Living with 1D (One Direction Fan Fiction)

I have to live with Harry Styles and 4 other guy's for my whole summer before college starts. Even Uncle Simon didn't want me to stay with him, he says im to much of a delinquint child. I can't really be called that I only painted the principle's office a neon pink because I was dared to, and blew up the chemistry lab, but again was an accident.Anyway, why is my mother sending me to London? Because she doesn't want me to mess up her wedding to that prick Charles. I think she is only marrying that prick for the money. A little gold digger isn't she. But why couldn't I stay with Simon I would've been on my "best" behaviour no fires but no it's with Harry Styles the womanizer can you add an eye role to there. On another question you must be asking yourself where is your dad? why don't you go stay with him? Here's your answer: The asshole left when I was 7 the day of my birthday, "Happy Birthday sweatheart oh yeah im leaving." I should really tell you my name its Claire Summers and im going to be spending my summer with 5 guys one being a huge player. Yay for me....not.

(May contain false language and cursing)


2. Chapter 2 Bring it on "Mate"

When we got to the boy's home I found out it wasn't far from Simon's house.The boy's showed me to my room and helped me unpack some of my bags. They saw all of my games game systems and demaneded to play as soon as it was hooked up. I agreed to kick all their butt's later but first I wated to sleep because of jet lag.

They didn't agree but didn't have a choice because I pushed them out. I looked around the room it was huge. There was a walk-in closet, the bathroom had a walk-in shower,2 sinks that are marble counter top,toilet, cabinets, bathtub, and tiled flooring. The bedroom had a flat screen tv, a sitting area, stereo,and the bed was a swinging bed! Im taking the bed home no doubt about it. I changed into shorts,a purple tank top and layed down even though it is 8 at night.

*Next Morning*

I woke up to 3 jumping boys and my bed was swinging at a very scary non-safe pace. This has to stop im going to be sick. "Stop,stop! Im getting bed sick!" I yelled, then pushed the covers back and falling hard on the floor. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. I was correct I was sick and thankfully Liam held my hair back while I threw up my stomach. What did Loius and Niall do? Stand there. After I finished I started to brush my teeth, I looked in the mirror and yowzer (yes I just said yowzer yes I know your judging no I don't care) but yowzer I looked scary with a capitol s.

I kicked the guys out and went into the closet to find clothes,this room is huge and my clothes doesn't even cover a third of it. I picked out white converse, white shorts,and a Avenged Sevenfold shirt. I left my hair down and no makeup was put on this glorious face because what can I say I don't like makeup. After I was people worthy I walked out of my room. I turned left and came up to a dead end so I walked the other way and found a set of stairs.The stairs were swirly so I sat on the banister and slid down, when I was near the bottom I stopped myself and jumped off. I smelled food and my stomach grumbled so I went all hound dog and followed the scent to the kitchen.

I saw bacon, sausage, eggs, waffles, pancakes, and muffins. "Dude your drooling." Harry said. I wiped my mouth, gave him the bird, and sat down with my food.

"That wasn't very nice."Harry said giving me the puppy dog look.

"And I care why twinkle toes?" I said eating the bacon because its crispy goodness was calling my name. Realizing that the puppy dog look doesn't work on me because of Jessie and Justin (which I need to call later) had used it so much that it doesn't bother me anymore.

After breakfast I helped Zayn clean up then found my way back to my room. I jumped on my bed and pulled out my phone to see 5 new text messages:

Mom:Call me when you land and get to the house. (delete)

Jessie: Hey when did u land i miss u already.

Justin: text me when u land

Jessie: u there yet?

Justin: women! would u hurry up and get there!

Laughing to myself I traveled my way to my to my contacts and hit Justin's number.After the fifth ring je finally picked up. "Jerry's condom factory what size can I get you?" he asked.

"Hey Justin." I said after I stopped laughing.

"Hey Claire how was your flight?" he asked.

"Oh you know the usual fat guy using me as his fucking pillow the whole way." I said. He didn't reply for awhile and I was about to ask if he was there when I heard that hyena laughter of his. "Shut up."I whined.

"Haha, ok im calm. So how is Simon's house?" he asked.

"I don't know." I answered.

"You don't know?" he repeated.

"Yea when I got here Harry Styles and the other annoying boy bandmates of his started running at me picked me up still running I should remind you and brout me to the suv's. Then Simon was all like I don't want my house painted a neon anything or burned down."I repeated in his british voice.

"Wow." he said."So where are you staying?"

"Your not going to believe this but with One Direction." I said not believing it myself.

Justin busted out into another fit of laughs when a girls voice talked. "Justie get off the phone come back." she whined.

"Sorry sis gotta bounce." he said and hung up without even a reply from me. That annoying girl you are wondering about is Jennifer. She's a total bitch,hates me, needy as fuck,and cheats on Justin like every weekend. I told him she does but he doesnt listen.

"Hey mate?" Niall said bursting into my room.

"What?" I said putting my phone on the table beside the bed and looking at him.

"Food and are they systems hooked up?" he asked. "Ok and video games." he said when I nodded my head. After he left I just sat swinging the bed,wait did he say food. I tried to get the bed to stop but me being the impatient person iam jumped off,missed my footing and fell.After a few colorful words I got up and ran/slid to the kitchen.

"Om nom nom." I said finishing off the last brownie.

"So Cas." Zayn said.

"Cas?" I asked.

"Yes, are you ready to get your butt kicked at Halo?" he asked.

"Umm you be asking yourself that." I said jumping off the stool and running upstairs.

*Hours Later*

"Haha yes!" I said throwing down the remote and doing my trademark Boo-yah dance while the boys complianed.

"How the bloody hell did you beat us?" Louis whined.

"Because video games are my life." I said smirking. Zayn was looking through my video games when he stopped on one and his mouth looked like it was about to fall off. He looked between me and the game. "Spit it out Malik." I said laughing.

"This game isn't supposed to be released for another month. How did you get it?" he asked.

Sometimes its a good thing when your mother marries Charles Riddick."I said.

"No way the Charles Riddick?" he asked.

"Yup" I said. All 5 boys started oohing ad ahhing and wishing they were me as I pushed them out of the room. Why would I do that? you ask. Because its 2 in the morning and im tired.

I woke up and looked at the clock I read the amazing numbers(not sarcasm) of 8 am. Groaning I flipped over and tried to go back to sleep, but no luck I was awake. I pushed myself up and padded to the walk-in closet and got clothes for the day and took a shower. When I got out I slipped on a black tank top and a black see-through lace shirt, black converse,and fish tail braided my hair.

I skipped down the steps and went into the kitchen I ate a blueberry muffin and waited on the guys. Seeing as they hadn't come down I decided to look for their rooms.I walked into the livingroom and see a hallway opposite the stairs. I open the first door and see towels, sheets,etc. 2nd door was an empty room,3rd a bathrooom,4th a set of stairs.Seeing it was at the end of the hall I blew out air and went down the steps.

When I reached the bottom I saw a gameroom/studio. The tv was flipping huge and there was about just as many games as I had (mine was 2suitcases full) and the studio was kind of for 2 things:to dance,and to record songs in. Promising myself I would check out the games later I ran back up the stairs.

I went up the stairs that led to the floor that had my bedroom. I opened the door and saw a shirtless Harry. I smiled evilly to myself and closed the door back.

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