Secrets untold

Luke is a mute, he gets abused at school and he is constantly feeling like he's not good enough for various reasons, Ashton is the kid who saves Luke.


1. new beginnings

Luke's POV -

My family and I just moved to Sydney Australia, once we got here and we got all settled and unpacked I fell asleep right away from exhaustion I start school tomorrow so I dream't about what it would be like at my new school, it will probably be the same as my last school but I want a fresh new start so my family moved here because of me, I've been bullied all of my life for little things but recently it got worse so I moved.

I don't really talk to anyone...I guess you can call me a mute, everyone else does... I don't even talk to my family, I'm kind of a loner. I really don't like people, everyone thinks I'm a freak because I don't talk to anyone but it's not my fault I don't's society's fault.

I walked downstairs after my short nap, my family is all settled and my dad and brothers are sitting on the couch watching sports, I was never my fathers favorite child I'm more of a mumma's boy, speaking of my mum, she's in the kitchen making food, ugh I hate eating it makes me feel fat. "Luke honey? Are you hungry?" She says in a sweet motherly tone, I shake my head in response "okay honey but you're looking kinda skinny you should really eat something later." "Mhm" I hum telling her I will later but I know that I'm lying but she doesn't need to know that

*****skipping to the next day cuz I'm lazy*****

*First day of school*

Luke's POV -

"Sweetie get up, you have to get ready for school" my mom says in a sweet voice, I must have forgotten to set my alarm yesterday "hmm" I groan in response letting her know that I'm getting up

I get out of bed and go to the bathroom first and brush my teeth then I get dressed and do my hair I look it the mirror, "why are you so fat and ugly?" Says the little voice in my head, I call it the little voice even though I know it's my own voice, I carry my body all the way downstairs to greet my mother who is standing in the kitchen I wave at her as I grab my backpack and walk to the door to walk to school "bye sweetie, have a good day!" My mother yells from the other room as I walk out.

As I reach the school I make find my way to the office to get my schedule "oh hello there, you must be the new student, Lucas Hemmings right?" I just nod my head in response "ok here's your schedule and this is Abigail she will be showing you to all of your classes" the lady says while motioning to the girl with the lavender colored hair and the black skinny jeans and black combat boots and a shirt that says 'I don't care' on it. "hi Luke, you can just call me Abby...can I see your schedule so I can take you to your first class?" I nod and hand her my schedule, she seems like a nice girl she's also very pretty. "Oh we have all the same classes!!" Abby exclaimed as I cover my ears "oh sorry Luke I'm kind of loud." I nod my head in response "you don't talk much do you? You seem very quite." I pull out a piece of paper and a pencil and write "I'm a mute, so no matter what you do I probably won't talk. Sorry." I hand it to her and she reads it "oh....well that's okay that means you must be a great listener so at least I know you'll be listening when I talk to you." I nod as the bell rings meaning we have to be in our first class.

*****first class*****

Ashton's POV-

I'm sitting in class with my two best friends, Michael and Calum who are sitting there talking about, god knows what as I'm just sitting there just thinking about everything, I usually don't pay attention to our chemistry teacher, Mr. Banks but then he finally said something that caught my attention "we have a new student. Can you tell the class your name?" Mr. Banks said while motioning his hands to the tall blonde boy with the quiff wearing a blink-182 shirt and black skinny jeans and black vans, he pulled a note book and a pencil out of his back pack and started to write something Down, "class this is Luke Hemmings. You can go take your seat next to ashton now Mr. Hemmings" Mr. banks said as he was pointing to the seat in the very back of the class next to me. I wonder why the boy, Luke didn't say he shy?

Luke made his way towards the desk next to me so I decided to greet him "hi Luke, I'm ashton" I said while smiling big but soon my smile faltered into a frown because he just ignored me...well that's kind of rude but i won't think anything of it maybe he's just a little shy. I opened my notebook and passed him a note that said "why don't you talk?" He looked at me with a confused face as soon as I passed it to him and he opened it...but he just crumpled it up into a ball and gave it back to me, now I feel like Luke really doesn't like me, I frowned and just brushed it off like nothing happened

As Soon as the bell rang and I saw Luke instantly stand up and speed walk out out the class room, I find him interesting....I'm surely not going to give up on him, I'm going to make it my mission to make him talk again and maybe I'll get him to smile and laugh too. He seems like a nice kid but I won't know unless I get to know him so that's what I'll do.

*****At lunch*****

Ashton's POV-

I see Michael and Calum sitting at the table where we usually sit at and they motion me to come over but I see Luke sitting alone so I quickly walk over to where Mikey and Cal are sitting and tell them I'm sitting with the new kid "why are you sitting with him? I heard he doesn't talk to anyone he's such a freak" Michael says "yeah he's a weird mute kid" Calum joins in "I'm sitting with him because i want to get to know him, you don't have to be so rude" I say and I quickly storm off to where Luke is sitting "hi Luke, I'm ashton Irwin, the kid you sit next to in chemistry class" I say smiling as I sit down at the table he's sitting at but he doesn't respond I frown a little but I start up a conversation "so where did you move here from?" And yet again I get no response so I try again "why won't you talk to me Luke?" Once again I just sit there talking to him about nothing and everything all at once even if he won't talk I hope he is listening to this one sided conversation.

Luke pulls out a piece of paper and a pencil and begins to write something as he's writing I'm just looking at his brilliantly beautiful blue eyes, they are so blue and his lip ring and his hair are just so perfect...wait what?!? I shake the thoughts from my mind and I notice he finished writing he hands me the piece of paper and it says "why are you even talking to me? Don't you think I'm A freak?" As I read it i frowned and I responded "why would I think you're a freak? Just because you won't talk doesn't mean you're a freak. I just want to be your friend, Luke I don't care what other people say about you and I certainly don't care if I get shunned for trying to be your friend" he started to write again and then he handed it back "I don't know why anyone would want to be friends with a weird mute kid like me, I feel like someone dared you to talk to me and I won't be your friend until I can learn to trust you...but if I do end up trusting you I think this will end up being a great friendship." It said "that's a challenge I'll accept" I say and smirk a bit


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