si·lence - [sahy-luhns] -- noun

1. absence of any sound or noise; stillness.
2. the state or fact of being silent; muteness.
3. the state of being forgotten; oblivion: in the news again after years of silence


"But as I lay there, it only seems like silence filling my ears. And he thing was, it was so freaking loud." ~ Sarah Dessen, Just Listen



Is it quiet? Is it loud?

A relaxing thought? Or a bone chilling thought?

A peaceful state of mind? Or nothingness?

A great feeling? Or a numbing feeling?


Brittany Nicole Mellinger hated silence. She loathed it with everything she had. But...why?


1. I Can't Stand It

The clock on the kitchen wall was tick-tick-ticking the seconds away. Niall was munching and crunching on his potato chips. Liam and Zayn's video game controllers were rattling but were blocked out by the hum of the TV. Harry was breathing out of his nostrils as he slept with an even in and out, in and out. With my ear pressed against Louis's chest, I could hear his steady heartbeat.


I squirmed and shuddered.


"What, Love? What's wrong?" Louis asked


I wanted to scream I was so uncomfortable. But instead, I whispered four simple words.


"I can't stand it."

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