Secrets untold

Luke is a mute, he gets abused at school and he is constantly feeling like he's not good enough for various reasons, Ashton is the kid who saves Luke.


2. friends?

Luke's POV-

BEEP...BEEP...BEEP... I hear my alarm go off meaning I have to get up to go to hell...I mean school...School was really strange yesterday, i mean yeah school is strange everyday and it was only the first day for me but what I mean is that people actually talked to me and I didn't get called a freak or beat up yet...key word: YET, I'm sure it will come always happens

As I was on my way out the door my mom stopped me "sweetie you haven't eaten breakfast." She said hastily, I quickly wrote on a piece of paper "not hungry, bye mom got to go." I ran out the door and started walking to school

once I arrived to the doors of the school I hear someone yelling my name I turned around and I see ashton running up to me "hey Luke!" he says as he's heavily panting from running I just wave to him and walk into the building, he started walking with me I just ignored him and kept walking "Luke?" I hum In response "do you want to hang out with my friends at lunch?" I stopped right in my tracks and I looked at him wide eyed and quickly shook my head, I honestly think anyone is too cool to hang out with me "why? don't you wanna meet my friends?" I start scribbling words across the notebook pages that I held in my hand "it's not that I don't want to meet them it's just...I think anyone is too cool to hang out with me...I don't think they will like me." I wrote and handed it to him

As he was reading it I was looking at the expression on his face and his expression went from confusion to sadness. "Oh, okay well uhm...if you ever change your mind just let me know because I honestly want you to meet them, they are actually pretty nice lads" I jotted more words down on the paper "well maybe I'll consider it" I handed the notebook back to him and I was watching his face again except this time I was looking into his beautiful hazel eyes I was memorized by every feature he had. "Ok well get back to me on that before lunch okay?" He said and I nodded

Ashton's POV-

"Luke will you walk to class with me?" I asked hoping he would say yes and he just nodded and we began to walk to class but I heard whispering behind us some people were saying things like "why is he hanging out with that freak mute kid?" And I just grabbed his arm and we started to walk faster and I whispered in his ear "just ignore them, you aren't a freak."

Once we made it to the class we made our way to the back of the class where our seats are and sat down waiting for the teacher to arrive I quickly looked over to Luke who looked like he was about to cry, I find myself leaning over whispering to him about how he shouldn't listen to what other people say "Luke, if people are talking behind your back then that means that you're ahead of them" I whisper in his ear. He looks at me and i see a small smile spread across his face which makes me smile and I lean back in my seat feeling satisfied with myself while I wait for the teacher to arrive and I hear the bell ring and a substitute walks in and everyone whispers to each other "well this is going to be fun." We all know that the bad students in the class are going to be messing with the substitute.

"Hello class, my name is Mr. Navarro" the teacher announces to the class and then I hear one kid yell "who cares who you are?" Mr. Navarro doesn't think much of it and he just responds with "well you might not care but someone in here might."

Some other kids tried to irritate Mr. Navarro but he kept his cool for the whole class period, I don't know how he does it, if someone even says one hurtful thing to me I will instantly snap. I was bullied a lot when I was younger so it must have really affected me but now I have two amazing friends, Michael and Calum are always there for me, they have always been there for me ever since we met.

*****time skip to lunch*****

Ashton's POV-

Well obviously Luke doesn't want to sit with Michael, Calum and I so I guess I'll just sit with Cal and Mikey for a little bit and then I'll go sit with Luke again for the rest of lunch. I hope Mikey and Cal won't think I'm blowing them off or ignoring them or anything like that I really hope they understand why I'm hanging out with Luke.

As I walk into the cafeteria I see Mikey and Cal sitting at the usual spot we sit at and I make my way over there and greet them with a quick "hello" as I sit down. "Hey Ash what's up?" Michael says, "nothing much but is it okay if I go sit with Luke?" I ask all though I know that it was a rhetorical question because I'm going to sit with him no matter what the answer is. "Why do you want to sit with him?" Calum asks with a questioning look on his face "why does it matter? I just what to sit with him, like I said before I want to get to know him...he seems like an interesting kid and I want to see if I can get him to talk to me" I say irritatedly "what makes you think he's going to talk to you? He won't talk to anyone...what makes you so special?" Michael asks and that's when I snap I say raising my voice a little "I never said that I was special! plus what if he does talk to me? Maybe I can get him to talk to other people and maybe he will make friends!" And I stand up and hastily walk to Luke's table

Luke's POV-

I was staring at ashton and all of a sudden I see ashton walking over here, oh god I hope he didn't see me staring at him, I just looked down at the book that I was reading pretending like I wasn't just staring at him "hey Luke, what are you reading?" I hear him say and I lifted up the book to show him the cover of it "oh cool, I think I've read that book before...that's the one about killing birds right?" He says in a very confident tone, i smiled a little bit at his stupidity and I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and I wrote "don't let the title fool you ashton, the book 'to kill a mocking bird' is not actually about killing birds" and I hand it to him and he just giggles, oh that girlish shrill of a giggle is so adorable "oh, well then no I haven't read that book then...I tried to play it off and sound smart, I guess it didn't work." He says with rosy red cheeks

"Hey Luke? Why do you always wear that sweater when it's not even cold?" He asks me, my eyes widen, he must've noticed me fiddling with the ends of my sleeves I grab the pen and paper I used earlier and I started writing "well...I's just cold to me." I slide the paper across the table and watch him as he reads my sloppy handwriting written across the white lined paper "oh okay" he says still unsure of the answer I had given him but He just brushed it off and I sighed in relief.

I grabbed the paper and started writing "Ashton, why are you trying so hard to be friends with a loser like me?" I pass the paper to him and he reads it and answers with a quick and simple answer "because you seem like a cool guy, you aren't a loser and whoever calls you that is just jealous and plus the celebrities they look up to and they want to be like were once losers like us" I start writing on the paper again and I write "well except Beyoncé, she was never a loser and everyone looks up to her because Beyoncé is queen" he reads it and giggles "true, Beyoncé is and always will be queen." He says and giggles again. There was a short silence between us and then he asks "Luke, will you be my friend?" I smile a bit and just nod my head, "awesome! I feel like I just won an achievement on a video game!" He half heartedly yells I think this is a great start to a wonderful friendship, or at least I hope so.


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