why does he do this to me??? He is keeping my from my own love! Louis is such a bitch sometimes! what happens when Emily is kept from harry? read to find out!


1. Meet the characters

     Meet the characters

Emily Tomlinson: sister of Louis Tomlinson, Dirty blond hair, blue eyes, 5'5", 18 years old

Hayley Rose: best friend of Emily, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 5'3", 17 years old

One direction

Alex Wisnowski: Emily's abusive Ex.

Eleanor Cadler: Louis GF

Abby Navel: Nialls GF

Danielle Peazer: Liams GF (sorry is still ship payzer)

Perrie Edwards: Zayns Fiancé



    *authors note*

HI!!!!!!!!!!! this is my first fan-fic so im not very good so ill update this tomorrow cuz my parents are watching so I cant bye!!!!!! <3


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