Love at first sight

Skylar is a shy, insecure girl... & she loves Niall Horan. When they met, will it be Love At first sight ?


11. new friend

~•Skylar's P.O.V•~

I ran until I couldn't run anymore. I accidentally bumped into a girl. "I'm so sorry" I apologized.

"It's okay, I'm Armine, what's your name?" "I'm Skylar." I said. She noticed my lip & slap mark. "Oh my, what happened ?!" "Long story" "I have time" We sat on a park bench, and I told her everything. By this time I was crying. "Skye, Skylar!" I heard Becca. "Oh No, come on we should head back to my hotel, I don't want my friend to see what happened" I said starting to run. "Okay let's go. When we got there, we got to know each other very well. We became close friends. "Hey I gotta go but, we should Hang out tomorrow" and she left.

~the next day~

"Skye wake up" Becca said shaking me to wake me up. "Is she okay? What happened to her face" I heard an Irish voice said. I slowly opened my eyes. "What do you need ?" I responded. "What happened to your face?" She was Concerned. "Becca I told you, I FELL!! For Christ sakes!" "SKYLAR I KNOW WHAT HE DID TO YOU!" I felt the tears coming to my eyes. "I need to take a walk." Before they could tell me not to I ran out of the room. When I was walking... I heard his voice... "Come here!" Jacob's voice boomed. How did he find me... Again ?! I stated running , he grabbed my arm and pulled me down. I hit my head so hard. He starting hitting me & kicking me. "LEAVE HER ALONE" I heard a familiar voice yell. After that I blacked out.

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