes her life forever she meets her love, her parents die and she finds out who has been trying to kill her and her brother and why. Join Stormy on the adventure that literally changes her life forever and find out if Stormy get's to keep her life and love or will she lose it in battle.

(Cursing and harsh language may appear at points in the book)


11. Chapter 11

"Over my dead body you will!"Stormy said.

"We can arrange that you know." he said smiling then turning into a werewolf. The fuck just happened!!, Stormy thought. The wolf boy startd coming towards her growlng and bearing his teeth. "It's either fight or flight. I'm going with flight on this one.'' She said then ran into the bathroom and locked the door, he started to throw his weight against it repeadtly and not succeding in buting it down. Sometime near early morning the boy evetually stoppd but Stormy could never tell because she eventually fell asleep.

Stormy woke up to Thor yelling and banging on the door, '' C'mon Stormy hurry up I gotta brush my teeth and take a shower!" Stormy got up off the floor and oened the door. Thor ran inside and pushed her out closing and locking it once again. A few minutes later he came to see Stormy standing there looking confused. " You ok? Cuz you kinda look like a lost puppy?" Thor asked.

"Um ,what time is it" She asked.

Sometime after 12 p.m. You didn't spend all night in there did you?" Thor asked.

"Why?" Thor asked when she nodded her head yes.

"Because there was a little wolf boy thing trying to kill me!" She exclaimed.

Thor scoffed and said,"What no way. How come i didn't hear any noises then?"

Stormy shrugged her shoulders and said," I dunno maybe because your an idiot that can't even keep up with what socks he wears."

"Haha so funny my insides hurt im laughing so much." Thor told her. She rolled her eyes and pulled the note out of her sweat pants pocket and gave it to Thor, he read it and gave it back to her saying we will talk about it later before she went and hid it in her room with the other note. They started downstairs when Thor stopped half-way on the steps causing Stormy to run into him.

"So if you leave tonight after the twin brats go to sleep your life will be out of jeopardy. Got it?" Meredith was saying.

Eric shook his head no and said, "No Meredith im not leaving I love Stormy and Thor is awesome. I came here with them and I leave with them and just because im an awesome person i'll die with them if I have to.'' Every word that he said Meredith's face kept getting angrier and angrier.

"Fine, but you mark my words you will curse the day you were born, I will kill you myself. Mark my words Eric De Luca Mastroianni Valentino."Meredith threatened. Stormy looked at Thor and mouthed De Luca Mastroianni Valentino and gave a questioning look.


OHHHH NO, she sent back.

Thor shook his head and did a silent laugh when Meredith walked around the corner, stopped looked at Stormy and Thor and kept walking yelling,'' UP UP UP CHILDREN, BREAKFAST AWAIT." Stormy by passed Thor and continued walking down the stairs, she walked over to Eric hugging and kissing him until Thor interrupted.

"Do you guys wanna get a room there are plenty here."

"Shut up Thor, your just jelous.'' Stomy said in a sing song voice laughing at the end. Thor rolled his eyes and playfully hit her before Eric moved her beide him and away from Thor. "You guys wanna go into town today and go check out the diner see if it's changed at all Thor?" The boys noded their head and said yesses, an hour later they were telling Meredith goodbye. They were walking down the street when Thor turned off onto a hidden dirt road. Stormy knew excatly where they were going the road headed to a secret hiding place that only she,Thor,and their parents knew about. When they were by the lake Stormy stopped and started looking around and rested her eye's down the road. Thor and Eric being a few steps ahead of her finally noticed that she stopped and they started back-tracking to her.

"Hey you ok?" Eric asked standing right in front of her,putting is hands on her shoulders with Thor standing behind him.

HEY THOR WANNA HAVE A LIL FUN?,Stormy sent a message to Thor. Seeing his smirk on his face she said,"Hey Eric look over there I think I see something." Stormy said pointing in the direction to the woods.

Eric turned and looked and said,"I don't see Storm are y-'' He was cut off by Stormy throwing him into the lake that was right beside her. He climbed out while Stormy and Thor who was on the ground laughing. Eric walked up to Stormy and started kissing her with an ewww coming from Thor. Eric started walking backwards until he was at the edge grabbed Stormy around the waist and threw her into the pond as well then him and Thor jumping in.

An hour later they climbed out and started walking down the road again air drying off. Eric and Stormy walking hand in hand while Thor talked about World War 2 that he was involved in when finally they made it to the hiding place. They sat down on a log that had fallen over the years and listened to th birds that were chirping their song to anyone that would hear. "I need to tell you guys something, but im not sure how to explain it." Stormy said.

"What is it Storm?" Eric asked wrapping his arm around her waist while Thor made a gagging sounds.

"Well with this whole thing with umm Stephan and Aunt Meredith im not sure how I can do anything but yet end up being a target. The only I can think of to get stronger is by drinking human blood and start training and fighting." she said with a worried look on her face.

"Storm are you sure about this? I mean you've never drank from a human before. I know mother has tried for years to get you to, but you've always refused her." Thor said.

"Im sure I know how to do it like drinking from animals right? Except the humans aren't furry. Eric I know your probably going to be pissed because you won't be stronger than me anymore. And Thor you can help me get control of my new powers." she said.

"After the first couple of humans your new powers should be forming, since your as old as iam" he told her.

"How come I don't have any special ablities?" Eric asked looking at the 2 other vampires.

"Because bro you were a human made into a vampire you ain't gonna get any. Besides the mind talking thing but every vamp has that." Thor said while Eric started pouting like a 4 year old that had his toy taken away.

"What do you think my new powers will be?"Stormy asked.

"Well things like sonic blasts to someones head,way better sight hearing, better strength, turn into any kind of animal you want. And I highly doubt you will get it but one person in our family has this power and it was mother but she never told anyone. I found out because I accidently walked in on her while she was doing it. But she has the greatest power of all something that even the high council members don't have."

"Dude come on we don't have all eternity,get on with it.''Stormy said while Eric snickered.

"Alright its." Thor stopped after they heard a rustling in the bushes an saw it was only a rabbit.

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