18 year old Lily finds herself in the same hotel as snobby popstar Sarah Steele, whos 'in love' with Justin Bieber, or so she says. Sarah and Lily look exactly alike, but act oppositely. They run into each other and the bathroom and make a deal, to swap lifes.


2. The Deal

****Lily's POV****

Walking the crowded streets of New York on a rainy day, sucks. My friends, Rose and Ashley took my umbrella, so I'm stuck with my hoodie. I felt my makeup starting to run down my face as the rain began to pour down. "Guys, we have to find a hotel, and get inside, i need to fix my makeup, i bet i look like a raccoon" i said laughing slightly. We walked into the fancy hotel, taking it all in. "I wish we were staying here"  i muttered quietly. I looked around the lobby, searching for any sight of a bathroom. Once i found it, i quickly made my way over to it. I opened the door to hear someone on the phone. "What do you mean 'I have to continue with this'?!" She half screamed. The was quiet for a second, and then bursted out of the bathroom stall, yelling, "I already am famous! I'm done with him! Its been 2 years Mike, I already got what I needed out of him, cant we just put it to an end?!" she spat into the phone, completely ignoring my presence. I went over to the sink, and started to remove my makeup. She ended her phone call, and pushed past me to get to another sink. "Excuse me" i said angrily to her. "You're excused" she replied rudely. "Who do you think you are?" i scoffed, looking down at my hands, washing them roughly. By now, Rose and Ashley had joined me in the sink. 'I'm  Sarah Steele, for your information, and you shouldn't be talking to someone like ME, like that" she answered, shutting her water off. I look over to her to see she was like a walking mirror, we looked like twins. "Woah" i whispered. "You look.." i started. "Just like me" she finished. "This is perfect!" Sarah squealed, clapping her hands together. "Whats perfect?" I asked, looking over at my two starstruck friends. "I need a break from all the fame, and you're gonna help me" she said, as if i didnt have a choice.  Before I could object, she spoke. "You're gonna be me, you're going to have all of the fame, all of the riches, everything you've ever dreamed of, and I'm going under the radar, finally getting a break from it all" she said excitedly. "and I'll get to be with Marcus, instead of that annoying 'boyfriend' of mine" she muttered, smirking. "Anyways! Do we have a deal?" she said, shifting her weight to her right foot. I looked to my friends who were nodding eagerly. I sighed, thinking about it all, and nodded. "We have a deal." she put her hand in front of me for me to shake, and I accepted. "Lets get you ready to be Sarah Steele" she said smiling, and dragging my friends to her hotel room.   

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