Love at first sight

Skylar is a shy, insecure girl... & she loves Niall Horan. When they met, will it be Love At first sight ?


19. Lets Go.

"Skye Are You Okay?!" Harry asked really concerned. "I..I'm Fine!" I pushed through them and ran to the bathroom. I Slid down the wall. I called Gaby, no answer. Damnit! I Looked in the mirror. I look horrible. I took a shower, and put on some clothes. And Life went on.

~~6 Months Later~~

Me and Niall have been dating for about 5 months. "Hey Babe" he called. "Ya?" I asked. "We are going camping!" I packed some clothes and we left. It's only me and him. I don't mind of course, I mean I love him.

~~3 days later~~

"We're Back!!" I yelled! I ran & gave Lou the biggest hug! "Hey!!" He shouted! He's Like my brother & Everyone knows that. I turned around and saw Katie. "Hey Katie ! Long time no see!" "Hey!!" We hugged. "Guess what!" She said excitedly. "What?" "Me & Lou are dating!" "Awwww!!!" I yelled. All the guys laughed at me.

~~ Later At Niall& Skylar's House~~

Niall has been gone at some party for hours. I heard the door open & Closed. Then I heard a stumble, he's drunk. I walked down the stairs. "Hey sexy" he said in his drunk voice. He was trying to be all up on me. "Niall stop it!" I yelled. "No!" He's getting madder by the second. I tried to walk off but he grabbed my arm. "Let go of me" I shouted. He lifted his hand & slapped me! I started crying. He tried to slap me again but missed, I ran out of the house. I ran to the house, I knew all the guys would be there. I knocked on the door. I was crying so hard. My face where he hit me was stinging. Zayn opened the door. "Oh My gosh, Skylar are you okay?!" He practically yelled, then all the guys can piling in. They walked me in. Lou was right next to me. "What happened?!" He asked angry. "N..Niall Went to a party. He came home drunk, and was t..touching me, and I told him to stop and then he slapped me really hard." I eventually got out. Lou stood up and ran to the door. "I'm gonna beat the shit out of him!" He stormed out of the door. "Lou stop!" I shouted and ran up to him. I grabbed his arm. He snatched his arm away & walked up to me & Niall's house. He slammed open the door. "Niall! Come here!" He shouted. "Lou stop! Just come on!" Niall stumbled down the stairs.

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