Secrets untold

Luke is a mute, he gets abused at school and he is constantly feeling like he's not good enough for various reasons, Ashton is the kid who saves Luke.


4. I'm sorry mum

Luke's POV-

After telling ashton everything he took me to get ice cream, we both got vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, the ice cream shop was close to a park so we walked to the park at sat on a bench, we sat there quietly eating our frozen treats until ashton spoke up

"Luke, it's getting kind of late, do you want to go home now?" I just nodded and we started to walk in the direction my house was, we decided to walk so we could hang out a little longer. Once we made it to my house I let out a sigh, I looked up at the sky and I realized it was really dark, I didn't want ash walking home alone.

"Hey ash d-do you want to stay the night? I mean y-you don't have to it was j-just a suggestion." I stuttered "uh...yeah sure. If it's okay with your parents" he said "let's go ask them" I said in a sort of whisper tone.

We walked into the house and we kicked off our shoes and walked into the kitchen where my mom always is. She was doing the dishes when I spoke "mum?" She dropped the dishes and hastily turned around and looked at me with wide eyes, she looked at me then she looked at ashton the back at me "Luke? Honey, did you just speak?!" She said slowly in a sort of loud tone I just nodded she ran up to me and hugged me so tightly I swear I was going to pass out from oxygen loss, "oh honey it's been so long since I hear your voice!" She exclaimed

"Who's this? Is he your friend?" She asked and I nodded "this is Ashton he is sort of the reason why I'm talking now, we were wondering if he could stay the night because it's so dark out." I said quietly and ashton just stood there awkwardly waiting for an answer, my mom replied "hello ashton, I'm Liz. Is that a tattoo on your arm? Never mind that, Of course you can stay the night considering you don't have school tomorrow" I looked at ashton and he had the biggest smile on his face "YASS! THANKS MUM!" I exclaimed and grabbed Ashton's wrist and ran upstairs to my room.

I ran into my room and jumped on the bed but winced as soon as my back hit the bed, I forgot I got that tattoo on my shoulder, I quickly jumped up "oh my god, I forgot about this tattoo! What am I supposed to tell my mum?!?" I exclaimed, ashton noticed me panicking "it's okay Luke, you don't have to tell her right away. You can tell her later I'll help explain it, I'll tell her it's my fault." He said in a comforting tone to calm me down "okay, thanks ashy." I said a bit calmer now and ashton blushed at the nickname, once again ashton spoke,

"Speaking of telling your mum things, when are you planning to tell her that you like boys? He said quietly, I've been hiding this from her for a really long time I can't tell her now, what will she think? How will I tell my dad and my brothers this? "Ash, I can't tell her, she's going to hate me! She won't think of me the same anymore." I said slightly raising my voice and I felt warm tears fall down my cheeks, "Luke, it's alright she won't hate you." He said calmly trying to calm me down "YOU DONT KNOW THAT!" I screamed and I fell to the floor and my body started to shake as I was sobbing and ashton got down on his knees and pulled me in for a hug and I found myself hugging back and crying into his chest for the second time today.

Ashton's POV-

"YOU DONT KNOW THAT!" Luke screamed, I don't like seeing him like this, it breaks my heart to see him a broken mess like this. I saw him drop down to the floor and sob and he was shaking so much, I dropped to my knees and pulled him into a hug trying to comfort him and he hugged back and started sobbing into my chest, as weird as it sounds...I like holding him in my arms, I don't like him crying like this though.

All of a sudden I hear Luke's bedroom door open, I quickly look over to the door and I see his mum standing in the door way with a hurt expression on her face. I tap Luke on his back and I whisper in his ear "I think your mum wants to talk to you." And he looks up and he wipes his tear stained cheek and whispers "I'm sorry mum."

He stands up and sits on his bed leaving me sitting on the floor and his mum walks over to the bed and sits down on the bed as well "what's going on Luke?" She asks In a quiet tone I stand up about to walk to the door until I hear Luke call out to me "no ash, can you stay with me?" His voice cracks as if he's about to start sobbing again, I nod my head and walk over to his desk and sit down on the chair,

I hear Luke sniffle and start speaking "mum, I'm sorry" he squeaked and she looked like she was going to cry "sorry for what honey?" She said in a quiet serious tone "mum" there was a short pause before he continued "mum I'm g-gay" he stuttered she smiled and pulled him in for a hug "oh honey, why were you so afraid of telling me this?" He took a deep breath and whispered "I though you would've hated me for it." She pulled out of the hug "oh honey I could never hate you, if anything I love your even more." He smiled and I saw a tear roll down his cheek, but this time it was a tear of joy.

I just sat there awkwardly enjoying their moment together, only if my mum was still alive to have moments like this with me. I sit back in the chair and clear my throat just to let them know that I'm still sitting here, "ash, thanks for helping me through this." I hear Luke say "anytime Lucas..." I respond but he looks at me with a grossed out face "ashy please don't call me Lucas." I giggled and nodded "whatever you say Lukey."

I see Luke's mom lean over and whisper something in his ear, and I saw his face instantly turn a rosy red color. That left me confused and curious to what she just said to him. I just brush it off and I walk over to Luke's bed and sit next to Luke, I hear Luke clear his throat and look over towards his mum, she gets the hint and stands up and walks towards the door but she says something before she exits " you guys need anything, some snacks, a condom, let me know." And both Luke and I turn beet red and frantically shake our heads, I started to giggle and Luke looked at me in shock, "why are you laughing? That was embarrassing!" He exclaimed I lust shook my head still laughing soon i calmed down my laughter and spoke "I just realized that your mum quoted 'mean girls' and I couldn't help but laugh" he looked at me and started laughing with me, I love his laugh, he sounds like an angel.

We settled down from our laughing fit and we decided that we were going to watch movies, snuggle up into a blanket and eat ice cream and then eventually we will go to sleep, we decided that we were going to watch 'mean girls' because it fit the situation that just happened before.

We were laying on Luke's bed snuggled up his head on my shoulder, then I began to hear light snores, that's when I knew that Luke fell asleep on me. I tried to move a bit without waking him up but he wrapped his arm around me and put his head on my chest, I have to admit he looks adorable when he's asleep, I just decided to let him sleep and a few minutes later I let out a yawn and I found myself slowly drifting away to dream land.


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