Secrets untold

Luke is a mute, he gets abused at school and he is constantly feeling like he's not good enough for various reasons, Ashton is the kid who saves Luke.


8. here we go again

Ashton's POV-

When I left Michael's house I immediately regretted it, I knew what was going to happen as soon as I got home, I only lived about 15 minutes away from Michael so It wasn't a long walk, as soon as I reached the front door of my house I slowly inhaled as I turned the door knob to my front door, I tried my best to be as quiet as possible but as soon as I shut the door my asshole of a dad came running into the room. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN BOY?!?" His voice echoed through out the house and I was on the verge of tears "YOU'RE IN FOR A BAD BEATING!" He yelled as he was walking up to me as I coward into the corner "no please don't!" I said trying to make my voice sound strong but I failed miserably, it ended up just sounding quivery. "YOU'RE JUST ASKING FOR IT ARENT YOU?!?" He screamed making his voice boom off the walls. He was then beating me with his bare fists and as soon as I fell to the floor he started kicking me as I covered my face, "PLEASE STOP!" I screamed in pain, now I was full on sobbing on the floor curled up into a ball trying to protect myself, he took off his belt and started beating me with the buckle side of the belt, I was now too weak to even try to make him stop, I just took what I deserved. "YOU PIECE OF SHIT, YOU ARE JUST A BIG MISTAKE!" He screamed in my face and I could just smell the alcohol on his breath. He has always been constantly drunk ever since my mom and sisters died, he blames their deaths on me he says it should have been me...he's right, My father finally stopped beating me and walked away, I thought it was over but then as I was about to get up he threw a Vase at me, "CLEAN THAT UP FAGGOT!" He yelled at me, his voice was so cruel and it dripped with venom. I just laid there in the broken glass feeling too defeated to even get up. I soon got up and started picking up the mess of glass, I accidentally cut my hand with a piece of glass and I hissed at the pain I felt but the feeling of pain was soon replaced with relief and numbness. Soon after I finished cleaning the glass up I went to wrap my hand up and then went to sleep Immediately after that.

***next day***

Lyrics POV-

After Ashton left I just went back to the lounge to sleep on the recliner chair, we all just stayed the night because we were all to tired to leave, when I woke up everyone was still asleep so I decided to play a prank on Michael and Calum, I quickly got up and woke Luke up to help me prank them. "Wakey, wakey Lukey poo." I whispered as I shook Luke slightly. He mumbled "not today satan, lemme sleep" I giggled at his laziness " but I need you to help me prank the boys" I said In a whiney voice. He immediately shot up from his position on the couch " I'm in! What are we gunna do?" He whispered excitedly, I responded quietly " I was thinking that we can superglue their hands together and pour a bucket of cold water on them to wake them up." He immediately went and got a bucket and filled it up with freezing water and I got the superglue, we silently snuck up on Mikey and cal and I grabbed their hands and poured the superglue all over their hands and I intertwined their fingers together, "now they will be together forever." I whispered and Luke giggled as he was about to pour the bucket of freezing cold water on them I stopped him "wait! Let me get this on video!" I whisper yelled as I went and got my phone, "okay, now!" I yelled as he threw the water over the boys. They both shot up instantly screaming, Luke and I were laughing so hard we toppled over onto the floor and I was still filming their reactions, "WHAT THE HELL!" Michael screamed when he realized that he couldn't let go of Calum's hand "YOUR LOVE WILL NOW BE ETERNAL!" I screamed as I stopped recording and I accidentally dropped my phone as Luke and I ran away and cal and mike chased after us. We ran upstairs and into Michael's room and quickly locked his door and sat in front of it, "YOU TWO DOUCHE DICKS GET OUT HERE!" Calum screamed and we just couldn't help but laugh at what he called us. Luke all of a sudden said "wait, where's Ashton?" And my eyes widened and I quickly got up and unlocked the door and ran past a confused Luke, Calum and Michael as I ran down stairs and grabbed my phone off of the floor and went into my contacts and clicked 'ashy poo' and I held the phone up to my ear, "c'mon pick up, pick up, pick up!" I kept repeating. Cal, Luke and Mikey came into the lounge and asked "what's going on?". Voicemail, that's all I got from ash, I kept leaving short messages, "ash it's me, lyric...are you okay? Call me back." I say for the first time "ash I'm getting worried pick up your damn phone!" I said the second time, I called and left a few more messages before I gave up. I sat down quietly with a blank expression trying not to think of the worst thing possible and the boys were looking at me with worried expressions, "lyric? What's going on?" Calum asked quietly. "Nothing, everything is fine cal, just go play FIFA or something." I said in a barely audible tone. "Everything's fine" I whispered to myself once more, not entirely convincing myself but shrugging it off anyway. I threw on a quick fake smile and said " let's go play FIFA boys!" They all weren't completely sure if they believed me but they dismissed it and we played FIFA.

Not a very good chapter but I haven't updated in forever so I felt like I just needed to add a filler chapter, bye bye my little penguins, I'll try to update more. 🐧🐧🐧

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