Take a chance

Kim is just a normal girl untill she meet a boy named Marcus and his freinds. What will happen? Is it bad or good? Will they fall in love or will Kim break down?
Read about Kim's up's and down's. Will any of her freindships or relationships last or will she be broken for the rest of her life?
You need to read if you wanna find out...

By Nail_polish-love


2. 2.

Kim's pov.

I was on my way over to Alice cause she was taking me to a party. I had all my clothes, make up and hair products in my hands. I could't knock on the door so i kicked. "Hey Kim are you ready to get started?" She asked when she opened the door "yup..." I said and popped the "p" "im totaly ready...a little help maby?" I answerd "oh sorry I Got it" she said and took the bag with hair products and make up in.

"Come out Kim im sure you look perfect" Alice said from the other side of the bathroom door. I had been in the bathroom for 20min. without opening the door and Alice was ready to go she just needed to get me out. I sighed "no I don't think so" I looked in the mirror one last time and unlock the door. "You look stuning.....come on let's go!" She said and grabed my hand and dragged me after her.

When we arrived at the party there was a lot of people in front of the house and if you looked through the windows you could only see people dancing with red cup's in there hands. The music was loud and there was sweating bodys every where "do you want something to drink?" Alice shouted "yes please" i shouted back. She took my hand and leaded me to the kitchen. "here" Alice said and handed me one of the red cups. "Thank you" i said. "I need to say hi til some of my freinds do you think you can be on your own for a little bit?" She questioned "yes of couse im not 7 anymoore" i answerd "ok I'll be back in a minut" she said and walked out of the kitchen.

"Do you wanna dance" a guy behind me asked "sure" I answerd with a smal smile and walked to the dance floor with him.

We started dancing and got closere and closere sudently he started kissing me. I treied to break free but he would't take his grip of me. Its not like i haven't kissed befor but this was a kiss that i wassen't prepared for and derfor it was an awfull and awkward kiss.

"Excuse me......" A guy behind us said "What?" The guy hwo was kissing me snapped " It's just the girl you were kissing dossen't seem to like it!" He snapped back "ohh and why do you think that? you liked it right!?" He asked me "n..no" I answerd in a slight whisper. "There you go I said she didn't like it" the guy said. The guy hwo had been kissing me for 2 minuts ago just walked away with an angry face.

"Thank you so mutch........" "my name is Marcus" "Well then thank you so mutch Markus" I said with a smile and we started talking.



I am so sorry that i haven't updated my phone has been broken and i didn't have a computer i hope that you can forgive me!:)

Let me know what you think fan, fav, like and commen thank you.


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