Living with 1D (One Direction Fan Fiction)

I have to live with Harry Styles and 4 other guy's for my whole summer before college starts. Even Uncle Simon didn't want me to stay with him, he says im to much of a delinquint child. I can't really be called that I only painted the principle's office a neon pink because I was dared to, and blew up the chemistry lab, but again was an accident.Anyway, why is my mother sending me to London? Because she doesn't want me to mess up her wedding to that prick Charles. I think she is only marrying that prick for the money. A little gold digger isn't she. But why couldn't I stay with Simon I would've been on my "best" behaviour no fires but no it's with Harry Styles the womanizer can you add an eye role to there. On another question you must be asking yourself where is your dad? why don't you go stay with him? Here's your answer: The asshole left when I was 7 the day of my birthday, "Happy Birthday sweatheart oh yeah im leaving." I should really tell you my name its Claire Summers and im going to be spending my summer with 5 guys one being a huge player. Yay for me....not.

(May contain false language and cursing)


3. Chapter 3 Good Morning Surprises

I walked to the door across the hall beside mine and opened the door to find Niall, I walked in and quietly closed the door. I looked around the room and the floor was not visible because of music sheets, clothes,books, video games. I looked and found Niall's bed shoved in the corner beside a wall. I proceeded (see I can use big words its rare but I still know some) forward and almost tripped on a can a silly string.

I grinned my favorite evil grin and picked it up. I got up on Niall's bed ''gently'' kicked him awake and said,''Hey Niall!" When he opened his eyes I sprayed the silly string all over his face. What I didn't see was his arms out, yanking me down me down, and tickling me . After I begged for mercy he finally stopped.''Now what do you want?" he asked ever so nicely.

"I want to you, me, Zayn, Louis, and Liam to give Styles the best wake up call ever."I said grinning evilly again.

He returned the smile and said, "Go wake the others and meet me down in the kitchen in 10." I fist pumped the air and then ran out into the hall. I never knew lil Nialler 's room was besides mine. I walked across the hall and in the next room found Zayn asleep. I skipped over and started to poke him until he woke up.

"Go away Lou I don't care if you had nightmares again and Harry wouldn't let you in." he said then turned over.

"Well that was a little questionable.'' I said then started to poke him again. ''Zayn wake up we are going to mess with Styles.'' I whined pulling on his arm. At that he turned over and looked at me with an evil grin. I grinned back then skipped out of his room telling him to go to the kitchen.

Beside Niall's was Liam his room was neater than Niall's not by much though. except he was not sleep, he was walking out of the shower when a walked in. I stopped and covered my face." Please put some clothes on!"I yelled. I stayed like that till he gave me the clear and I told him our plan. He smiled and headed toward the kitchen while I went to get Louis.

Louis' room was the last door on the left and his looked like a tornado went through there no kidding. I even think I stepped on a pizza a green, fuzzy pizza making my climb to his bed. I started poking him but had to duck when he swung at me so I hit him back."What the hell was that for?!" he asked/shrieked like a little girl.

"For almost decking me in the face. Now come on come to the kitchen."I told him then trekked across to the door making my way down to the kitchen. When I walked in I saw the 4 guys standing around the kitchen island. Zayn had put on some sweat pants, but remained shirtless, Niall had jeans and a green "I'm Irish" T-shirt, Louis had soon jeans and suspenders and his T-shirt said "I like carrots", Liam with sweatpants and a plaid shirt, all were barefoot and they had bed.

"Jeez you guys should run a brush through your hair."I said smirking. They all scowled at me and I just grabbed another muffin."So the plan?"

"Oh ok well silly string (of course ) hair straightner,sharpie, and whip cream."Niall said grinning evilly.

Smiling back I gave orders, "I'll get sharpie, Lou you get silly string (Cruz you probably have a whole stash full somewhere), Zayn you get the, my straightener from my bathroom, and Liam you get the whip cream. We will meet in front of Styles room." the guys nodded and started to walk away."Wait! where's the sharpie?"I asked.

"Drawer by the fridge."Liam said walking to get the whip cream. "Ready?" I I nodded my head and we started up the stairs. When the ever so graceful I tripped and bashed my knees on the wooden stairs Liam pick me up and helped me the rest of the way up the stairs.

We finally made it up the stairs when Zayn and Louis was walking out of my room and Louis' room. Emotions with my hand to enter and I open the door to the curly haired boys room. Louis and Zayn was on one side, and Niall and Liam was on the other side, me I climbed onto the bed. Thanking the heavens styles is a heavy sleeper I started to write Claire was here and I am a loser on his face, while Zayn straightened his hair,then Liam putting whip cream on his face, stomach and man area to cover that unsightly scene, and Louis putting silly string all over him and his newly straightened her hair.

I wrote on a sticky note that said: Zayn, Lou and Liam was here. I can't wait till you see your reflection:-) . I cleaned off a spot on the tip of his nose I stuck it on there. We gathered the materials and went downstairs.

"Hey do you guys want to watch a movie?" Liam asked as we were walking down the stairs Niall and Louis went to make popcorn, Liam went to get blankets, me and Zayn tried to pick out a movie.

"All paranormal activity movoes ."Zayn argued.

"No the Hunger Games." I countered back. This went on until Liam walked into the room.

"What are you 2 arguing about?''he asked.

"I want to watch the Hunger Games." I said.

"Aannndd I want to watch the Paranormal Activity movies." Zayn said glaring at me.

"Hunger games-" liam said.

''Yes.'' I said smirking.

''Then Paranormal Activity movies.''Liam finished.

''Wait guys.'''Niall said when he walked in with 2 bowls of popcorn and Louis with the drinks.

"'What?"everyone asked in unison.

"Did we get a picture if Hazza?" he asked setting the food down.

"Yup."I answered helping Zayn spread the blankets out.

"Send me the picture."Liam said any other boys agreed. Liam started the movie, I was on the big couch with Liam and Louis, Zayn and Niall was on the other couch. We all had blankets and half way through the movie Louis propped his feet on the table, I had sprawled out and put my head on Louis' lap while Liam laid in between my legs. Somehow Niall ended up on the floor and Zayn laying down.

When Katniss was going to get Peeta some medicine for his leg was when Harry woke up and screamed. He ran downstairs and stood in front of the TV glaring at us with the post it note still on his face. He walked towards me and got right in my face. OK keep in mind I was laying down, so this was a little awkward. He hovered over me and I could practically see the Deathly go die look.

I started to push on his chest so I could sit up and finally he budged. When I was finally sitting up I put a smirk on my face and acted all innocent. "You!!" he yelled.

"Me?" I asked.

"Why would you do this? My hair?! WHY!?" he started to yell and get seriously angry.

"It was just a joke." I said all kidding gone.

"You don't do this especially to my hair!" he yelled.

"I'm sorry Harry." I said in a low voice looking down trying not to cry because I hate when people yell at me.

"This isn't funny Claire."he said. I don't get what the big deal is,its not like I cut his hair,oh yeah maybe the face I can understand.

"You don't do this you could've burned my hair! And my face don't even get me started.'' he kept on yelling. Tears eventually started to fall and Louis, Liam , and Zayn started to hug me.

"Lad we all took part in it not just her now calm down ok.'' Niall told him. Harry looked between me and Niall, and his looked to an apology.

"Claire I'm so sorry."he apologized.

" Harry just leave it okay its fine." I said trying to shove 4 boys off of me.After they finally moved off of me I stood up."Come on Nialler let's go make cookies."We walked into the kitchen and pulled out the ingredients. About 30 minutes later all 6 of us was playing Halo and munching on the cookies.

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