The New Student

Lee Taemin is the most quiet student in his whole entire school. Hasn't said a word to anybody ever since the first day of school. But, will it only take a new kid to open him up to the world??


2. Talking To Him

At study hall I walked to the back of the school by the staircase as the note said. I seen Taemin walking around kicking the little pebbles that were on the ground. I walked over. He seen me and walked over.


"So, you wanted to talk??" I asked.


He nodded and pursed his lips.


"Well, what's up?" I asked him.


"I like you, Choi Min Ho." He said with a small smile.


Well, that's not what I exactly expected but, at least he opened up to me.

I shared a smile and we stood in silence.


"Um. . . So, you don't like P.E?" I asked trying to start a conversation.


"Just, not this unit." He said. "It's dodge ball, I haven't opened up to anyone, so I would be the first target. Not just today. Everyday." He said.


"Why haven't you opened up?" I asked.


I didn't mean to get into his personal life. But, seeing I'm the only one he opened up to, it seems I may be the only one to care.


"Everytime I do, people take advantage of me. Would you take advantage of me?" He asked.


I looked him up and down. I wouldn't see why anyone wouldn't want to. He's cute. He slim. His eyes will make you melt if he shows any sign of cuteness or sadness. His skin seems so soft. His lips are plump and juicy and his hair seems soft and it's a light orange-blonde. But, my heart is to loving to take advantage of anything even if I had to.


"No," I said looking him in his eyes.

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