Secrets untold

Luke is a mute, he gets abused at school and he is constantly feeling like he's not good enough for various reasons, Ashton is the kid who saves Luke.


10. damaged beyond repair

Ashton's POV-

When I woke up this morning I was devastated, I have school today...I honestly don't want to go because everyone will see the bruises and cuts on my body, but then again I want to get away from my so-called father. I decided to pull myself out of bed even though I dreaded it, I went into the bathroom and got undressed and started the shower, before I got into the shower I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked disgusting.

I hate the way I look, I had a black eye and a cut going across my cheek, I had a huge bruise on my right side on my rib cage, and I looked terrible. I couldn't sleep at all after my beating so I stayed up all night that night and then the next day I couldn't sleep, so I had bags under my eyes. I soon then dismissed my terrible thoughts and got into the shower and I started thinking and I realized that I have no fucking clue where my phone is, I was disconnected from everyone, I bet they didn't even care. I soon got out of the shower and put on a stack of bracelets on and I put on a pair ripped skinny jeans and a 'sex pistols' shirt on and I threw on a hoodie over it and I slipped my converse on, I left the house as fast as I could without my 'father' seeing me and I ran to school.

I tried my best to avoid people seeing my face so I put my hood up, and hastily walked through the hall way with my head down, I thought I would have made it to my locker before anyone noticed me but I was wrong, I heard a voice behind me and I stopped in my place, "Ashton?" Said the familiar voice, and I just ignored the person and ran to my first class, the class that Luke is in, the class that I'm dreading to go to, maybe I should just skip it and hide in the bathroom, but then they would call my dad and I would be in a shit load when I got home so I just decided to face my fears and go to class.

I quickly made my way to the back of the class and I sat next to this girl named Abby, she had bright red hair, she used to have lavender hair but she didn't want to have the same hair color as lyric, she wanted to be different so she dyed it red, maybe I shouldn't tell her that Michael is going to dye his hair red next, she would be pissed. The class went by painfully slow, and Luke would periodically look back at me but all I did was keep my head down to avoid him.

Abby's POV-

Today Ashton sat by me which was weird because usually he would sit by Luke, I looked over to ash and for a quick second when he looked up I noticed he had a black eye and a huge cut on his cheek, I wonder what happened to the poor kid, I'm not going to ask because I don't want to pry into his life, the bell rang and I saw Ashton immediately stand up and speed walked out of the room, I feel like he's trying to avoid Luke, I walked out of the classroom and saw a sad looking Luke standing there. I walked up to the sad boy and tapped on his shoulder, he quickly spun around and looked me in the eyes and asked me "did Ashton talk to you?" And I shook my head in response and said "he looked to depressed to talk to anyone, he constantly had his head down, but I saw that he had a black eye and a cut on his left cheek." I said sadly to the desperate boy looking for answers, he was now tearing up, obviously that wasn't the answer he wanted to hear so I tried to comfort him by hugging him, but he didn't hug back so I took that as the hint to back off, "sorry love, he will be alright...just never leave him no matter what...okay." He nodded and walked away to his next class, Ashton is also in my next class, maybe I'll try to talk to him.

I walked to my next class and made it just before the bell rang and I sat in the only available seat, which was right next to Ashton, I sat down in the seat next to Ashton and stared tapping my fingers trying to think of what I'm going to say to Ashton, "hey ash, do you have a pencil I could borrow?" I said quietly and he shook his head, and I sighed loudly, I decided to go with a different approach for this situation "ash, are you avoiding Luke?" I asked quickly and he hesitantly nodded "why? What are you afraid of?" I asked and He sighed, "I'm afraid of him seeing me like this." He whispered and lifted his head up and showed me his face and I gasped, "oh need to talk to Luke, he just wants to help you, he's worried." I said and ash shook his head and said "I can't" and he stood up and ran out of the class room.

Luke's POV-

I was in a bathroom stall crying when I heard the door open and I quickly held my breath and tucked my knees into my chest so who ever just walked in wouldn't know I'm here, I heard the boy sigh and I soon heard crying and I decided to step out of the stall to see who was crying. I sighed loudly when I saw it was Ashton, I saw his face and I ran up to the broken boy and hugged him tightly, "oh Ashton, who would do this to you?" I said in between sobs as he was sobbing into my shoulder, he dismissed my question "I didn't want you to see me like this, I look like a horrible mess." He said still sobbing, I sighed and whispered "my poor broken angel, there's no need to be afraid, you don't need to hide from me...I just...I want to fix you." He sighed and pulled away from my embrace and whispered "I'm damaged beyond repair." He looked so broken and his eyes were dull looking, they didn't have that usual sparkle and this just make me want to help my little broken angel so much more. "I will try to fix you" I whispered

Well that the 10th chappy my little penguins, I hope you like it! 🐧🐧🐧

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