Secrets untold

Luke is a mute, he gets abused at school and he is constantly feeling like he's not good enough for various reasons, Ashton is the kid who saves Luke.


12. sleepovers

Luke's POV-

He kissed me back. His lips met my lips and he didn't pull away, does he maybe like me too? I pulled away and I was nervous about what his reaction was going to be, "say something, please" I said quietly he looked me in the eye and said "wow" I'm not sure if I'm pleased with that response, what does that mean? It could be a really awkward and uncomfortable 'wow' or it could be an excited 'wow', I'm hoping for the second one.

After that kiss, that amazingly wonderful kiss that I never wanted to end, we were laying in my bed staring at the ceiling, Ashton seemed like he was deep in thought, was he thinking about the kiss? What if he hates me now? No, Luke you're over thinking things, calm down, everything's going to be alright. Right as I thought that Ashton looked over to me "what time is it?" He asked quietly and I looked over to the clock on my night stand "9:38, why?" I said, he stood up and whispered "shit" he then looked around the room nervously, unsure of what to do, "I...uh gotta go" he said as I stood up "O-okay" I stuttered and stood there awkwardly with my hands shoved in the pockets of my skinny jeans. He walked over to me and hugged me.

Ashton's POV-

While I was laying on Luke's bed thinking, I was thinking about how amazing his soft lips felt on mine, how I wanted to keep going but he pulled away too soon. Never in a million years would i have thought this way about another guy before Luke came along. He's changed my whole perspective on life, this boy may be the death of me. Speaking of death, I should get home before my so-called father finds out I'm not home and kills me. I asked Luke what time it was and I told him I had to leave, I wasn't sure what to do so I hugged him and said goodbye. I was on my way out the door when Luke grabbed my wrist and said "we're okay right? Nothing's weird between us?" I smiled and shook my head "everything is more than fine." I said and winked at him and left.


When I got home I climbed back up the tree by my bedroom window to avoid getting caught, right when I got into my room I heard my father yell in pain, and me being the curious kid I've always been, I go downstairs to see what happened. "Dad? Are you alright" I say in a monotone voice, not really caring if he's hurt or not. He groans in response just as I reach the living room where he's laying on the floor with pieces of broken glass stuck in his arm, I sigh and walk over to him "what happened?" I say in an exasperated voice. "It doesn't fucking matter, just help get this shit outta me" I sigh "nah, I don't really feel like it" I say, what has he ever done for me? I take the state he's in as an opportunity to be an asshole, I begin to walk away when my father yelled "YOU ARE JUST A MISTAKE! NOW GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL!" I ran upstairs laughing, I know I'm making a big mistake and he's probably going to kick my ass when he gets up and gets the glass out of his arm, so I grab a bag and pack some shit for a night or two, I dunno where I'm going but I climb back out of my window and begin walking to one of my friends house.

Lyric's POV-

"I'm sitting here home alone, really bored, and I WANT SOME FREAKING PIZZA!!" I sang at the top of my lungs when I heard a knock at the door, I almost ran and hid, but that would look silly...I'm almost an adult for crying out loud! I don't just run and hide when I'm home alone, although there could be a scary murderer person on the other side of the door, maybe I can join him and become a serial killer! I'm going to take my chances, I walk over to the door and open it slowly, still hoping it's like Jeff the killer, but then I remember that serial killers wouldn't knock on the door.

I'm a bit disappointed when I see Ashton standing at the door and not Jeff the killer but I'm happy because I will no longer be home alone! "ASHY POO! What are you doing here? come in! Join me! We shall order pizza and watch Disney movies all day!" I grab his arm and pull him to the living room "wow, someone's bored, and a bit much candy did you eat?" Ashton says while quirking an eyebrow at me. "Heck yeah I'm bored, I'll be home alone all week! I'm glad you're here, and i haven't had any candy...yet." I say loudly and excitedly. "Yeah, I'm here because if I stay home then I'm defiantly going to get my ass beat. So do you mind if I stay here ifor a while?" He says and I nod "first of all, don't swear, and secondly, yes! Please stay!" I jump up from my spot and throw Ashton my house phone "you order pizza while I pick out a movie." I tell him as I scan through my movie collection.

I finally chose a movie, I chose 'the lion king' because I love Disney movies, and who doesn't love 'the lion king'? I put it into the DVD player and run upstairs to my room to get blankets and I ran back down and threw them on Ashton who is sitting on the couch and then I jump on the couch next to Ashton, "snuggle?" I ask ash with a pouty face and he just giggled and opened his arms and I smiled and snuggled up to his side and covered up with the blankets, "I miss doing this with you" ash says and I nod and him in response.


About 30 minutes later the doorbell rings and I groan and get up, I love pizza but I was comfortable, I ran to the door and payed the pizza guy and brought it back to the living room and set it on the table and ash and I immediately dug in. About 30 or 40 more minutes later, the pizza is finished and the movie is basically over and It seems pretty late, so I looked at the time on my phone and sighed, "ash we should probably go to sleep, we have school tomorrow." I say tiredly and he nodded and we trudged upstairs and lied down on the bed and snuggled up with my head on his chest, "goodnight lyric" ash said as I yawned and hummed in response as I slowly drifted off to sleep.


What do you think? I made this chapter a little longer than usual...I wasn't sure what to do so this chap is kinda rushed. Oh and lyric is played by lily Collins but you can imagine her as whoever you please...I dunno what I'm going to do next >.< okay well bye bye for now my little penguins, I will try to update soon! 🐧🐧🐧

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