She will be loved (justin bieber story)

Her names Jasmine and she's just an average girl. She's been heartbroken and she's scared to fall in love with someone. What happens when Justin try's to get her? Will he fall for her? Will she? If not what will happen?


3. Chapter 3- Pouring Rain

~~*Skip forward to Friday*

I walked to my locker ready to leave this hell hole that we call school. I pulled out my book bag and stuffed it with books. The halls were empty except for me because I take a while to get ready. As soon as I stepped outside ready to walk home, it started thundering meaning that it's gonna be pouring rain soon. Sadly, it had started on my way home. I lived pretty far from school and to be honest I was always scared to walk home alone because you never know what can happen. There could be a rapist there ready to get you. I heard a car honk and that startled me because I already had bad thoughts in my head about getting raped. I quickly looked around to see who it was and thankfully it wasn't a white van. The bad part was I didn't know whose Range Rover it was and I didn't want to since it was literally right next to me on the curb. "Hey Martinez get in!" I knew that voice all to well. Justin. I hesitated to get in the car but looking at the condition of my makeup I took the offer. I got in the car and didn't say a word. "Jasmine your makeups smudged." he said looking at me from the side and then keeping his eyes on the rode. "Well, obviously it's pouring outside." I said nonchalantly with a chuckle. "Oh, Justin just make a right here and I can walk the rest." I stated pointing. "No I'll drop you off in front of your house princess." He said smiling which gave me the chills. Did he just call me princess?  


We had just arrived at my house and I was getting ready to open the door of his car until he said "Wait!" "Yes?" I asked calmly. "I'm really sorry for calling you a bitch at school on Monday." He said looking me in the eyes showing that he's serious. "Listen it's okay." I said "Give me your phone." He said smirking at me. I handed him the phone knowing what he wanted to do. When he gave it back to me I said "Thank you for the ride Justin I would've been soaking wet right now." I said laughing a little. "No problem anything for you." He kissed my cheek causing me to be confused. I quickly got out and scrambled into my house.


"Who was that boy outside with you?" My mom asked me. She's actually home for once. "Oh just a umm friend." I quickly ran up the stairs into my room. Today has been a long day so I prepared some clothes on my bed and I went into the shower. After about 15 minutes I came out wrapped in a towel. I got dressed and laid down in my bed thinking about today. Suddenly, I remembered Justin gave me his number. I pulled out my phone and looked through my contacts looking for him and sure enough it was there. It read 'Justin the sexiest guy ever'. Of course he would I said to myself smiling down at my phone.

To: Justin the sexiest guy ever

Hey thank you again for the ride ~the one and only Jasmine.


From: Justin the sexiest guy ever

Anytime (; and are you busy tomorrow?


To: Justin the sexiest guy ever



From: Justin the sexiest guy ever

Okay I'm coming over then. (;


I put my phone down on the table next to my bed and fell into a deep slumber dreaming about how tomorrow will go.



Yay!! I updated Chapter 3. How is it? Leave me comments (:

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