Take a chance

Kim is just a normal girl untill she meet a boy named Marcus and his freinds. What will happen? Is it bad or good? Will they fall in love or will Kim break down?
Read about Kim's up's and down's. Will any of her freindships or relationships last or will she be broken for the rest of her life?
You need to read if you wanna find out...

By Nail_polish-love


1. 1.

"Come on Kim we'er late" my mom called from the hall. "Im on my way" I called back "take it easy for god sake" I said to myself as I walked down the stairs. I took my jacket and purse and walked out the door. Today was the day I would move to my new, own flat. My mom and I walked to the car and starts driving.

When we arrived at the flat there was an ambulance in front of the building. I opend the door and walked over to the ambulance. The door's in the back of the ambulance was open and a girl around my age sat there. "Hi" I must have said a little to loude cause the girl jumped a little. "Hi" she said back "what's happening here?" I asked. She looked at me for a moment and then said "you must be the new girl, my name is Alice and I live in A5" " uh sorry...im kimberly you can call me Kim and im moving in in A6" I answerd. "Cool....well an old lady called mrs. Philips died this morning" Alice said " that explaince the ambulance but why are you sitting here?" I questioned " she was my grandma" she answerd whit a tear falling down her cheek. "Honey can I get some help here?" My mom called from the car. I turned my head to see my mom standing with one of my heavie box'es "im comming" i shouted back. Its not like my mom and I dont like eachother we are like best freinds but we shout a lot at eachother. "I need to go nice to meet you" i said and began to walk away "wait" Alice called after me "do you need help?" She asked and stood up "yes if you want to you don't have to" i answerd "its ok I have nothing to do anyway so..." She said walking over to the car with me.

"It's the last one" my mom said. "I got it" Alice answerd. When Alice came back she had a letter in her hand. "It's to you" she said and gave me the letter "Thanks" i said. "What does it say" Alice asked. "Its just from my older brother. He just say that hes comming over from America this summer and he can't wait to see my new flat" I answerd "ok" she said "don't send a sms send a letter its much better" she said and we borh start giggeling.



sorry for a short chapter. This is my first movellas and im so exited. I will try to Update once a week.

PS. If theres any misspelling its because im writing the story on my phone!!!

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