18 year old Lily finds herself in the same hotel as snobby popstar Sarah Steele, whos 'in love' with Justin Bieber, or so she says. Sarah and Lily look exactly alike, but act oppositely. They run into each other and the bathroom and make a deal, to swap lifes.


9. KCA'S (Part 3)

I took a deep breath, before a spotlight hit my face.

The beat to Sarah's song, 'The Way' started to play.

(pretend it's by her, not Ariana)

The back track of Mac Miller started the play, preparing my self to sing.

"I love the way you make me feel
I love it, I love it
I love the way you make me feel
I love it, I love it" 

I started, dancing around the stage.

"You give me that kind of somethin'

Want it all the time, need it every day
On a scale of one to ten I'm at a hundred
Never get enough, I can't stay away

If you want it, I got it, I got it everyday
You can get whatever you need from me
Stay by your side I'll never leave you
And I ain't going nowhere cause you're a keeper

So dont you worry, baby you got me
I got a bad boy, I must admit it
You got my heart, dont know how you did it
And I dont care who sees it babe
I dont want to hide the way I feel when youre next to me"

I slowly started to warm up to the performance, dancing and singing a little more confidently.


I walked off stage, blowing kisses, after receiving the final award of the night, Justin and I we're ready to head back to his hotel, where we would be staying for the night.

Justin won 2 of the awards out of the 3, pretty good. 

Justin was waiting outside in the back for me.

I walked out the back doors, walking to where Justin said he was.

I heard quiet flashes, telling me paps were near by.

Suddenly, Justin jumped in front of me, making me jump. 

"Trying to out do me, huh?" he joked,

I laughed, and he kissed my cheek.

"Ready to go?" he said, grabbing my hand.

"Yeah, lets go" i said smiling.

First Award show, complete.

First night with Justin, incomplete. 








***A/N sorry for the short chapter! thanks for the reads and favorites! what are you guys thinking so far? make sure to comment!



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