The New Student

Lee Taemin is the most quiet student in his whole entire school. Hasn't said a word to anybody ever since the first day of school. But, will it only take a new kid to open him up to the world??


3. This Moment

His eyes seemed soft. It looked like he didn't believe me. I wanted to ask but he looked away and started playing with the pebbles on the ground again.


"How do I know you're not lying like everyone else?" He asked with a small sharp tone.


I don't know what took over me. But this boy is so precious that i had to pull him into a hug. Yeah, we just met but something inside of me told me that I had to comfort and protect this boy with everything. I heard a sniff come from him and his hands were wiping his eyes.


"What are. . . you doing?" He asked taking deep breaths.


"I'm proving to you that I will never take advantage of you." I said.


He wiggled out of my grip and turned around to hug me.


"Do you honestly mean it, hyung?" He asked.


"On everything I have. I mean it." I said hugging back.


He buried his head in my chest and we stood that way for a while until pulling apart.


"Schools over, come on. Let's go." I said as we both went back into the building to grab our things.

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