Secrets untold

Luke is a mute, he gets abused at school and he is constantly feeling like he's not good enough for various reasons, Ashton is the kid who saves Luke.


7. psychic

Lyrics POV-

*after school*

it's great to be reunited with Ashton again, I've missed him so much. We caught up and exchanged phone numbers and hung out at lunch with three other boys the two idiots that I hung out with when I was younger and this new face that I've never seen before, I don't really remember his name. He's a cute kid but I can totally tell he's gay just by the way he was gawking at Ashton, you're probably wondering 'how do you know if he's gay or not' well let's just say it's like a special talent. I have awesome gay-dar. No, let me explain properly,

Ever since I was born my parents knew their was something special about me, I didn't know how they knew but now that I think about it, okay we'll let me continue explaining, when I was younger I would always be able to tell things about other people that no one else knew, I could see into their past and into their future... I'm a psychic and so are my parents and that's how they knew I was special. When I look deep enough into people's eyes I can get into their mind and should and see their past and future. I found out about my talent a week before I had to move away from ash, so he doesn't know anything about this but I'm planning on telling him soon.

Ash thinks I don't know anything about him anymore, but he couldn't be more wrong. I'm going to find out about everything about his life that I wasn't there to experience with him. You might think I'm crazy but I'm not, trust me...I'm just curious.

As I was laying on my bed in sweat pants and a t-shirt that said 'put up or shut up' on it whilst listening to green day I got a text from ash asking me to meet him at Michael's house.

Ashy poo -

Meet me at Mikey's house? X - ash

I quickly responded that I'll meet him there and I got up and slipped on my converse and ran out of my house. I don't live far from Michael's house so It's walking distance, I got there fairly quickly and I knocked on the door and Calum answered it and yelled "GUYS LYRIC IS HERE!!" And he brought me to where the other boys were, ashton was sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone and Mikey and the blonde boy were sitting on the floor playing FIFA, Calum walked over to the couch and I followed him and sat in between him and Ashton it was silent except for the occasional shout from the three idiots playing FIFA until Ashton nudged me to show me a video of a puppy doing something cute and Ashton's little giggle caught me off guard, I had to say something about it, so I did "ash, did you just giggle?" I said slightly smirking, he cleared his throat and put on a deep manly voice and said "uhm no, it wasn't a giggle it was a manly laugh!" And that's when everyone started cracking up at ash's attempt to sound manly.

"Guys! It's not funny!" Ashton said in a pouty voice, I stopped laughing "yeah ash you're right, it's not's hilarious!" I said slightly chuckling, after our laughing fit we decided to order pizza and watch movies, whilst Ashton, Mikey and Calum were picking a movie to watch I grabbed The blonde kid and dragged him to the kitchen, "what's your name? I forgot it and it's been bothering me all day" I asked he looked at me with a puzzled face and responded "my names Luke, but why did you have to drag me in here to ask me that" he asked still confused, I decided to be blunt about this "you like ash right? You should sit next to him during the movie so you can snuggle with him." I said straight up, he looked at me with a shocked face, "who told you that I liked him? How would you know even know if I was gay or not." He said in a whisper yell tone I just smirked and said "I just know, and from your reaction I'm guessing that I was right" he looks shocked at me because of my bluntness, he stayed silent but I spoke again " look me in the eyes and tell me that you aren't gay" he looked me straight in the eyes and said "I'm. Not. Gay."

We kept staring into each others eyes so I took that opportunity to look into his past, I didn't like what I saw, it was so sad and lonely, I felt alone just looking into his soul...he's completely alone, it's so dark and the only light in his life is Ashton, once I was out of his mind and past he was looking at me like I was crazy, I was tearing up, I was on the verge of crying for this boy who I barley just met. I quickly gave him a hug and I felt him tense under my touch and then he hugged back. I whispered in his ear "things get better...and I know you don't feel like they do but they will eventually, you don't have to hide from the world, I know the world is a scary place and society is cruel but you don't have to be afraid...just take my advice and stop hurting yourself." And when I said all of that I felt tears on my shoulder. He responded back "how did you know? How do you know anything about me?" He whispered still crying into my shoulder. "I just do, I'll explain it to you later but for now can you just promise me that you will try to get better? If not for me then for Ashton?" I said and he nodded, "okay now wipe away your tears and lets get back to the lounge, yeah?" He smiled a bit and nodded and followed me back to where the boys were and we sat down on the couch, the boys decided on a scary movie, they decided on 'the conjuring' which isn't even that scary.

Before we started the movie there was a knock on the door so I ran to get it, it was the pizza. As soon as I closed the door I yelled "PIZZA!!" And I ran back into the lounge and put the pizzas on the table and we all grabbed pieces like wild animals. as they were about to start the movie I yelled "WAIT! Mikey can you go get us some blankets?" I asked sweetly and he responded with a mouth full of pizza "why do I have to do it? Get someone else to do it." And I jumped on him and started hitting him and said in between hits " it's your house, And because I said so! Stop being so lazy and go get them!" And I jumped off of him and took my place next to Calum as Mikey got up to go get the blankets, "I always get what I want Clifford! Don't forget that!" I yelled to him as he left the room and everyone started laughing when he came back with the blankets we were ready to start the movie, our seating arrangements were Luke and Ashton sitting on the love seat and Calum sitting in the recliner chair and Mikey and I on the big couch, as the movie started I quickly looked over at Luke who was indeed snuggling with Ashton and I winked at him and he smiled and blushed a bit

When a scary part came up Luke would jump a bit and snuggle closer to Ashton and hide his face into Ashton's chest, Ashton just smiled and whispered something into Luke's ear and he smiled and blushed. I wonder what ashton said to make him react like that, another scary part came up and I was snuggled into Michael while Calum was in the chair alone pouting because he's lonely, he noticed me staring at him and so I nudged my head motioning for Calum to come to the other side of me and snuggle and he did, which Michael responded to badly, "hey kiwi kid, hop off my Kool-aid!" Michael said and I looked at Michael with a not amused face and said "your Kool-aid? I'm not anyone's Kool-aid, and don't be a douche to cal!" So I continued to snuggle with them both which ended up with them falling asleep on me, so I snaked my way out of their grasp and they ended up snuggling each other in their sleep and I whispered to myself "aww that's so cute!" And I snapped a quick picture of them and I looked over to Ashton and Luke and they were asleep in each others arms too so of course I took a picture of them too. I sat in the chair and dozed off like 5 minutes later.

When I woke up Ashton was already awake and he was writing a note, "hey ash, what are you writing?" I asked quietly making sure that I don't wake the others, he just responded with "I'm going home, I need to make sure yo guys know where I went." He said quietly I got up from where I was seated to go sit next to him, "why can't you just stay the night? It's pretty late and I don't want you to go out there alone at this time of the night." I said as I looked at my phone clock which read 9:36 P.M he looked at me with seriousness in his face and said with seriousness in his tone "my dad will be mad if I don't go now...I didn't tell him that I was here." I looked at him and said "look me in the eyes ash." And so he did and I once again took advantage of that and went into his mind and past and his was just as bad as Luke's mind, there's so much sadness and hate. I got out of Ashton's mind quickly because I didn't want to go to far and start crying, I looked at him with hurt eyes from what I just witnessed, tears threatening to spill and I hugged him and said "are you sure you want to go back home? I'm only asking because I don't want you to get hurt." I said quietly and he released me from the hug and asked "why would I get hurt?" He looked a little confused as to why I said that, "because Ashton, I know what's going on with you at home." He looked at me with sad eyes and started crying and he hugged me again and whispered "how did you know?" And I simply said "I'm psychic" which he didn't take seriously but he accepted that answer anyway and so I let him go and I walked him to the door and hugged him once more "be careful ash, if you need anything I want you to call me, okay?" And he nodded and left.


Hello my little penguins! I wanted to make a chapter just about lyric so you can get to know her a little better, I know it kind of sucks but I hope you liked it anyway and I'll try to write better chapters when it's not 2 A.M and when I'm not tired and have writers block...well anyway, until, next time my little penguins ttyl 🐧🐧🐧🐧

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