Living with 1D (One Direction Fan Fiction)

I have to live with Harry Styles and 4 other guy's for my whole summer before college starts. Even Uncle Simon didn't want me to stay with him, he says im to much of a delinquint child. I can't really be called that I only painted the principle's office a neon pink because I was dared to, and blew up the chemistry lab, but again was an accident.Anyway, why is my mother sending me to London? Because she doesn't want me to mess up her wedding to that prick Charles. I think she is only marrying that prick for the money. A little gold digger isn't she. But why couldn't I stay with Simon I would've been on my "best" behaviour no fires but no it's with Harry Styles the womanizer can you add an eye role to there. On another question you must be asking yourself where is your dad? why don't you go stay with him? Here's your answer: The asshole left when I was 7 the day of my birthday, "Happy Birthday sweatheart oh yeah im leaving." I should really tell you my name its Claire Summers and im going to be spending my summer with 5 guys one being a huge player. Yay for me....not.

(May contain false language and cursing)


5. Ch.5 The Stories

"It started out great we were all a happy family. But one night my parents woke me up yelling . I walked into the hallway and listened. I made out the words cheated, tramp, and whore, and couch before I went back to my room. From that point on when someone yells at me I start to cry." I paused to take a breath and looked at Harry who had a look of apology on his face.

I squeezed his hand and started talking again. "From then on things were pretty on edge. Never talked, never ate together,dad slept down in the basement. I learned later that he was seeing another woman who got prego with his baby,after dad moved out they later married. On my 7th birthday he didn't give me a present, instead he took me away from everyone else at the party and sat me down." I started to cry because before he left we were so close and after he left nothing happened anymore.

Harry gave me a hug and waited till the tears slowed. I wiped my eyes and continued, "He wiped hugged me and said he was leaving after the party for good. He promised to keep taking me to baseball games and to come to my dance recitals. But when the time would come around he never showed up and then would make some poor ass excuse about why he didn't. Me and my mom was ok we did stuff together, but then she started dating Charles and either he tagged along or the activities never happened. After a time he asked her to marry him. But when dad found out he called me up and the conversation ended with i want nothing to do with you he said." I put my head down and took a deep breaths to control the angry tears that was forming.

After a while I looked back up. "When Charles asked my mother we moved into his mansion and I built up my video game collection. As more time passed by my mother became friends with Charles' friends and started to act like them. Everything that I did and she didn't like she would punish me. I got sick of it and started acting out with my friends and eventually my mother just gave up and started to ignore me especially when their friends come over, so I stayed upstairs. When they would have their lame parties I would invite the twins over and play video games all night. My mom even shipped me off here so I wouldn't ruin her wedding. But Skyped me to watch it. I'm actually glad I left even If Simon didn't want me here either." I finally finished my story I drew my legs to my chest and set my head on my knees.

Harry stood up and walked out of the room. Ummm okay thanks? I stood up and walked to my bathroom, I grabbed nail polish remover and black nail polish. I sat on my bed and was finishing up the nail polish on my left pinky toe and leaned back to let my toes dry when Harry walked back in. He sat beside me on my bed and handed me a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. "Here ya go love." he said and kissed my cheek.

I smiled and took the plate. It was silent not an awkward silence more of a comfortable silence, until Harry opened his mouth. "So nice weat-"

I put my hand over his mouth and checked my toes. Agreeing that they were dry i climbed onto Harry's lap where I was facing him and my legs were behind his back. "Shut up Harry we are friends and friends do not talk about the weather." I took my hand off of his mouth and started to climb off his lap. But I was stopped by Harry who snaked his arms around my waist. I'll let my hands fall in my lap and ignored my racing heart. He looked from my eyes to my lips and started to lean in.

My body and heart couldn't resist so I close my eyes and started to lean in to. Our lips finally met and to go all cliche I felt sparks. Then there was Liam yelling, smoke, and a loud alarm. We sprang apart and rushed into the kitchen. I saw a complete mess, the boys were standing or running around and the stove was on fire. I immediately started looking around and found a rag and move the pan. Then using the rag to smother the flame. "How did you know what to do?" Niall asked.

"It was a grease fire. And besides I set my kitchen on fire 5 times. You obviously learn what not to do." I said raising an eyebrow. Niall looks at the floor and scratches his head, while Zayn put his hands in his pocket and starts whistling.

"Your a bunch of twats you know that." Liam said throwing away the burnt rag.

The two boys look at ashamed and I felt bad."Come here leprechaun and Zaynster. I still love you both." I said hugging them.

"So tell us your stories." Harry said. Man was he real interested in my life, nosey pig.

"What stories?" I asked.

"Oh like the one with the principal." Louis said.

Sigh, "Alright,let's gather in the living room for story time." I said rolling my eyes and walking out.

After everyone was seated on the couches I started to talk. "Well I painted the principals office a neon pink my senior year."

"Why?" Louis interrupted.

I glared at him for a minute and continued." Because of a dare I lost." I paused for a minute to see if any of the guys would interrupt and they didn't so I continued. "The twins dared me to pull 3 all nighters in a row. They stayed at my house and took shifts in watching me. The first night was easy peasy, the second night was tough, but I still made it through. The last night I passed out at 1 AM the safe time was 7 a.m. The guys came to my house a day later and told me." I stopped to take a breath and a drink of Mountain dew.

"I I called them crazy when they first told me but I failed so I did it. It took about a week till they figured out it was me. After my suspension for a week the day I came back was when The chemistry lab blew up. ( Louis added sound affects for that, what an idiot.) I added the wrong ingredients but the principal said I did it on purpose to get back at him for the suspension. I didn't though what I did do was bubble wrap his car. He never figured out i did it. Another one I did was put hot pink hair dye in Charles shampoo now that I got in trouble for. I took Jessie and Justin's collection of CD's and his them. My favorite one was this preppy little bitch was making fun of me and she's really short so I took her clothes and put them in the highest shelf after p.e. Let's just say the coach who is a guy got a fun surprise he didn't turn me in oh yeah Iaksi took her towel." I finished with an evil laugh,very proud of myself. The boys highfived me and started telling me about their pranks on each other.

This went on for an hour until Niall got up and went into the kitchen, when he returned he came out he had a drink and about 5 layers of peanut butter, nutella, and jelly sandwich. It looked gross but I kinda wanted to try it. I got up took the sand which and ate a bite. It was actually pretty good and I defiantly wanted one, I got up about to walk into the kitchen when Get Up by Korn/Skrillex started playing.

Harry started to grab it, and me not trusting him ran and then dove for it. I landed on Harry's lap, but got the phone first and answered it. "Hello!" I asked.

"Um yes yes is this by any chance Claire Summers." A male voice said.

Cursing myself for not checking the bloody (see British terms bahahahaha) caller I.d I'm talking to a possible killer. "Who wants to know?" I ask a little worried.

"Claire hunny if its you and I don't have a wrong number it's your dad." the man said, right when I was in the process of taking a drink, that resulted in me choking. My eyesight started getting blurry and there was ringing in my ears.

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