She will be loved (justin bieber story)

Her names Jasmine and she's just an average girl. She's been heartbroken and she's scared to fall in love with someone. What happens when Justin try's to get her? Will he fall for her? Will she? If not what will happen?


2. Chapter 2- Different day, new girl

Chapter 2- Different day, new girl


Jasmine's POV


Today was Monday and I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm. As I do every morning I slammed my hand on it to make it shut up. Lazily i got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped down and got into the shower. When I was done I brushed my teeth and my hair. I went into my room and picked out my outfit for the day. I chose black leggings with an oversized white sweater that said okay in black. I grabbed my white doc martins and slipped them on. As if you haven't noticed I like matching all of my clothes and I'm a very simple person. I don't normally wear leggings because most of the guys in my grade are pervs and they stare at your ass but, today I felt lazy so, why not? I then headed to the bathroom to do my makeup. I made it simple since it was just for school. I put on some eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Most of the girls at school wear loads of makeup and they just cake it on. I don't understand how they do that but whatever floats their boat.


I then headed to the kitchen and no surprise my mom wasn't home! I grabbed an apple and started eating it while I walked to school. As I arrived to school I was greeted by Bella "hey Jaz!" She said cheerily. "Hello Bella" I said kind of in a bad way since I'm not a morning person. "You sound very happy!" She said sarcastically as we walked to our lockers. "yeah it's a little to early." I stated "okay I'll see you at lunch when you're 'happier'" she said making finger quotes on happier and giggling. "Okay bye!" I arrived at my locker and took out all the books I needed for 1st period. As I was grabbing my books I caught glimpse of Justin looking at me. What was his deal? I decided to shrug it off and go to class and guess what? I had math first period.. Note the sarcasm.


Sadly, for me justin sat next to me but I never really payed much attention to him, since he was the 'bad boy' of the school. He was a player and he could get any girl he wanted. Well, not all of them because I wouldn't ever fall for him. He was a flirt from what I was told by Bella because she went out with him for about a week until he got bored of her and broke up with her. She didn't take it to harshly since she knew about his game but, she thought he actually liked her because of the way he treated her. He'd buy her flowers, constantly text her, and flirt with her all the time. Sadly, he didn't really like her and that is why they broke up.


I was snapped back into reality when Ms. Garcia called on me to answer a problem. She was such a bitch no wonder she was single. Whenever someone would walk into the class after going to the bathroom or if you weren't paying attention she'd call on you to answer a question. Sometimes I think that she does that on purpose to humiliate us but, lucky for me I knew the answer so I was fine. "Justin late again." She yelled at him. "Hello to you to Ms. Bitch, I see you're extra bitchy today." He said smirking. She ignored him and he went to sit down at his seat which was next to me.


The whole time while we were copying notes he'd look at me. "May I help you Bieber?" I asked. "Depends." He said smirking. I just ignored him and kept on writing my notes. "You look hot today." He said in my ear. I could feel his hot breath against my ear. I just looked at him telling him to back off. Before he could say anything, the bell rang thankfully.


I ran to my locker and started taking out more books for my next class. "Hey Martinez" he was leaning against the locker next to mine smiling at me. "What do you need from my life and don't call me that!" I said "ooo feisty I like my chicks like that." He said smirking. I was about to walk away until he got ahold of my wrist. "Let go of me!" I screamed. "Or what?" "I'll bite your hand!" I said casually. "You wouldn't" he said shyly. I bit his hand just to prove him wrong. "Owww! You bitch what the fuck?!" With that I just walked away without saying a word.


Justin's POV


I walked into class and Ms. Bitch had to say something so I ignored it and just said "Hello to you to Ms. Bitch, I see you're extra bitchy today." I'm sure she was because whenever I'd walk into class she'd always say something. Casually I walked to the back of the room to my seat next to Jasmine. I had just broken up with my "girlfriend" Amber who was mostly an easy fuck and I needed another easy fuck. So I kept looking at Jasmine thinking about if I should try her. "May I help you Bieber?" She said to me snapping me out of my thoughts. "Depends" I said back seductively. All she did was look at me and ignored my comment. I'm surprised she did because most girls would come at me just for me to talk to them. "You look hot today." I said in her ear making it sound as hot as possible. I saw her shake a little. I was about to say something but I was interrupted by the bell.


She got up and ran out of the class. I walked to her locker and leaned on the locker next to hers. "Hey Martinez" i said out loud "What do you need from my life and don't call me that!" She said back to me. Damn, she was a hard one. "ooo feisty I like my chicks like that." She was walking off but before she could I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to me. "Let go of me!" She screamed to me. I started laughing a little. "Or what?" "I'll bite your hand." She said casually. Was she joking? She wouldn't bite me I'm Justin Bieber! "You wouldn't" I said looking her in the eyes. All of a sudden she bit my hand. "Owwww! You bitch what the fuck?!" Before I could say sorry for saying that she had walked away. Damn.



& that's chapter 2! Was it good? What do you think will happen? Will she fall for him? Will he apologize to her?


QOTD- favorite movie?


As always CeCe❤️

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