Diaries Of A Larry Shipper

Social butterfly, Charlie King is a 15 year old Sophomore,taking a summer trip to Miami for the summer with her best friends Sara, Danielle, Jack, Carter , and Daniel -also her little brother Caspar to celebrate her sixteenth birthday,But she can only go if she agrees to stay with her Aunt she hasn't seen since she was younger,i forgot to mention her brother Tyler is an intern in Modest Managment known from Producing one of the biggest boy bands in this generation,One direction,who are on tour visiting Miami While they're taking this trip, she finds herself learning something that was so passionate it was impossible to forget about but while she try's to help bring it to light she finds trouble,danger,happiness,&love on her way will that make her leave the issue alone or continue in what she believed in at first sight..


1. BullShit.


 Charlie's POV:

 Biting my bottom lip from the cold summer breeze, seeping through the holes of my fishnet sweater; while holding baked Ziti in a small container. I walked through the hotel door, my eyes landed on paintings and a huge chandler hanging in the middle of the room. I take a look down, as i witness a blonde lady, looks a bit like she might be in her late forties with a I'm A Very Serious Person facial expression I sense she might be the lady in charge. Walking towards her desk approaching her, she then speaks. " May i help you?" She asks in a rather rude tone. I clear my throat, not even bothering to ask who left her unsatisfied in bed to get her to give of this unhappy Ora. " I'm looking for, Tyler King? Intern for Modest." I Reply, waiting a bit impatient because of that slushie i had earlier finally getting me back. " You ask of him, because?" She asks properly, which makes me giggle a bit i mean what are we in the 1900's speak american, kay. " He's my brother, I'm his sister Charlie." I respond tapping my toes, trying to distract myself from popping a squat on the lobby's marble floor. 

  She laughs, only making me believe more she thinks i'm a compulsive liar or some thing. 

" We'll excuse me love, I'll just run through Mr. King's Emergency file to see if your name pops up. Unbelievable. " While you have a jolly good time doing that, do you mind me visiting the bathroom here, that would be located where here?" I ask sinking my teeth into my bottom lip holding the fact that i have to go really, really bad. " Take a left down that hall & at the near end you'll see it." She says searching her eyes through the buckets of files. I nod pacing down the hall quickly, witnessing the sign and as my hand touches it i hear the most unpleasant noise come from the door behind me. Sexual desire being expressed by yelling,groaning and moaning. Soon i notice the noise behind the door, was being made by two males. " Ughh H-h-harrehh." I hear a loud moan. " Not yet, hold it Lou." A guy i'm assuming must be Harry breaths hardly, yet sternly. I can't help but ignore that i'm a second away from wetting my jeans -from the fact that i still have to pee, you horny fucks ;D -  I Pause infront of the door being a bit traumatized, from actually listening to that happen for the first time in my life, I mean porn doesn't count right? 

 " Ermm, ermm." I hear some one clear they're throat behind me causing me to close my eyes shut only imagining who caught me listening. I slowly turn around, for my eyes to draw up seeing a tall muscular guy crossing his arms to stand right behind me.

 Next thing I knew is that he pounded the door infront of me, revealing two young attractive looking  lads in bed, as soon as they catch sight of me & Hulk the curly headed tall one, falls out of the bed with a sheet wrapped around him so his private areas was covered. My eyes trail to the other one painting and combing back his hair with his finger tips. " Look who i found ese dropping behind the door." Hulk says in a deep voice, shaking his head at me. My mouth flies open in an "O" shape.         I was not ese dropping!" I defend myself only to have them all look at me. " Okay maybe a little." I admit rolling my eyes. " May we have a word with the young one." The curly headed mop, said in a raspy voice. Hulk nods in agreement, making his way to the door placing his hand on the nob before i tug the back of his shirt. " You can't leave me with these strangers, they could rape me or something i'm only 15." I say in complete shook he would leave a minor with these two, guys that look rather familiar. He smirks along with laughter behind me. " Whats funny?" I ask crossing my arms completely serious. " They rather cut they're tongues off  and sell it to drunken hippies then touch you, love." He says shutting the door behind him, as i slowly turn around to two guys staring right at me a bit irritated by they're face expressions.

 " Look, if hulk was wrong i took two years of karate so don't under estimate me i'll kick both of you guys asses!" I state throwing my fist up, giving the image i was born to be a fighter when in reality i cringe every time i bump my pinkie tow into my room door on the way to the kitchen for a midnight snack in the middle of the night, but i wasn't gonna let them know that. The one with the layed hair chuckled at me getting out the bed letting it all hang out, as he walked to the mini fridge grabbing a water bottle. " We wouldn't wanna go any where near that, well at least i wouldn't." He cringed making me feel a bit self concious. " Same here." The other guy agreed. " Good because i have no idea how to figh- Wow, can you cover that or something." I say looking the other way. " Can you learn to stop ese dropping and get a life." He snaps before gulping down the water. " I didn't hear anything what are you talking about?" I am not going to let them know i may or may have not been listening to either one of them, hmm it looks like louis i think that's his name would bottom & the other guy harry would probably top or something but anywhore i don't wanna come off as a nosy blonde headed 15 year old even though that description describes me about right. " Oh don't play stupid you were right out side the door." Louis says rolling his eyes, finally grabbing some boxers and putting them on as Harry did the same. " What the hell are we gonna do, we officially screwed up this time Lou." 

 Harry groaned running his hands through his face. " What are you guys talking about, i didn't hear anything." I continued to lie convincingly. " Your positive you heard absolutley nothing right?" Harry asks with peircing emerald eyes, and worrisom filling his face. What ever was so important i didn't hear them f*cking, i decided not to mention it to them. " I swear." I give a bright smile, maybe they didn't want people to know they were gay. Or experimenting. What ever it was i respect it. I just hope every things okay.

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