On the Run


2. The Meeting

Demi went with Bill to the underground protection company. She was told to sit in his office and wait while he went to get her bodyguard.

The office was very homey. His desk was pushed up against the wall with a chair that looked very comfortable. He had pictures of his foot hanging on every wall and even had one on his desk.

Just then Bill came in and a very handsome guy followed behind.

"Demi meet Greg." Bill allowed a small handshake and greeting before getting to business. "Greg is to whatever is possible to keep you safe. Are you understood?" Bill asked. Knowing Demi was a strong headed girl, she was very much difficult to handle if she didn't want to something.

"Understood." Demi spoke, but her eyes were on the picture on Bill's desk. Without looking at anyone she went and picked it up. Her father's smiling face was staring right at her.

"Demi?" Bill came and stared at the picture. "You're to leave at once." Bill said

"Where am I to go?" Demi asked placing the picture back down.

"California for now. If you get threats, you'll moved." Bill spoke with authority. Demi nodded.

"Well, Greg. I guess I should show you to my house. I can pack quickly and we'll be off." Demi knew it would he very painful to leave New York. Her father had once been the governor and now she was forced to leave.

Greg was unnervingly silent. He had amazing blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He followed very instruction Demi had given him.

Once at the house, Demi packed all she could. Her favorite picture of her whole family was on top. She'd only been three in the picture. In fact a week after that picture was taken, her mother was driving to the store with Demi's older brother and twin sister. She was hit by a drunk driver on the way. All three of them died on impact.

"So how long have you been working with Protection Program?" Demi asked trying to make conversation.

"About a year." Greg said, but offered no more. Demi sighed and wanted to shake the guy.

"Have you ever had a job like this? I mean protecting someone?" Demi tried again.

"No." Greg said. Demi knew a moment of frustration then. She didn't try talking again. On the plane she ignored him and faced the window.

Since Greg didn't know his companion, he decide to let her face the window instead of going over the plan.

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