Take a chance

Kim is just a normal girl untill she meet a boy named Marcus and his freinds. What will happen? Is it bad or good? Will they fall in love or will Kim break down?
Read about Kim's up's and down's. Will any of her freindships or relationships last or will she be broken for the rest of her life?
You need to read if you wanna find out...

By Nail_polish-love


3. 3.

Kim's pov.

"Wake up Alice" I whisperd. And nothing happened she just kept sleeping. "Alice" I said in my normal voice."Alice" I raised my voice "what do you want" she asked. Great she can't remember anything."you need to get some food and water" I said to her."what time is it" she asked "uhmm.....wait a second" I walked out her room and took a look at the watch "it's 4pm" I answers when I walked back into her room "okay" she said and turned around so her back was facing me,and I decided to walk out the room.

I watch a movie while wating for Alice who didn't seem like waking up. I had sleept in her apartment cause when we came home from the party last night I was to tiered and then I just fell asleep on her couch.

When the clock turned 6pm I finally saw Alice walking out of her room. "Really Alice how can you sleep for 13 hours" i asked "13.......when did we get home last Night" she asked back "uhm around three" I answers. She nodded and walked towards the fridge and took out some milk and some thing to eat. "I think I will go home and begin to pack out" I said and stood up. "Okie doki" Alice answerd and want to hug me. I broke the hug and said goodbye and went out the door.

When I walked trough my own door I just saw a mess of box's and stuff lying around the flop and tables and decided to start cleaning. In the firs box I found the speaker to my phone and decided to put some music on.


It was getting late and dark so I stopped packing out and went to look after my money in my purse. I looked in my bedroom fist and the in the kitchen and in the living room and I just couldn't find it. "Alice" I whispered to myself. I walked out my door and loked it and then went to Alice' flat. I know I don't have to lock the door when I'm only gone in several minutes but I'm a very careful person when it comes to all of my stuff. I stood in front of Alice' door and rang the bell. I heard a lot of noises before the door got open and relieved a very strange looking Alice. "Do you have my puts in here" I said walking trough the door. "Yea I was just about to go over and give it to you" she said while walking to her room and came out with my puts in her hand. "Here" she said and handed me the purse. "Thanks....would you like to get some pizza" I asked her "and then I can show you my flat" I added. "sure I would love to" Alice answer and we went out her door and walked to my flat.


Hi guys.

So basically I don't have a good excuse for not updating so I want promise anything for when the next chapter is coming out. And I also don't know if I should continue this story and I don't want to go fare into the book and then suddenly decide to stop writing but I would really like your opinion. And if you have some thing you think I can use in the book the please comment.

Ps promise there will be something about Marcus in next chapter. :);)


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