New Known Kid

I'm Ally Michelson I'm 17 and a senior in high school I live with my parents and younger brother Stephan.I'm a tomboy I love jeans and t-shirts.I listen to country and hard rock, just recently got into to pop music. I wasn't very popular in school but had a good amount of friends. Go through my last year of high school with me and I'll show you how I met the love of my life Niall Horan. And the crazy year that me and my friends will have when we meet the boys.


3. Chapter 3 Ally POV

When I got home I saw my mom with Stephan in the living room getting a lecture. "Watd he do today?" I asked putting my stuff down and looking at my mom.

She sighed,"A milk cartoon that was full may I remind you on the teachers seat and covered it up with her jacket and she sat on it." she huffed out pacing back and forth.

I never got in trouble a lot but when I did I was in the same spot and watching the same thing that he was watching. I wanted to encourage him because that was a good trick. But I know if I do encourage him that I will be beside him on the couch getting lectured as well.

I silently chuckled to myself and went to the kitchen to get a bag of chips for a snack and walked back into the living room where mom was on part 4 out of 9 on the lecture. Like the hawk she is her head snapped to the bag in my hands and narrowed her eyes. "You better not ruin your appetite for dinner tonight."

"I won't it's a small bag anyway." I said and internally rolled my eyes. "I'm going to do my homework." I grabbed my back and walked upstairs laughing while my mom ended part 4 and moved into part 5.

I threw myself down on the bed and grabbed my algebra and history homework to start on. I was halfway through math when my phone went off.

It's Niall San gave me your number.

I'm going to kill that girl for giving a stranger my number.

What's up Niall?

I laid my phone back down and went back to my homework. I was staring at the last 3 before I finished when my phone went off again.

Listening to Harry and Louis fight over the remote. Again. Lol

Again? How often does this happen?

Before I had the chance to put my phone back down I got a text but decided to ignore it so I could finish my math.

It took only 17 minutes and a dozen beeps from my phone I finally finished. I checked my phone and saw I had 2 messages and a missed call all from Niall.

You there???


I had pulled up his contact info and about to call him when my mom rushed into the room." Your brother fell down the stairs!" she freaked out.

"So that's the bump that I heard." was my genius response.

"Aly! Come on we're going to the hospital." My mom yelled not caring she misspoke my name. She does that a lot when she freaks out. Thanking the candy God's I haven't changed I grabbed my shoes and left my room.

We got home around 2 in the morning. Turns out my brother broke his arm. How he fell down the stairs you ask. He got the oh so smart idea to try and climb the stair railing and ride it down to the bottom, instead he lost balance and fell. Worst thing about this while thing I left my phone at home and couldn't read or play any games.

By the time I got home I was heading straight for the stairs I do have school in a few hours. "Your not going to school tomorrow your going to help me take care of your brother." my mom said.

"But mom it's Friday tomorrow." I whined, yes whined.

"You at least get to sleep in now quit whining." She scolded before taking my brother and herself past me to my brothers room. I sighed and climbed my way to my very far away my bed. As soon as my head I hit the pillow and was out and dead asleep.

I woke up the next morning to well my brother screaming and half bouncing half jumping in my bed since well he couldn't do much because of his broken arm. "I'M HUNGRY!" he yelled.

"Where's mom." I groaned out.

"At work." he answered and stopped bouncing.

"What!?" I screeched. How dare she leave me alone with him I thought she was going to be at home today with me.

''I'm hungry." my brother repeated.

"Ok ok give me a minute to get up, now get out of my room." I said while sitting up in bed.

My brother yelled some hoorays and ran out of my room.

"Be careful on the stairs don't run!" yelled throwing myself back on my bed.

I got up and went downstairs pretty much being my brothers slave for the day. He was all get me this get me that. As soon as mom got home I passed him to her and went upstairs to enjoy my weekend of nothing except being a slave.

I checked my phone and saw I had a message from Cj and Santana, 3 from Ashlie, 13 from Niall. Yes that many from Niall, I replied to everyone and saved Niall for last. We talked pretty much all night and I got into bed again in the wee hours of the morning.

My mom pretty much took care of my brother Saturday with help from me and it was my turn Sunday to care for him and needless to say me and mom are both worn out.

I really haven't talked to anyone since Friday because of my brother and every time I get even the slightest chance to look at my phone my mom needs me for something. I've made so many trips to the local drug store the workers practically know me by my name.

Sunday night after I put my brother to bed I took my book and finished the chapter I've been on for the past week. I finished the last page of the chapter when my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I asked confused at who would be calling this late at night.

"Hey it's Niall I have a question for ya." he spoke.

"Ok." I spoke slowly.

"Um we're lost." he said.

After I finished laughing I gave Niall directions and finally got them back to the main road that goes to Walmart. We talked for a few more minutes before I told him goodnight and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning to my phone acting as my alarm clock and sat up. After getting dressed in my usual makeup free, T-shirt and jeans, and converse clad feet before bouncing my way downstairs to the kitchen.

My mom and Stephan weren't having their usually morning argument instead they were having an argument about his cast and something else I don't know I stopped listening. "Can you drive your brother to school today." my mom pleaded.

"Why." I whined.

"Because I have a meeting with the other teachers from the county and can't take him. There is no way he is riding the bus with that arm. Now your taking him and no buts." she scolded before going an finishing getting ready.

"Come on twerp." I sighed out and went to the front door grabbing my stuff and heading to school with my little brother in tow.

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