The story of Misaki

Misaki is a 12 year old girl who is being ignored by everyone because of something not even she can understand. She decides to run away and start a new life, when suddenly she get's knocked out. When she wakes up, she realizes she has been transported into another world. But even this world doesn't seem to like her. She has no hope left, but then
3 people start to give her hope. Just in time, then there are other people after her, and she has to figure out why.


2. ~My wish~

It was Friday, last period of school. Everyone already had plans for the weekend, and there was me, sitting at the back of the classroom staring at the crowds gathered around the tables. Our teacher was late, as usual. Today, we were suppose to have an assessment, but I didn't think that would happen if the teacher was gonna be late! I mean, just giving us half an hour for a exam-like paper wouldn't really make sense. I looked at the clock; 25 minutes left. Where was the teacher? Not even he is ever that late. Just as I was about to stand up to peek out the door, two large shadows surrounded my table. One left and one right. My eyes shot up as if something bad was going to happen. To my disappointment, it was only Yumi and Mei, two stubborn little girly girls who go around thinking their the queens of the school.

''Hey, good for nothing,'' Mei said, waving in front of my nose, '', why not go and jump out that window? I bet everyone would like to see you scream for your life!'' That's what Mei was like, and I got used to it over a period of time. So I just continued to look into her eyes. That's what I always do, and it annoys her, which is the good part. Soon she would walk away and not talk to me for another week, another week of peace and silence. Surprisingly, that's exactly what happened. Now I didn't had to worry about listening to their high pitched, non-elegant voices again. 

When I looked at the center of the room, I saw a group of girls mumbling and looking over to me. No wonder, since I'm pretty much the only one who can actually stand up for myself. I looked over at the clock again. Now there were only 15 minutes left, and the teacher still hasn't arrived.

Where is he? I thought, slowly starting to move my chair backwards. This was it, I was going to go to the reception and ask what happened. Not even this teacher would take this long, though he was always late. Swiftly, I stood up and walked to the classroom door; while walking past a few groups of other students staring at me and quietly talking behind my backs. Great, why did I had to get up in the first place? I never liked being in the center of attention, but I guess I always was. Why? I never knew.

Keep walking I told myself, knowing that every step I took drew me deeper and deeper in the gossips of the other groups. I was just about to get out of the classroom, when two large shadows drew themselves on the side of the door. Slowly, I started to look up, feeling my heart pump in my chest like a time bomb that was about to explode. Two boys were standing cross armed against the door; grinning like evil itself.

''Well, who do we have here,'' they said, their voices sounding like a recording tape.

''If it isn't Misaki, the girl no one likes,'' said the other one, slowly moving closer and closer to me. I stepped back, but after one small step I bumped into someone. Someone was laughing, and before I even turned around, I knew who it was. My eyes scanned the room, trying to look for a gap for me to run through; but I was surrounded, by every single one in this classroom. I felt like an animal being locked away from it's habitat. There was no where I could go, and I finally realized what this meant. Fear was stabbing me like a knife. My eyes widened, my breath fastened. Sweat ran down my face. Why would they do this? What have I EVER done to them?!

''Don't worry, it wont hurt.'' Even hearing this voice made me feel like I was about to puke. I turned around again to find Mei staring right at me, grinning like everyone else. What was up with them? I knew they didn't like me, but this was defiantly going too far.

Next, a tall, skinny boy took my arm and threw me across the classroom. Right after that, the two boys moved away and walked towards me. I didn't even had a chance to stand up when the two boys crabbed my legs and held me up, my head at the bottom. A few girls started giggling, which I didn't understand. How could they find this funny? My thoughts got interrupted as I heard the sound of metal clicking. I looked up, trying to see what was going on. My hearts stopped for a second. They opened the window, and a light breeze of wind rushed past my face. My eyes started to fill with water, and everything went blurry.

''Oh, look at her, she's crying! Come on, cry you little baby, no one cares!!''

''You ready boss,'' asked the two boys and looked at Mei, who was still grinning in front of my face.

''Yeah,'' she said,'', get it done and over with.'' The next second, my head was sticking out of the window, my body followed right afterwards. I looked down into the playground. No one was there, so shouting for help wasn't going to work. My heart was pumping up my throat, my eyes started to water again.

This is it I thought, barely being able to hold back my tears. So this was it, there was nothing I could do. Why did it had to end like this? Was my life really worth nothing? Was that how my life was meant to end? So early?


No. Not yet. As long as there was something I could do, I wouldn't give up. Slowly, I closed my eyes.

Please. Somebody, somehow. Help me.


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