New Known Kid

I'm Ally Michelson I'm 17 and a senior in high school I live with my parents and younger brother Stephan.I'm a tomboy I love jeans and t-shirts.I listen to country and hard rock, just recently got into to pop music. I wasn't very popular in school but had a good amount of friends. Go through my last year of high school with me and I'll show you how I met the love of my life Niall Horan. And the crazy year that me and my friends will have when we meet the boys.


4. Chapter 4 Niall POV

"I like big butts an I can not lie you other brothers can't deny when a girl- OOWW!"Louis was singing then stopped when Harry pushed him.

"Dude it's to early." Zayn complained.

"And where did you even hear that from?" Liam asked.

"I was up all night watching YouTube videos and stumbled across it."Louis explained grabbing a cup of warm tea.

"Why the hell are we up this early when you mates are going to school and not us?"Zayn asked looking severely pissed off for being woken up.

"Because you boys don't have a break you have studio time for the songs you wrote an interview."Paul said coming into the kitchen.

"What about their studio time?" Liam asked sitting at the bar table.

"That's what the weekends are for." Paul said and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Oh."was all Liam said before looking down.

"Is everyone ready for today?" a new voice said coming into the kitchen.

"How is everyone getting into our house!?" Louis exclaimed.

"We had extra key copies made." Linda the manager said.

"What times the interview?" Zayn asked.

"10 an it's in Birmingham. So chop chop lets get moving." Linda said before rushing out if the kitchen and disappearing through the front door. There were very audible groans from 4 boys as they stomped their way back to their rooms to get ready.

"So Harrah ready to see San again?" I asked knowing his answer immediately.

"Ugh no she's so mean to me." he answered.

"Because your mean first maybe you two should try to be friends." I suggested.

"Yea ok." he said before getting into the car. I was in front passenger seat and the other guys had the back but Harry a window seat so he could as these people say tick and roll when we get to the school.

When I got to math class I could already hear Harry and San arguing." No oh my goodness that's not how it goes! tie it right Styles!" she barked out at Harry.

"What's going on here?" I asked as I took a seat in front of San.

"He untied my shoes. No don't you dare tie them together!" she said. I sat there watching them 2 for 5 minutes until San finally gave up an shoved Harry away from her and tied her own shoe.

"So Nialler why'd you stop talking to me last night? I got bored." she asked.

"I thought Harry was going to text you? Oh and me and Ally got pretty deep in conversation I wanted to focus fully on her." I said and smiled.

"Nawwwws so cute and no curls over there didn't text me." she said while she looked through her bag for something.

"I gave him your number you know he totally has a thing for you." I said then smiled and winked at Harry.

"Yea me and every other girl who has on a tight tank top and a pink mini skirt with a pair of heels." she said then pulled out some Chapstick. "Aww curly no need to be embarrassed hey Niall look at how pink his face is." she laughed.

"Yea well your ugly." he said then turned to the front.

"Nice comeback." she muttered under her breath then turned to start in the assignment that the teacher have us. I looked between Harry and San then back to Harry. I took out my phone and sent him a quick message that read: U really do like her don't you?

I put my phone in my lap and a few minutes later felt it vibrate.

Harry: yea I do.

Niall: go get her bro ;)

Harry chuckled and put his phone back into his pocket. As I looked ahead I saw San take out her phone and type a message to John. She laid her phone on her desk and went back to her work. I saw the teacher look at her but didn't say anything about the cell phone. I looked around the room and saw everyone else had their phone out playing on it or on the desk in the open.

Not wanting to get in trouble the first week I kept my phone in my pocket. Math went by quick and soon I was off to theater with Ally. We talked for a little bit until the teacher needed to show us the ropes in the theater department. He showed us every aspect that came with theater and how to use a lot of the tools in the scene shop where we would build some of the sets.

I didn't get a chance to talk to her in that class and hopefully I would in P.e. I walked in there and saw her sitting on the bleachers already dressed for the class. I'll quickly made my way to the locker room and changed into my PE clothes and quickly ran up the stairs to see her.

When I got up there I saw she was playing basketball with a really tall redheaded guy I think his name was CJ. I'm not really the athletic top but I still went over there and asked to join the game. I became really good friends with CJ.

After our little basketball game I asked Ally to come sit with me on the bleachers. "So how are you liking to hear?I never got the chance to ask you that yesterday because Santana beat me to the punch."she laughed. I like the sound of her laughter for some reason I feel really drawn to it.

"Very different than from when I went to school. I made a lot of friends here but not as much as I had back in my hometown. Harry isn't really adjusting well as much as I thought he would but he fancy's someone." I laughed out.

"That's great I'm glad you're liking it here and Harry were lucky here too soon. This goal can be pretty judgmental and mean but there some good people in it. Like there are some people that are very straightforward and can be rude as well. But there are very good people here too that aren't judgmental like a lot of the people I know." She explained.

I know I already found some of the best people that go to the school and have befriended like Ally and San and soon to be CJ and Ashlie. I hope Harry feels the way soon and gets the courage to ask San out soon I think they would make a really great couple. I'm not sure if I should tell Ally that yet, maybe I will later if we know for sure that San feels the same for Harry.

"Sorry to run out on you Niall but I have to go get changed and shower for the next class." Ally said then ran off the bleachers to follow the rest of the girls behind. I looked around and realize I was the only boy left in here and quickly went to change as well.

I quickly changed and ran to my English class. Ally was late again but that partially could've been my fault. I saw Harry Ashley and San sitting at their normal tables talking about movies that were coming out in the theater this weekend until Ashley interrupted San about an Instagram photo she posted three days ago. "Ashlie I don't care." San said for the 10th time before she got mad and turned around.

"You know you should be nicer to her."I said and sat behind San.

"Please, this is normal between us."she said and waved her hand away like it was no big deal.

Ashlie turned back around that narrowed her eyes at San then looked at me. "Sadly she is right this is normal between us."

"See." San said then focused back at Harry. "Thor is so much better than the Fockers."

"Nuhuh." Harry said ever so childishly back.

"You are such a child." she said. Between hearing them bicker I heard the door open and shut back and saw Ally making her way to her desk across from San.

The teacher didn't say anything didn't even glance towards her way but kept on working at her computer. Ally put her stuff down then sat down behind CJ at huffed. "You ok?" I asked. She nodded her head at me but didn't make eye contact just kept looking down.

The whole class and linch period went by like that. Ally didn't talk to me but talk to everyone around her. She never made eye contact me no matter how hard I tried to get her too. I knew something was wrong that I didn't think now is the time to push it she seemed stressed and I wonder if it had to do anything with me.

I had of Theater class with Harry and San and all they did was argue about every little thing that was brought up. After that class was another theater class with San and I try to get her to tell me about Ally but she didn't know anything.

That was my last class today and I really was freaking out about Ally. I don't know why I just have a strong connection to her I don't know how yet. She makes me feel like a normal boy that I'm not famous or anything. Yes San makes me feel the same but I just feel stronger towards Ally like anything can happen to me or I can do anything and I'll still be invincible.

She doesn't judge or use me and I really want to find out what happened. I don't know if I said or did anything to her and I went over any conversation or interactions we had in the past few days and I haven't said or done anything that would have offended her, that I know of. I texted her about five messages and haven't heard anything from her. I really was starting to worry I did something I just can't remember what I did. She seemed fine this morning until we got to English class.

I called her 7 times and each time she ignored me I finally gave up out my phone on silent and took a nap.

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