Living with 1D (One Direction Fan Fiction)

I have to live with Harry Styles and 4 other guy's for my whole summer before college starts. Even Uncle Simon didn't want me to stay with him, he says im to much of a delinquint child. I can't really be called that I only painted the principle's office a neon pink because I was dared to, and blew up the chemistry lab, but again was an accident.Anyway, why is my mother sending me to London? Because she doesn't want me to mess up her wedding to that prick Charles. I think she is only marrying that prick for the money. A little gold digger isn't she. But why couldn't I stay with Simon I would've been on my "best" behaviour no fires but no it's with Harry Styles the womanizer can you add an eye role to there. On another question you must be asking yourself where is your dad? why don't you go stay with him? Here's your answer: The asshole left when I was 7 the day of my birthday, "Happy Birthday sweatheart oh yeah im leaving." I should really tell you my name its Claire Summers and im going to be spending my summer with 5 guys one being a huge player. Yay for me....not.

(May contain false language and cursing)


4. CH.4 Exchange of I Do's

"But Harry I thought we had was special!" I woke up to a girl screeching. I have heard Harry's but it was quite and I could take out the word. But I could make out the sound of screams both female and Harry glass breaking. With that I jumped out of bed and threw the door open.

I saw a half dressed Harry and a girl dress like a slut that had messy hair and a tear stained makeup face. Not being the only one to here the commotion all the other members of One Direction open the doors. Zayn was only in his boxers that haha had cupcakes on them, Niallnin shorts and like Zayn wearing no shirt, Louis no shirt of course but had sweat pants on, Liam thankfully was dressed he had on black skinny jeans and a plaid button up shirt on.

The girl turned to me and got a pissed off look on her face."Is this the bitch your screwing now?!" she yelled pointing a finger towards me. I'm sorry did I hear that right, Harry looked at me his facial expression changed but before I could understand the feeling it went back to his cool expression. I was too focused on Harry and didn't notice when the crazy chick came up and grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me to the ground. Guessing by the blood in my mouth I bit my lip or something hitting the ground.

The chick started yelling at me and of course the boys did nothing but say things to get her to calm down. Which to my surprise (note sarcasm) didn't flipping work. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I grabbed the heel of her hooker shoes and pushed, she still didnt let go of my hair when her sequined butt hit the floor. But seeing my chance and I climbed on top of her and held her throat chocking her a little bit but not enough damage her. "You have 3 seconds to let your std, street walking,sex giving whore self to let go of my hair and get your skimpy self out of my sight and this house or I happily will chock you till you say uncle.'' I threatened. I got off of her and she ran and I mean ran out of the house.

All of the boys but Horan came running toward me."Love are you ok?"Zayn asked me putting out his hand. I grabbed it and pulled myself up. I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head and rubbed it.

"You bit your lip."Liam said touching my lip.

"No shit sherlock." I said.

"Let me see your head."Niall said. He started poking my head and when he found the spot he started to part my hair to look at the spot."There's a bump and a bruise,looks like she yanked pretty hard."

I walked to my door and said," Its to early for this." I shut the door to drown out the boys laughter and hopped in the shower. When I got out I decided to let my hair air dry and brushed my teeth, I put on a Black Veil Brides shirt and black skinny jeans and black converse.

I walked down stairs into the living room and saw Zayn and Liam fighting over the remote. I laughed and walked into the kitchen I saw Louis, Niall, and Harry were sitting at the island that was in the middle of the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar from the cabinet. I sat down beside Louis and Liam.

After I finished my granola bar i ran upstairs to my room and grabbed my laptop and logged onto my facebook. After about 20 minutes I got bored and logged out, I was about to close the lid when Skype started beeping. I clickef on it, saw my gold digging mother, instead of doing the right thing and ignoring it I did the wrong thing and answered it.

"Oh hunny just in time." she said. I looked at the background and realized she was at a church? I look at her and realized she is in a wedding dress.''I decided since you are at Simon's house, doesn't mean you still have to miss the wedding so you can watch using Skype. Oh and Daniel will be the computer escort."she said. I've heard of it but never actually met him, from what I've heard he is in college to be a doctor and he is 23.

She handed the computer off to who I was guessing was Daniel. He wasn't bad looking long brown hair, brown eyes, chiseled features, and the the tux he fit him well. We exchanged hellos and he set me down on a chair before leaving."Some great brother-in-law." I said rolling my eyes. Guessing someone heard me because for the next 20 minutes I had quick conversations with different family members until the music started. Lucky me I was in the front row and could see everything Charles looked nice enough and his hair was as usual perfectly styled. Mother was beautiful in her white wedding dress and floor length veil, her hair was put up an elegant bun, and the only thing that took away from the outfit was the 20 pounds of makeup.

The priest started to talk about after 10 minutes I started to zone out. I reached over to grab my water bottle and remembered I left it downstairs. I silently cursed myself and ran to the kitchen I passed Louis, Niall,and Zayn who was all asleep on the couch. I saw the bottle on the island and grabbed it. I tiptoed through the living room and slowly make my way up the stairs where i bumped into Harry who really hasn't talked to me at all today.

Of course he bumped into me because he was texting on his phone."Sorry mate."he apologized.

"Its ok." I said twisting the water around in my hands. I opened my door and started to go back to the boring wedding when Harry stopped me.

"Mind if I come in and talk?" he asked. I nodded my head and waited till Harry was in before I shut my door. I looked at the computer and saw them kissing. Daniel waved and picked up the computer carrying me to the reception party I guess. I rolled my eyes and plopped down on the bed. Harry walked in sat down beside me looking at the computer screen.

"So what brings you to Casa De La Claire?" I asked laying back on the pillows.

"I wanted to talk to you about this morning."he said.

"What about it?" I asked laying back on the pillows.

"I wanted to talk to you about this morning."he said looking at his hands.

"What about it?" I asked.

"I'm sorry we woke you up the other girls never yelled or threw things like that. And Im sorry she hurt you, I didn't know what to do and I was afraid to intervene." he said finally looking up at me.

"Its ok." I said crawling over to hug him. We stayed like that for a few minutes until we heard a girl screaming. I looked at the computer screen and saw a 13 year old girl. I hopped up and quickly shut the computer off.

"What was that?" he asked.

I sat back on the bed across from Harry."That was my mothers wedding."

"Why wasn't you there?" he asked.

"Because I'm to much of a troublemaker." I said rolling my eyes.

"I don't understand, the whole time you've been here the worst you've done is what you did to me and I have to admit that was good." he said laughing.

"Honestly I have done a lot of bad things in and out of school." I said looking at the comforter.

"I would like to hear the stories sometime. But what made you start acting out like this?" he asked playing with my hand.

I was trying to decide if I should tell Harry. I don't really know him and this is kind of personal. EHHH yolo why not I suppose. I finally looked at Styles who was waiting ever so patiently , he was playing with my fingers now.

"It all started with my dad."I started.

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