why does he do this to me??? He is keeping my from my own love! Louis is such a bitch sometimes! what happens when Emily is kept from harry? read to find out!


2. Fight

        Emilys P.O.V.

"Ugggghh!!!!!!! Louis why cant I just go? ITS JUST A STUPID DATE!" I shouted at my idiot of a brother. "Because after what happened with alex I don't trust guys any more!!" Louis shouted at me. "but he's your best mate!" "I don't care Emily." he sighs after turning around to harry, "you promise to NEVER hurt her?". Harry nodded and said, "Louis, I know how much you love her so yes I will and I will always ok?" Louis nods and turns away leaving me and Harry alone in the living room. "so ill pick you up at 7 ok?", Harry says to me. "sure" I say and kiss his cheek. I cant wait for tonight!


Authors Note- well I updated early cuz I couldn't wait!! love ya!



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