Living with 1D (One Direction Fan Fiction)

I have to live with Harry Styles and 4 other guy's for my whole summer before college starts. Even Uncle Simon didn't want me to stay with him, he says im to much of a delinquint child. I can't really be called that I only painted the principle's office a neon pink because I was dared to, and blew up the chemistry lab, but again was an accident.Anyway, why is my mother sending me to London? Because she doesn't want me to mess up her wedding to that prick Charles. I think she is only marrying that prick for the money. A little gold digger isn't she. But why couldn't I stay with Simon I would've been on my "best" behaviour no fires but no it's with Harry Styles the womanizer can you add an eye role to there. On another question you must be asking yourself where is your dad? why don't you go stay with him? Here's your answer: The asshole left when I was 7 the day of my birthday, "Happy Birthday sweatheart oh yeah im leaving." I should really tell you my name its Claire Summers and im going to be spending my summer with 5 guys one being a huge player. Yay for me....not.

(May contain false language and cursing)


1. Chapter 1 The departure and the meeting

I hate my mother not because she is sending me away to flipping London but because she is using my leaving to throw a party! It's going to be at my new step-fathers freaking mansion, but the best is free food and my 2 bestfriends Jessie and Justin, they are twins and they are like my brothers. They both 19, tan, skinny, 6'0 in height, but Jessie being the oldest spikes his brown hair and Justin leaves his shoulder length long.

Heres a little about me name is Summers,Claire Summers im 19, olive tanned skin, pretty skinny,5'6 in height,and long curly black hair that goes to my lower back,green eyes, and me being the awesome person iam I have my belly button peirced.

I heard my moms lame music playing downstairs for her rich friends (eye roll) seriously lets get some Rob Zombie in this place. I slipped on my converse and made my way down the hall towards the grand-staircase and being the talented person iam tripped on one my 5 suitcases I have laying up on the 3rd floor of the mansion, which i can say I have all to myself.

Halfway down the steps I spotted the twins and third step to the bottom I tripped again. I was waiting on the impact of tiled floor but felt only a pair of hands I looked up and saw Jessie. "Thanks bro." I said and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in.

"No prob sis. You know im not going to be here forever to catch your clumsy self." Jessie said smirking. Me being the childish person iam stuck my

tongue out at him and went to join Justin at the heavenly table full of delicuos food.

"Hey wanna go to your room and play Call of Duty?" Justin asked when Jessie came over and stuffed his face with chips and salsa.

"Can't I packed up the systems and games. But Mr.Rich and mighty as the gameroom in the basement." the boys knowing what that means piled 5 plates of food and soda's and headed toward's the gameroom. That's the only thing I like about Charles is because he owns alot of the video game company's so that means free games when they are about to be released and I get to test the games sometimes.

While the party was going on me and the twins stayed in the basement. I showed them the COD game that is about to be released next month and they practically drooled all over themeselves. I love video games and that's why im going to be going ITT Tech to be a video game designer and sadly work at one of Charles company's. There is a campus in Miami, Florida and I live in Glenvar Heights, Florida. It's a 20 minute drive so I can still mooch off of Charles' money and I will use it because what is that rich prick gonna use it for.

Sometime past midnight the boys left to go home and past 2 a.m. finally the music was shut off and people started to leave. I started off through the grand-foyer and was about to go up the steps when my mom stopped me. I saw they were standing side by side with Charles' arm around my mother shoulders my mom has short curly red hair,5'2 in height, skinny, pale,green eyes, and I think 30 years old? Charles is tall,tan, lankish body,blue eyes, and perfectly styled short brown hair, and I believe he is 42.

"What?" I said hating that I got stopped by them.

"Have a good summer with Simon sweetie. We love you and here is $2,000 to take with you." my mother said smiling. I grunted a thanks and took the money and made my way up the stairs.

"Oh hey Claire." Charles stopped me again. I turned and looked at him waiting for him to continue. "The car will pick you up at 12 tomorrow so be ready. Simon knows the times and will be waiting." I rolled my eyes and continued up to my room. I should of known they wouldn't see me off. I finished packing my carry on bag and slid into bed.

*The next day*

I woke up at 10 a.m.and took a shower I dressed in a black shirt that hangs off my left shoulder that had love written across the top in white cursive, denim shorts,and black converse. At 11:30 I brought all of my bags down to the door. I skipped to the kitchen and turned on the radio to my favorite rock station and heard Bully by Shinedown playing. I started making breakfast and pulled my hair into a ponytail. After my glorious breakfast of pancakes, yogurt, eggs, and sausage that Chef Susan taught me how to make I decided to wait.

Right at 12 the car honked outside and the driver got out to put the bags in the trunk. The driver opened the door and I stood and turned to look at the front door. "Good-bye mother miss you to." I murmerd to myself before getting in and slamming the door. I guess on the ride to the airport I should explain Simon. My dear uncle Simon is my mom's step-brother, his full name is Simon Cowell, during the holidays he will send cards with money in them and it's not $5 or $10 its $100 in each card. I guess he can afford it since he manages one of the biggest boy bands in the world.

*After plane ride*

Plane ride was hell the hole ride this fat guy used me as a flipping pillow and the bitch flight attendant wouldn't let me change seats. I finally got all of my bags and started looking for Simon. Instead I found body gaurds and a huge crowd of screaming girls. I started looking for Simon again and my eyes landed on the crowd, a guy climbed onto another person's shoulder and started waving a sign.

I caught my name on the sign and started waving my arms, the guy saw me and disappeared into the crowd. A few minutes later the guy and a few other guys came running towards me and wasn't stopping. I started screaming when one of them threw me over their shoulder and kept running I grabbed the guys shirt praying he wouldn't drop me and finally they stopped and set me down on sweet pavement in front of black SUV'S. Dear God, my first hour in London and im being kidnapped. I sat on the ground in a ball and said, "Please don't kidnap me."

"Umm, we aren't here to kidnap you." a bristish accent said. I peeked through a cracked in my hand and found a pair of brown eye. I took my hands away from my face and fully looked at him. He was 5'10 in heigt, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, skinny, and a birth mark on his neck. He was wearing vans, blue jeans, and a purple plaid button up shirt. "Im Liam." the brown eyed boy introduced himself as.

I looked at the other boys "Im Harry." the guy said standing beside Liam. The Harry guy had green eyes, dimples, 5'11 in height, curly brown hair, and alot of tattoos, was skinny, and had a british accent as well.

The guy beside him had blue eyes, blonde hair, 5'7 in height, skinny."Im Niall." he said in an irish accent.

"Im Zayn." the guy said beside him. He was 5'9 height, tattoo's, black hair that stood in a quiff, and brown eyes, also a british accent.

"And lovely love im Louis." he said in a cheeky voice. He had blue eyes, 5'9 height, skinny, light brown hair.

"Boy's what did I tell you about picking up people wnd running with them." Simon said walking up with thankfully my bags. "You didn't?" Louis said, but said it more as a question.

I rolled my eyes and focused my attention on Simon. "Im Claire Summers." I said shaking Simon's hand. "I can't wait to see your house."

"Well sweetheart hear is the thing. Your not, your staying with the boys, I don't need or want my house burned down. Your mother told me what happened to the kitchen." he explained.

Ok that ticked me off, "That was one time!" The look on Simon's face said he knew more. "Ok! That was 5 times."

"And I don't need any rooms in my house painted a neon anything." Simon said, and the boys busted out laughing.

"That was for a dare!" I screeched. Simon gave me a look then got into the suv.

"I like you already."Louis said, while slinging an arm around my shoulders and walking me toward's the car.

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