She will be loved (justin bieber story)

Her names Jasmine and she's just an average girl. She's been heartbroken and she's scared to fall in love with someone. What happens when Justin try's to get her? Will he fall for her? Will she? If not what will happen?


4. Chapter 4- Hanging out

~~Justin's POV~

"JUSTIN WAKE UP!" "Just one more minute Beyoncé." I quickly opened my eyes to see my mom looking at me in disbelief. "What mom?" I asked in a rude way. "Come downstairs to eat breakfast in 10 minutes and by the way I'm not Beyoncé." And with that she walked out of my room closing the door behind her. Beyoncé? How did she know I was dreaming about her. What? I mean who wouldn't, she's like the hottest celebrity out there.

Well, now I can't fall back asleep so I got up and walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower. About 10 minutes later I walked into my room and put on a white V-neck shirt and some black skinny's with my red Supras. I put my hair in its normal hairstyle and then I headed downstairs. I could already smell the chocolate chip pancakes down the stairs. The food was already on the table calling my name. I sat down at the table with my mom and started eating. "So Justin what are you doing today?" I looked at my mom for a minute and thought. That's when I remembered today I was going to Jasmine's house. "Just going to a friends house." I said casually. After eating my breakfast I headed to my room and got my phone and keys. "This will be interesting" I thought to myself.

Jasmine's POV~

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and I let out a groan to the thought of getting out of bed and that's when I remembered today was now Saturday, meaning Justin was coming over. I forced myself out of bed since I don't want to look like a wreck when he gets here. Even though I don't like him in any way possible I still had to look decent. So, I got into the shower and after finishing I went to my closet and examined my wardrobe. I pulled out some skinny jeans and an oversized sweater because it felt cold in my room. It must be like 30 degrees in here. Anyways, I went into the bathroom and started with my hair. I just simply put it into a messy bun since I'm not gonna be going out today. I chose not to wear any makeup since it wasn't necessary.

I looked at myself in the mirror and accepted my appearance. My stomach started grumbling. "IM HUNGRY" I said to myself and I headed downstairs and started making myself some cereal. While I ate my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID and of course it was Justin. I rolled my eyes and answered.

*Phone Convo (Bold-Jasmine) (Italic-Justin)

Yesssss? I said dragging out the 's'

I'm on my way to your house Jas.


*End of Convo*

I sat back down at the table and continued eating until I was disturbed by the doorbell ringing. I walked up to the door and opened it to reveal a smiley Justin. I looked him up and down. I have to say he did look pretty cute but he's a player. "hey. Checking me out I see." He said winking. "Hello and whatever helps you sleep at night." I simply said and went back to the table to eat. "Want something to eat?" I simply asked. "Naw I just ate." He said smiling. Okay he's creeping me out now. I finished eating and put the bowl in the sink for me to wash later since I don't know if my mom's going to be home later. "So whatchu wanna do?" I asked him sweetly. "Watch a movie here?" he said normally. We went upstairs to my room and I had a couch in my room. Don't ask me why I just do! "What movie do you want to watch loserrr?" I asked smirking. "Nicknames already?" He said smirking like usual. "Maybe but what movie?" I asked again. "A horror movie and alright." I could tell by his expression that he had something in mind. I put in the movie 'The Ring' and I grabbed myself a blanket and then I sat on the edge of the couch and he sat next to me since it was a small couch.

It was already the middle of the movie and this blanket wasn't helping me. "Awe are you scared loserrr" he said mimicking my voice. "I don't sound like that and no not at all!" I said and looked back at the TV. He whispered into my ear seductively "Don't worry babe I'm right here if you're scared." Justin put his arm around my waist and pulled me so I was laying on his chest and I have to say he was in shape. I just looked up at him and he was smirking like usual. I just rolled my eyes. "Good girl." he said. Suddenly, he said "I'm more interested in the girl in my arms right now then this movie." That gave me chills and I was kind of nervous. "Do I make you nervous Jas?" He said putting his hand on my upper thigh. "No." I simply said. "Are you sure?" he said smiling at me. I simply just sat there and continued watching the movie finding it more interesting then him.

The movie had just finished and we were just sitting around talking about random things. I have to say we were actually having a good time. Out of the blue he asked me "Do you have a boyfriend?". I wasn't sure if I should tell him. I had no choice really. "No my last boyfriend cheated on me." I said looking down ashamed. Justin pulled my chin up and looked me in the eyes. We were close enough that I could feel his breathe on my lips. "I wouldn't" he said smirking at me. He started to inch closer but I couldn't do it. I promised myself I wouldn't let something like this happen. I put my pointer finger up to his lips and said. "I can't I'm sorry." I let a tear slip which made me look weak. He suddenly just kissed me. The kiss made me feel warm. It was like I had no care in the world at the time. I was the first to pull away. "Do I still make you nervous?" Justin said winking and chuckling a little. "Not anymore 'babe'." I said making air quotes.

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