New Known Kid

I'm Ally Michelson I'm 17 and a senior in high school I live with my parents and younger brother Stephan.I'm a tomboy I love jeans and t-shirts.I listen to country and hard rock, just recently got into to pop music. I wasn't very popular in school but had a good amount of friends. Go through my last year of high school with me and I'll show you how I met the love of my life Niall Horan. And the crazy year that me and my friends will have when we meet the boys.


2. Chapter 2 Niall P.O.V

First day was a drag and the people I meet were very straight forward and to the point. You don't meet people like that anymore,only in the south of America right. "Hey mate how was your first day?" Harry asked.

"You wouldn't have to ask that if you went." I said and rolled my eyes. I sat down beside him on the couch I grabbed the bag of chips out of his hands and turned towards the TV.

"I'm sorry but I didn't sign up for this, we were forced to do this so Simon can get us out of his hair."Harry lazily said flipping on his back. I got up and rolled my eyes I was making my way towards my bedroom but stopped at the kitchen because Zayn and Louis was arguing over something. I look at them thrusting their arms back and forth and I saw the last Twinkie in their hands.

I rushed to them and grabbed the the spongy piece of heaven out of their hands and walked towards the entry way. "Hey!" they shouted simultaneously.

I turned back towards them opening the wrapper and taking a bite. "I had a long day." I continued on my way towards my room then threw myself on my bed. I checked my phone and called my mom back who left me a dozen text messages. After I told her how my day went back at highschool and the friends I made I hung up and started on my homework.

I finished my Chemistry homework when Liam popped his head into my room. "What's up Daddy Direction?" I asked then chuckled.

"Nothing much bored , I have nothing to do since y'all are at school and the rest of us is on break. Besides this place has nowhere fun to go beside Walmart." he said and plopped down on my bed.

"Do my English and math work for me." I said.

"What work?" he asked actually looking interested.

"Algebra 2 work and reading Macbeth and then answering the questions." I answered hoping that he would actually do this for me.

He made face and stuck his tongue out."Never mind." he said, after a few minutes of silence his phone started ringing. He looked down and then got really happy and left, figured his girlfriend called either that or Simon wanting us to come back home.

I rolled my eyes and started on my English work. I read Macbeth and did the questions before taking a break to eat and then starting in the last bit before tomorrow.

-The next morning-

"Harry c'mon man we have to leave soon." I said pulling Harry out of the bed. We had about 20 minutes left before school began and Harry is refusing to get up.

"Please man I don't want to go." he begged me.

"I don't care your going!" I said and successful pulling him out of bed and onto the floor of our rented 3 story house.

"Fine!" he said and getting up shoving me out of the door. It took him 10 minutes to get ready and on our way out we grabbed some food.

Paul was driving us because he refused to let us drive ourselves. His excuse to us is so he could get out of the house,but we know he just wants to see the hot lady receptionists. I couldn't wait to see San (it's Santana but her name is a mouthful so I shortened it to San) and Ally again. Ally didn't talk much but I plan on changing that today.

When we walked in the school it was the same as yesterday but with less people. My schedule today is all classes,the principal said they would run all classes for the first 3 days then Thursday they would start their block schedule. I have history, math, theater, p.e., english, Spanish 2, theater, and science. The bell rang ages ago so why were people still crowded at the front?

"Dude I don't know about this." Harry whispered to me.

"If I have to do it so do you,hey at least we have some classes together." I whispered back. His schedule was art, math, spanish 2, science, english, Theater, theater, history. We had 5 classes together, so it's not like he would be left alone completely.

We parted ways and went to our first classes. I had history by myself,like no one I know is in there and im a little nervous. I got my books from my locker and walked into the history room. I walked in and everyone stared at me a lot of the girls very noticeably squealed.

I quickly made my way to the nearest open seat and sat down. The teacher glared at me and I put my head down. "Since it is the second day of school read chapter 1 section 3. Blondie come here." he looked at me and I got really nervous.

I walked up to his desk," Yes sir?" I stuttered out.

"Since you wasn't here yesterday here is your book." he said then thrust a book at me. I walked back to my desk, I agree with Harry doing this show was a mistake ever since I woke up this morning I've had a camera crew following me around and so has Harry.

I thought it would be cool at first but getting used to it is difficult and harder than it looks. At least in the classroom they keep a distance, the hallway is a completely different story. School in America is different than schools in Ireland. In all it's harder the people, work, and the classes.

After the bell rang I immediately went to my next class, I walked into math a saw Harry and San. San was sitting by herself so I went to her. "Hey." I said and sat down.

She turned and looked at me, "Hey popstar." she said and smiled.

"What's up? Why are you sitting by yourself?" I asked.

"None of my friends are in this class." she simply said and shrugged.

"Hey mate who's this?" Harry asked.

I smirked of course Harry would make his move on his first day. "This is San." I answered.

"San?"she asked.

"Your name is to long I shortened it." I answered laughing.

"Cool I'm Harry." he said sticking his hand out.

"The Harry styles." she said.

"Yup." he said smirking.

"The man whore of the group." she stated. And that crushed his ego,the look on his face faltered to a frown and he sat down beside me. I gave her a high five and started laughing with her.

"Hey Harry." she said.

"Yea." he sulked.

"We should hang out." she said then turned her attention to the teacher still laughing at how easily she crushed his ego.

After Algebra 2 ended I went through art and soon I was on my way to p.e. After I changed into shorts yea I didn't like the fact that I had to wear shorts but I had to "pass" this year. As I walked up the stairs I passed a couple of guys talking about a fight on the second day of school already between 2 guys.

I walked into the gym and saw that Ally girl shooting basketballs with a really tall red headed guy. I still had the camera crew following behind me with it only being second day I'm going to scream I feel like I have stalkers.

Shrugging them off I decided to got talk to Ally. "Ooooo totally got you Cj." she laughed then high fived him.

"Hey Ally." I said.

"Hey Niall what's up?" she smiled at me.

"Nothing much really can I play?" I asked.

"In that outfit?" she asked. I looked down at my outfit skinny jeans and a button up.

"Uh yea you know sure why not." I said looking around feeling my face heat up with embarrassment.

"Um if your sure." she sad hesitantly but passed me the ball. We played all period and I found out that guy Cj is also in my English class. The games was cool but in the clothes I was wearing I got hot an needed to rest. "You shouldn't have played in those clothes." she scolded as she guided me to the benches.

The coaches blew the whistle signaling every one to go change." Look I gotta go change go and walk slowly to class." she said before walking to the girls side of the gym and out of the doors.

I did what she said and walked across the bridge and down the stairs. I still had the crew following me but because of the crowded hallways not as closely as they would like.

I got into the room and took my seat behind San waiting till everyone filed in. I saw Ashley then Cj, Harry and finally San. Ashley and Cj took their normal seat but San stayed with people I didn't meet yet in a very heated conversation. Harry took her seat in front of me making me run from her to him. "I wouldn't sit there." I warned.

"Why it's open." he said. I felt Ally come in and sit down seeming out of breath.

"Why is he there?" she asked looking at me.

"I warned him." was all I said. The bell rang and San finally headed for her seat.

"Oh hell no get up." she said and pointed behind her.

"No I was here first." he challenged back.

"I didn't see you here yesterday now move."her voice got low sounding and I knew she wasn't in the mood. Harry doing the worst thing he could have done to piss her off sat back and folded his arms in front of his chest.

"Ok have it the hard way." she muttered before leaving. Harry just laughed and scoffed at the girl before you started hearing high pitched girlish sounds coming from in front of me.

As you all guessed it was Harry screaming and going ow because San snuck up behind him grabbed his ear and twisted it and pulled him toward her till he obeyed and got up. She took the now vacant seat and you heard a lot of gasps from the people behind us.

"Santana Armstrong what are you doing?" The teacher asked.

"He was in my seat and wouldn't move." she said.

"Well Harry you'll just have to sit by me we don't have anymore open seats." the teacher said before going back to calling roll. San snickered and smirked while he moved to the table beside the teacher and sat.

I could tell something was wrong with San by the way she kept glancing behind her shoulder at the person to my right. So being the good friend Iam I tapped on her shoulder. "Are you ok? I asked when she turned around.She shook her head and turned back around when the teacher stood on the front of room.

"Ok class read pg.23-42 and do the questions at the end and give it to me thursday. That should give you enough to good off and do it last minute." the lunch bell and everyone got up to eat. Again San left and sat with other friends who looked to be in intense conversation and sat with Ally and Ashlie and Cj.

After lunch we all went back to the classroom and talked I learned more about Ally and Ashlie who finally got over fangirling and started to talk to me like a normal person. Cj still hasn't talked to me so I guess I still have a little work to do on making friends.

After the bell rang everyone departed for their next class and stood gathering my stuff looking at my schedule next. I wandered around and eventually ended up asking someone and thy pointed me across the crosswalk and I found the signs.

I had theater with Harry and San and could really get used to this class. All I have to do is compete in this thing called district trumbauer and that will get my grade for the year. I talked with Harry but didn't see San until 10 minutes before the bell rang and all she did was set her stuff down and leave the room.

After that class was theater with Harry and San but I still didn't see San ad even Harry began to ask where she went. The teacher told us we should begin picking out what we are going to and decided to do a duet singing.

Me and Harry argued a lot about what song we were going to do but decided on a song from wicked the musical. The bell finally rang butI still didn't see San. I tried looking for her at one point but never found her. I went on to my next class which was science and discovered I was alone in that class.

After the day was over me and Harry had to fight our way through the crowd of teenagers that was at the door waiting for us. "We should really take a back way." Harry huffed when we made it to the car finally. I have to admit I agreed with Harry I was feeling claustrophobic.

"Only one more year to this whole thing is over."I said sighing and looking out of the window.

"I miss home already."Harry said taking out his phone and typing on it.

"I know what you mean."I said looking at Harry then taking out my own phone and clicking on the Twitter app. I sighed not being able to post anything but I decided to scroll through my feed.

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