18 year old Lily finds herself in the same hotel as snobby popstar Sarah Steele, whos 'in love' with Justin Bieber, or so she says. Sarah and Lily look exactly alike, but act oppositely. They run into each other and the bathroom and make a deal, to swap lifes.


10. What Do You Say?

We quickly go to Justin's hotel, and hurried to room, so no one would notice us.

I took off my heels and set them beside the door.

"Want something to sleep in?" he asked, taking his jacket off.

"Please" I nodded.

He handed me sweatpants and one of his shirts.

I went into the bathroom and took off all my makeup, and got changed.

"Hey cutie, wanna watch a movie?" he asked, making room for me on his bed.

"Yeah, nothing scary tho" I said snuggling close to him.

"No promises" he said, picking out a scary movie on Netflix.

"Ugh, you suck" I said pouting.

"I know" he said, playing the movie.


We just finished 'Insidious' and I've never been so scared.

"Now I get to choose" I said, taking the remote.

Because he chose a scary movie, I chose a chick flick.

"I love this movie!" he said, as I put on 'Clueless'

I rolled my eyes, what a weirdo.


"Hey, Sarah" he said, grabbing my attention from the movie.

"Whatsup?" I said, giving him my attention.

"Would you like to go to the 'City Of Love' with me?" he said smiling.

I jumped up, "OF COURSE I WILL" and I engulfed him in a tight hug.

"When do we leave? How long? Wher-" he cut me off.

"We leave tonight, I got your stuff taken care of. I contacted your manager and he said we can go down there for 5 days, and he will meet us there." he said smiling.

"You're the best!" I said, hugging him again.

"I know, I know" he said smirking.

The I remembered, I'm not in a relationship with him.

What am I supposed to do?

My excitement soon disappeared.

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