New Known Kid

I'm Ally Michelson I'm 17 and a senior in high school I live with my parents and younger brother Stephan.I'm a tomboy I love jeans and t-shirts.I listen to country and hard rock, just recently got into to pop music. I wasn't very popular in school but had a good amount of friends. Go through my last year of high school with me and I'll show you how I met the love of my life Niall Horan. And the crazy year that me and my friends will have when we meet the boys.


5. Chapter 5

I hated ignoring Niall I really did but those girls I'm to afraid to say anything. I didn't even think there were girls like that at this school. After I say down at my seat Niall immediately started talking to me, if it wasn't bad enough 2 out of 3 of those girls are in this class. After the teacher gave us our assignment my thoughts drifted back to what happened. I was late to class again because my locker wouldn't open. I was about to give up when it finally gave and it opened. I grabbed my book and notebook when I heard the clack of heels on the floor.

Thinking it was just a teacher I I closed the door and turned around and saw Brianna and her drones behind her. Sighing I went to the other side of the hall when they stopped and stepped in front of me. "Leave Niall he's mine and we're going to be together forever."

"Yeah leave him alone." drone 1 said.

"Umm ok." I said and tried stepping around them.

"If you keep flirting with him something bad will happen." Brianna went on.

"Yeah something very bad."drone 1 said behind her.

"So bad that you'll you'll hate it." drone 2 said poorly in my book.

"Yeah ok. Well good luck with that I'm late for class." I said trying to side step them again.

"Girls."Brianna said and snapped her fingers. Next thing I know drone 1 and 2 slammed me against the lockers and that hurt like a lot if I might add and well for my books they are everywhere. "Did that hurt? I hope it didn't to much because next time it'll be a lot worse."

Finally she walked away and her drones with her. Sighing again I quickly gathered my stuff up and ran down to the next hallway to the English class room. I walked in and sat down which brought me back to my work.

We were learning about the Canterbury Tales already. At the end of every section there are questions that we have to do. If trying to read the story and understanding it wasn't hard enough it didn't help to have a certain short blonde haired leprechaun bothering me.

To get him to stop I started talking to Santana and got her to move over beside me to help with my work. She reads constantly and has a better understanding of what I don't because let's face it I don't read haha.

Pretty much after a long half hour it was time for lunch oh how I dreaded. Niall always comes and sits beside me but if Brianna an her drones see us talking that'll be the end of me. I know what you guys are thinking just hit her but you see the problem with that is I'm trying not to get anything put on my permanent record cuz ya know college next year.

After I got my food I sat down outside with Ashlie and Cj. Niall hadn't come out almost gave me hope that he wouldn't that is until he opened the door. He waved at us as he got closer and sat down beside me. "Hey Ashlie could you maybe scoot over the sun is in my eyes?"

"Yeah sure?" she said looking at Cj and made room for me. Lunch was heck the whole time Breanna kept glaring at me and Niall kept trying to strike up conversations. I don't know which was worse being stared down or having to ignore Niall.

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