why does he do this to me??? He is keeping my from my own love! Louis is such a bitch sometimes! what happens when Emily is kept from harry? read to find out!


3. suprise

*Emily's POV*

I walked up the stairs into my room and found Louis sitting there on my bed. "hey, can we talk?" he said as I sat next to him. "sure." I said bluntly. "i'm sorry I acted like that down there." he takes a big sigh and continues, "im just really protective of you, I mean your my little sister!"  "I know, i'm sorry too Lou, I shouldn't have yelled. i'm sorry" I said as he hugged me. "im sorry too Emily."

*Alex's POV*

Finally! Now I know that little bitch's address! (skip to 6:30 before the date)

*Emily's POV*

"EMILY WAKE UP! HARRY WILL BE HERE IN 30 MINUTES!" Louis yelled from downstairs. I got up and took a shower and did my normal routine. I put on a bright pink crop top and some blue jean shorts then, slid on my gray Toms. I went to the bathroom and put on little makeup like foundation, eye shadow, and a little lip gloss. I looked at my IPhone's clock and it said 6:55. "wow do I take that long to get ready?" I said to myself as I grabbed my phone and slid it in my pocket. Just as I got downstairs the doorbell rang. I opened the door expecting to see Harry, but I was wrong.


"Surprise Princess", Alex said.


(author's note)- OMAHGAWD its Alex!! what do you think hes gonna do?? 

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