Diaries Of A Larry Shipper

Social butterfly, Charlie King is a 15 year old Sophomore,taking a summer trip to Miami for the summer with her best friends Sara, Danielle, Jack, Carter , and Daniel -also her little brother Caspar to celebrate her sixteenth birthday,But she can only go if she agrees to stay with her Aunt she hasn't seen since she was younger,i forgot to mention her brother Tyler is an intern in Modest Managment known from Producing one of the biggest boy bands in this generation,One direction,who are on tour visiting Miami While they're taking this trip, she finds herself learning something that was so passionate it was impossible to forget about but while she try's to help bring it to light she finds trouble,danger,happiness,&love on her way will that make her leave the issue alone or continue in what she believed in at first sight..


3. The Presentation 1

  " Is that the last one? " Caspar asks taking a heavy brown box that had CHARLIE'S BELONGINGS  Written on one side of the box, out of my hands.

  " Ha, you wish. There's at least four more boxes left kiddo." A smile plays across my lips as an over exaggerated groan leaves his mouth before he goes back down stairs. I take my seat right back on my over-crowded bed with crumpled up paper, uncapped pens, and pillows surrounding me. My hand springs across my bed, reaching for my laptop to finish a presentation that needed to be done today. 

  Stop. I know what you're thinking. Shouldn't a twenty year old be out partying, getting drunk, getting laid, and having the time of her life? Actually I'm living a polar opposite of that life. You see my job is blogging. I go to work everyday, and get paid for doing something i love. It's great but it's A LOT of work for a mere college student such as me. So a year back I decided to drop out of college and go back after a year of working at this job that means a lot to me. But I decided to finish college at NYC University, since I wanted to relocate and become an adult. To think about it, New York would be the best place for me to move to. It has lots of writing jobs, and I always loved visiting the city, plus there's so much to discover while I'm finishing my Freshman year at NYCU. But there's a huge bonus. The CEO of Huffington Post is offering an intern job in Manhattan for a month, and if they figure you've been doing pretty well during that month, then they'll offer you a full time job.


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